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Posted by: | Posted on: March 1, 2021

Study shows female physicians paid less

first_imgA discernible gender gap exists in earnings by physicians working across a range of occupations in the United States.  That is the finding in a new study, “Trends in the Earnings of Male and Female Health Care Professionals in the United States, 1987 to 2010,” co-authored by Amitabh Chandra, professor of public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). The paper was published in the Sept. 2 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine. Chandra and his co-authors examined a range of data over a 23-year period, adjusting for hours worked in order to avoid overstating gender differences attributable to choices made by female physicians to work less. The analysis provided strong evidence that female physicians are underpaid compared to their male counterparts.“Adjusted earnings of male physicians in 1987-1990 exceeded those of female physicians by $33,840 (20 percent). There was no improvement over time in the earnings of female physicians relative to male physicians,” Chandra writes.  “Overall, the gender gap fell considerably outside of the health care industry but inconsistently within it.“The gender earnings gap for registered nurses and pharmacists was smaller than for physicians and workers overall, and it fell over time. For dentists, physician assistants, and health care executives, the gender gap was greater than for workers in a non-health care occupation and fell consistently only for health care executives,” he argues.The lessons for policymakers are evident, Chandra says.“While it is important to study gender differences in earnings after accounting for factors such as specialty choice and practice type, it is equally important to understand overall unadjusted gender differences in earnings. We performed the latter study,” he writes. “This is because specialty and practice choices may be due to not only preferences of female physicians but also unequal opportunities. For example, are unadjusted earnings differences between male and female physicians due to a preference of female physicians for lower-paying specialties [pediatrics or primary care] or do female physicians have less opportunity to enter higher-paying specialties despite having similar preferences as male physicians? The etiology of the persistent gender gap in physician earnings is unknown and merits further consideration.”Read the article on the JAMA Internal Medicine website.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 16, 2020

Ben Carson’s Views on Electing a Muslim President Draw Rebuke

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group, called on Carson to withdraw from the race.Mirza invited both the Nassau Republican and Democratic committees to meet with Muslim leaders to discuss community issues.Both Carson’s and Trump’s comments come one week after a 14-year-old high school student in Texas was arrested for bringing in a clock he made at home which school officials mistook for a potential bomb. The arrest sparked an outpouring of support for the teen on social media–including an invitation from President Obama to bring his invention to the White House–and accusations of Islamophobia among school officials and police in Texas.Meanwhile, national security hawks in Congress, such as Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford), have criticized the president’s plan to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees into the country, citing security concerns. The majority of people fleeing war-torn Syria are Muslim. Muslim leaders gathered Wednesday in Mineola to denounce the prejudice they perceived in comments from Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, who said recently that he would not “advocate” for a Muslim in the White House.Standing on the steps of Nassau County Supreme Court on a sun-splashed morning as Pope Francis made a historic speech on the White House lawn, this group of local Muslims called on politicians from all parties to engage in constructive dialogue amid a disturbing rise in Islamophobia nationwide.Wednesday’s gathering came three days after GOP president candidate Ben Carson said on NBC’s Meet the Press: “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”On Monday, Carson appeared to double down in a Facebook post to his nearly 4 million followers on the social media site.“I could never support a candidate for President of the United States that was Muslim and had not renounced the central tenet of Islam: Sharia Law,” he said.Carson went on to acknowledge that there are “many peaceful Muslims who do not adhere to these beliefs. But until these tenets are fully renounced…I cannot advocate any Muslim candidate for President.”But on Tuesday, Carson seemingly gave his blessing to people of all faiths to run for president as long as they put the Constitution ahead of their beliefs.CNN reported that fundraising dollars have “poured in” since the former brain surgeon first made his controversial remarks on television Sunday.In Mineola on Wednesday, Ali Mirza of Elmont denounced Carson’s comments.“Politicians should not use us as political footballs,” he said, referring to Carson, who’s now surging in Republican polls after the second GOP debate held last week.“It is basically a political issue,” Mirza added. “Some people are using whatever they can in order to get attention in the media and to address a very limited group of voters within their party.”“No religious test should ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States,” Mirza said, quoting the Constitution.Carson isn’t the only GOP candidate who has drawn attention for his views on Islam. Donald Trump, who is leading in the polls, was criticized last week for placating a questioner at a New Hampshire event who, referring to Muslims, asked: “When can we get rid of them?”“We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things,” Trump responded.Long Island civil rights attorney Frederick Brewington, a Christian, stood alongside Muslim leaders Wednesday. He advised Trump and Carson to “stop being ignorant candidates.”“Don’t remain silent on this issue because your silence bespeaks of your acceptance of this misinformation that is put out concerning our brothers and our sisters who are of the Muslim tradition,” Brewington said in a message to local officials.“We are rich because of our diversity,” he added.Carson’s comments drew a strong rebuke nationwide from Democrats and Muslim leaders. Other Republican candidates, like Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jeb Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida, and Marco Rubio (R-FL), invoked the Constitution when asked if Muslims were fit to sit in the White House.“The freedom of religion is a founding principle of our nation,” said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to Congress, in a statement. “For Ben Carson, Donald Trump, or any other Republican politician to suggest that someone of any faith is unfit for our office is out of touch with who we are as a people.”center_img View image | gettyimages.comlast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: September 17, 2020

Henson: Seniors to thank for solid football

first_imgIt’s hard to believe, but when Wisconsin battles Michigan tomorrow it will be the last time Badger fans make the walk down to Camp Randall Stadium to watch UW in 2009.Honestly, it seems like just yesterday I was telling readers how improved this team was after UW escaped with a week one victory, and now here we are, nine games later, about to use our last ticket vouchers.But what’s even harder to believe for most Badger fans is that after a 2008 season that went so wrong, we have enjoyed a 2009 season that has UW back in the Top 20.And we owe the revival of the football program in 2009 to a specific set of individuals — two of the seniors making their last appearance tomorrow on the FieldTurf at Camp Randall.Now there are plenty of reasons why we saw such an improved product on Saturdays this season, aside from the obvious help of a favorable schedule.Head coach Bret Bielema and his staff preached discipline and accountability at the start of the year and it paid off. We’ve watched a resilient team that has become one of the least penalized groups in the Big Ten.Added to the new mentality is the wealth of young talent on this team that is already producing.But with Senior Day taking place tomorrow, there is no better time to show some appreciation for the leadership and productivity of Chris Maragos and O’Brien Schofield — two defensive captains, and two of the biggest reasons why UW is sitting near the top of the conference.Have you noticed the lack of big plays given up by the Badgers this season, or the improved tackling in the secondary?It’s Maragos who has been so reliable as the last line of defense, limiting big plays and making sure-tackles when opponents reach the second level.The former Western Michigan wide receiver found a home at UW and his play has made fans forget about former Badger Shane Carter, and the two-hand-touch they were accustomed to seeing at the free safety position. Thanks for that Chris.And Maragos has done more than limit big plays; he’s been making plays of his own all season long.Early in the year it was the interceptions against Northern Illinois and Fresno State that kept a zero in the loss column, and his most recent interception against Indiana was one of the most impressive breaks on a ball I’ve seen from a UW defensive back in quite some time.While Maragos has been patrolling the secondary, as its one truly consistent playmaker, Schofield has been anchoring a rock solid defensive line.Coming into the year, critics looked at the UW defensive line and saw a depleted unit that was thrown together. They were just a bunch of no-names that were filling the void left by the graduation of multi-year starters.Well, Schofield has made a name for himself. And it’s a name offensive coordinators now hate to see on the opposing depth chart.Schofield is among the nation’s leaders in tackles for loss with a mind-blowing 18.5, and he leads UW in sacks with 7.5. He has commanded double-teams, freeing up teammates along the line to make plays and that’s a major reason why UW’s rush defense is tops in the Big Ten. Not too many people saw that coming.Schofield is having one of the most impressive senior seasons for UW in recent memory, and what makes it even more inspiring is the fact that it came out of nowhere.Throughout his first few years in the program, Schofield was buried in the depth chart after switching from linebacker to defensive end. Last season he made strides and worked opposite Matt Shaughnessy, but as the lone returning starter along the D-line, it was crazy to think he could produce an All-Big Ten season. Not with so much inexperience surrounding him.Shows you what hard work in the offseason can do.Schofield came into 2009 more motivated, more physical and more confident and his leadership has rubbed off on the entire team.If you get to the game before kickoff (I know for some that’s a lot to ask) just watch the team as they huddle together after warm-ups. The team circles around the captains, but there is one voice that has the attention of all those dawning the cardinal and white. It’s Schofield who commands his team’s attention, and who now serves as a model of perseverance and leadership for the Wisconsin football program.When Schofield and Maragos run out of that tunnel for the last time tomorrow there will be a painful reminder staring directly at them lined up on the other sideline.The maize and blue encapsulates everything that went wrong for this team just a season ago.In last season’s matchup, backbreaking penalties, god-awful tackling, inexcusable drops and an unforgettable collapse took place in Ann Arbor, Mich., as the game, and the Badgers’ season fell apart right in front of them. After starting the season 3-0 in 2008, UW went on to lose four of their next five.It’s fitting that it’s Michigan who serves as this team’s Senior Day opponent. Schofield and Maragos were on that field in Ann Arbor, they were part of the defense that gave up that 19-point halftime lead and tasted that miserable defeat.For the 2008 Badgers the game against Michigan was the beginning of the end. For the 2009 edition, this matchup is one step closer to the end of the line for a couple of seniors intent on getting this program, and this defense, back on its feet. Tomorrow they get the chance to avenge last year’s collapse in Ann Arbor, and show just how much this team has grown.They have the opportunity to do it in front of the home crowd, for the last time.We don’t know how this season will end. We don’t know what bowl game awaits (let’s pray its not the Champs Sports again). Who knows if Iowa will lose two more, or if Penn State will falter at MSU?But what we do know is this team has proved the doubters wrong by bringing toughness and a sense of urgency back to the defense. UW is once again playing physical football, and the Badgers are in the running for a New Year’s Day bowl game.And for that, it’s the seniors — Maragos and Schofield — who we have to thank.Max is a junior majoring in journalism. Want to share your memories of the senior class? E-mail him at [email protected]last_img read more

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Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma the toast of the town after big night against Rockets

first_imgThey have already taken the Warriors to overtime twice this season, including on Monday, amid the night-long feting of Bryant.“As long as we play together with a lot of energy we can go in any night and beat any team, I feel like,” Ball said. “And I think the whole team feels like that as well.”It’s a remarkable level of swagger considering where the Lakers find themselves. Friday will conclude a wild eight days, in which they will have played two games against the Warriors and faced road tests in Cleveland and Houston.So far, the Lakers have acquitted themselves well, despite winning only one of the first three games.“I think our group just mentally is getting stronger as far as the way we go out and play,” Walton said. “We are not scared of other teams. We are up for the challenge each night and when you lose, it makes you hungrier and hungrier and I think they came out (in Houston) and said, ‘Enough was enough,’ and made plays all night long.”Kuzma said the Lakers have already learned some lessons from this stretch, including one big one.“That we can compete with people,” he said. “If we play the way we do and pay attention to details, we could’ve won every single game we played so far.“Could have beat the Warriors twice this year. Could have beat the Cavs. Beat the Rockets. We can definitely compete at a high level.”LINEUP UPDATEThe Lakers will be closer to full strength on Friday when Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is expected to return to the lineup. The 24-year-old shooting guard is temporarily restricted from leaving the state of California after pleading guilty earlier this year to allowing a person to operate his car while intoxicated.The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that Caldwell-Pope violated his probation by failing to take required drug and alcohol screenings and is serving a 25-day sentence at a Seal Beach detention center, which he is only allowed to leave for Lakers practices and in-state games.He was not present for practice Thursday, Walton said. The Lakers signed Caldwell-Pope to a one-year, $18 million contract in July. He was suspended for the first two games of the season and subsequently missed the games in Cleveland and Houston. His sentence will also cause him to miss the Dec. 31 game at Houston as well as the Jan. 1 matchup with the Timberwolves in Minnesota.JULIUS SEETHER?A consequence of the new rotation Walton unveiled Wednesday in Houston was that Julius Randle, amid one of the best seasons of his career, saw only eight minutes of action.“I am sure he’s a little frustrated and probably he didn’t think it was fair with how well he was playing for us,” Walton said, “which is a fair point by him. But the team won.”The relationship between Randle and the Lakers was made tenuous first when Walton moved Randle to the bench in training camp and, later in October, when the front office decided not to offer him a contract extension. With the Lakers eager to shed cap space to chase LeBron James, Paul George or other elite free agents next summer, there is an assumption that the Lakers will look to trade Randle before February’s deadline.Despite playing a career-low 22.3 minutes per game, Randle is averaging 12.2 points and 6.1 rebounds and has primarily found success as a small-ball center against other team’s bench units.Then on Wednesday, he watched Kuzma start at power forward and pour in 38 points, veteran Andrew Bogut start at center and Larry Nance Jr. come off the bench for 13 points and nine rebounds.In his eight minutes against the Rockets, this was Randle’s night: four points, one rebound, two fouls, and repeatedly getting attacked by James Harden.“I talked to Julius and I didn’t anticipate the rotation going the way it did,” Walton said. “He’s been one of our better players all year long. … I don’t anticipate those being Julius’ minutes going forward.”Did that explanation appease the fourth-year big man?“He shook his head and that was kind of the end of it,” Walton said. OAKLAND — Everybody loves Kyle Kuzma.Following his 38-point outburst against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, Kuzma watched as a flood of star athletes tweeted out their praise for the rookie out of Utah. Los Angeles Sparks star Candace Parker tweeted a reference to the “Kuzma bus,” and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman responded, “Been driving it.”Kobe Bryant endorsed Kuzma’s postgame comment that he expected to have this kind of success with a simple emoji: the flexed bicep.“Got some high-profile people in there,” Kuzma said after a light practice Thursday afternoon at Oracle Arena. “It was definitely cool.” Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorcenter_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersFor as picked apart as Lonzo Ball’s rookie season has been, his fellow first-rounder has largely been immune from criticism. With averages of 17.4 points and 6.6 rebounds, while shooting 50 percent from the field, Kuzma has forced his way into the NBA Rookie of the Year conversation with Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons and Utah guard Donovan Mitchell.Kuzma’s hot shooting carried into Thursday’s practice. After he made his first nine shots against the Rockets, six of them 3-pointers, Coach Luke Walton said Kuzma remained on target in the regular shooting contest he and Lonzo Ball wage against the coaches.“He started shooting left-handed at one point,” Walton grumbled. “And they still beat us.”The mood around the Lakers on Thursday was relaxed, if not outright celebratory after beating the league-leading Rockets (25-5) despite three rookies in their starting lineup.Facing the defending champion Golden State Warriors for the third time in less than a month on Friday, the Lakers (11-18) seem as confident as they have been at any point this season.last_img read more

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For Bosnian Fans: Story on Salihovic’s and Ibisevic’s Football Season

first_img(Source: bundesligafanatic/ photo kip) by Edin Halilovic Sejad Salihovic has had a season of mixed fortunes, with a series of injury problems just like his teammate Bicakcic hampering his campaign. Unlike his compatriot, Salihovic has found it much harder to become a regular in the Hoffenheim lineup, making just two starts to date, including the 2014 finale, an 0-5 drubbing of Hertha Berlin in which Salihovic scored twice from the penalty spot. Salihovic’s lack of form and consistency has seen him fall down the pecking order for both club and country, but perhaps the game against Hertha could be used as a catalyst to re-establish himself as a key figure for Hoffenheim and the Bosnian national team.Also having a tough time is Vedad Ibisevic, whose Stuttgart side lie just two points above an automatic relegation spot. The team has been bad enough, but it has really been a fall campaign to forget for the striker. Having failed to net even a single goal since January, Ibisevic’s sluggish form continued through the entirety of 2014. To make matters worse, he spent the majority of the past two months on the sidelines because of injury problems. The ways things are going for Vedo and his employer, it may be possible that a change of scenery is in the cards in the near future, just as it was three years ago when Ibisevic swapped Hoffenheim for Stuttgart mid-season. Though, with Ibisevic returning to full team training, winter training may be the fresh start he desperately needs to regain his confidence and scoring touch heading into 2015 following what was undoubtedly his worst year to date.last_img read more

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Local Food Summit at SPSCC October 20-21

first_imgFacebook6Tweet0Pin0Submitted by the Thurston Economic Development CouncilThe South Sound Food System Network (SSFSN) welcomes the south sound area community for an evening of celebration and tastings, and a day of food, educational workshops, panels, and speakers at Olympia’s own South Puget Sound Community College.  The summit brings diverse groups of people together to discuss three key themes: the environmental, economic & social impacts of local food.“It is both an exciting and challenging time as we work to rebuild our local food systems– supply chains, production, processing, distribution and markets.” Aslan Meade, the Business and Investor Relations Manager at the Thurston Economic Development Council explains, “There is a lot of momentum and interest driving us as more and more consumers see the value of eating locally produced food and demand greater access.”The Friday evening Local Flavors Tasting Salon will feature delicious bites from local farmers, ranchers, restaurants & other food artisans, as well as craft beer, cider, wine & non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to finger-licking local flavors, attendees will enjoy live local music by the Oly Mountain Boys, inspirational speakers, and a lively community celebration. The Saturday Food Summit is an all-day event that will engage attendees in sessions ranging from cooking demonstrations to farmer panels to playback theatre and so much more. There will be opportunities to hear from local food leaders on the future of sound food and time for individual reflection and small group dialogue, as we contemplate our own part in the local food system and the many different ways we can access, participate in and transform it.Aslan Meade said:“Immersing ourselves in this work, we come to realize just how deeply food connects us—to each other, and to just about every aspect of our lives– from the environment, to social issues, health, politics, economy and more. We need to educate ourselves and others and then we need to embrace our local food culture and celebrate it.”To register for The Local Food Summit and learn more about the South Sound Food Network go to ssfoodsystemnetwork.org  Then join us on October 20 and 21 for the Local Tasting Salon and Food Summit.About the South Sound Food System NetworkOur mission is to grow a vibrant local food economy, ensure broad access to healthy foods, and steward the environment in the South Sound. Community organizations, food businesses and governmental agencies make up our network and work to educate the community and policy and decision-makers concerning food system related health disparities, food security, food sovereignty, economic development and environmental stewardship in the South Sound. Learn more at ssfoodsystemnetwork.org.last_img read more

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Blow for Man United and Arsenal! La Liga defender plays down exit talk

first_img Aymeric Laporte in action for Athletic Bilbao 1 Manchester United and Arsenal target Aymeric Laporte has played down the chances of him leaving Athletic Bilbao this summer.Both Premier League sides have a long-running interest in the defender and both are lacking in his centre-back position.The rising French star has started and completed 21 La Liga matches so far this season, helping his side up to 13th.And in Bilbao’s last seven matches they have conceded just seven goals – not a bad stat when you take into account that includes their 5-2 defeat against Barcelona’s stunning frontline.When asked by AS about the speculation linking him to a Premier League move, Laporte said: “Here there are many people of experience and I’m learning a lot from them.“I have played a lot of games and I want to continue to do what I’m doing.”last_img read more

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It’s just $5 an acre…

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Harold Watters, Ohio State University ExtensionIt seems everyone has a “package” that gives an extra yield bump. Many of these packages contain micronutrients. In Ohio, because we generally have clay in our soil and reasonable levels of organic matter, we don’t usually see a yield impact from applying micronutrients. But should we be concerned about micronutrients?Our soil tests are most reliable for pH, phosphorus and potassium and can work reasonably well for zinc, too. We usually use a combination of soil and tissue tests to determine micronutrient deficiencies. Soil pH can also help us know where to look for deficiencies. See your copy of the Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Alfalfa Field Guide for descriptions and pictures of nutrient deficiencies by crop.Typically we will see deficiencies occur in small isolated areas of a field first. When these are noted, pull both a soil and a tissue sample out of the “good” area and out of the “poor” area and compare the results. Also check a recent yield map for losses in that area. Nutrient deficiencies I have seen of late are potassium from early dry conditions and occasionally sulfur — neither of these are micronutrients however.It is interesting to note that we have two different philosophies in Ohio on nutrients. We build and maintain for the macros, but wait until we see deficiencies and apply as needed for the micros. This difference in philosophy results from the fact that we have so few micronutrient deficiencies in Ohio.Are we short on sulfur yet? Maybe, in some very low organic matter soils, but generally probably not. In nine trials I have conducted over the past six years I have yet to see an increase in yield from the addition of sulfur, but I am doing the work again this year. I do expect as we continue to clean up our power plant emissions that we will eventually see a need for added sulfur. In the meantime, save your money, or do a little trial work of your own.What about that other “stuff” that costs just $5 an acre. I regularly check out those advertisements, and listen to the sales pitch at farm shows but usually walk away without making a purchase. I recently had a farmer tell me about a product that was absolutely the “best ever, and guaranteed to boost yield.” I asked him why I never heard of it? Because if it’s that good, there would be 25 university tests showing how great it is… and we (the OSU Agronomic Crops Team members) would be telling everyone about it.last_img read more

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GC77 Germany’s First Geocache – A Geocaching.com Presentation

first_img[Click CC for Closed Captioning – Klicke auf CC für Untertitel][vsw id=”AMrr7D-hqsg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]Watch this video to see the story behind the first geocache in Germany. It started a craze that’s led to a quarter million active geocaches. Back on October 2, 2000 the owner of a brand new GPS device decided to try an experiment. He hid a geocache. Ferenc loaded the coordinates and a description onto Geocaching.com. He wondered if anyone might have heard of this new GPS-powered treasure-hunt. Days and weeks passes. Ferenc says he lost interest in geocaching. Years passed, and eventually he wondered if anyone had ever found his geocache or if geocaching ever caught on in Germany. One look at the cache page answered both questions. Watch, “GC77 Germany’s First Geocache” to discover a geocache that’s been logged nearly 4000 times.First German GeocacheThe video discusses how the geocache was initially buried. Geocaches are not allowed to be buried. This historical geocache is no longer buried and complies with the guidelinesSubscribe to the Official Geocaching.com YouTube channel for the latest tips and tricks in geocaching. Watch the more than 100 videos produced by Geocaching.com on our video page. Schau Dir dieses Video an um die Geschichte des ersten Geocaches in Deutschland kennenzulernen. Der Geocache GC77 half den Boom auszulösen, der zu bisher einer viertel Million Geocaches in Deutschland führte.Damals, am 2. Oktober 2000, machte der Besitzer eines brandneuen GPS-Gerätes ein Experiment. Er versteckte einen Geocache. Ferenc veröffentlichte die Koordinate bei Geocaching.com. Er fragte sich, ob schon jemand von dieser neuen GPS-unterstützten Schatzsuche gehört hat. Tage und Wochen vergingen. Ferenc sagt, daß er das Interesse an Geocaching verloren hat. Jahre vergingen und irgendwann fragte er sich, ob jemand seinen Geocache gefunden hat und ob sich Geocaching in Deutschland etablieren konnte. Ein Blick auf die Cacheseite beantworte beide Fragen. Schau Dir “GC77, Deutschlands erster Geocache” an und entdecke einen Geocache, der fast 4000 mal geloggt wurde.First German GeocacheDas Video erörtert, daß der Geocache ursprünglich vergraben war. Geocaches dürfen nicht vergraben sein. Dieser historische Geocache ist nicht mehr vergraben und entspricht den Guidelines.Abonniere den offiziellen Geocaching.com YouTube-Kanal, um die neusten Geocaching-Tips- und Tricks zu sehen. Schau Dir über 100 Videos von Geocaching.com auf unserer Video-Seite an.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedGeocaching.com Presents: “Geocaching Without GPS”December 1, 2011In “Deutsch”Geocaching.com Presents: FavoritesOctober 20, 2011In “Learn”Behind the Scenes with a Geocaching.com Volunteer ReviewerJanuary 13, 2011In “Community”last_img read more

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BlackBerry CEO Comes Out Swinging At BlackBerry Live

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement brian s hall Tags:#BlackBerry#BlackBerry 10 center_img In front of a packed house at the Marriott World Resort in Orlando, BlackBerry President and CEO Thorsten Heins proudly showed off the company’s newest devices, including the low-end Q5 designed for developing markets, talked-up the company’s updated BB10 platform (10.1) and announced that BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) was going cross-platform. Heins was generally upbeat, declaring this year the company’s “best launch year ever,” all the while gleefully taking swipes at the competition. The market will decide, of course, though this morning’s celebratory keynote was clearly designed to ensure all that BlackBerry has emerged from the last few years of painful market declines and is eager to take on the competition.Z10. Q10. BB10.1.Heins took some of his shots at Apple and Microsoft, mocking those who suggest that “people want the desktop experience” on a tablet or smartphone. “Really,” he mocked. “It simply doesn’t work. That’s why we built BB10 specifically for a pure mobile experience. We don’t serve the desktop market. We are mobile first – the original mobile first.” Heins then showed off the Z10, which he described as “Perfect for people who want the all-touch experience.” Heins also briefly channeled Steve Jobs: “One more thing: the famous BlackBerry keyboard,” he said as he introduced the Q10. “The best physical keyboard on the market today. No one makes keyboards better than BlackBerry.” (The Q10 is expected to go on sale in the U.S. by June.)After showing off the company’s two new flagship devices, Heins made the case for why BlackBerry remains relevant in the mobile world. In last four months, he noted, apps for BB10 have increased from 70,000 to “over 120,000” and one third of all developers are now targeting BlackBerry as “their prime platform,” Heins claimed.Heins also took the opportunity to introduce “BlackBerry Channels,” a media-rich social messaging service. He also reminded the audience of the scope of the company’s messaging service. “BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has more than 60 million users. More than 10 billion messages are sent every day. Twice the number of any other messaging service.”  Another audience wow: BBM is now “cross platform.”Regarding new app announcements, however, there was very little said. Heins did state that Skype is now available (with the BB 10.1 OS update), but that was all.BlackBerry Goes Global With Q5One surprise of the keynote was Heins’ introduction of a completely new “BlackBerry device at a global price range.” He held up the small, colorful Q5 – “our latest Qwerty device, specifically designed for emerging markets. I know it’s going to be a big hit.”Though he did not provide much detail regarding the Q5, it appears to be a direct competitor to Nokia’s popular Asha line. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … BlackBerry On The OffensiveThroughout his presentation, Heins was delivering the smack downs – alluding that Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone each had fundamental weaknesses – and that only BlackBerry was “mobile first.” Heins suggested that BlackBerry’s pure mobile focus could lead the company and its new BB10 platform to a global resurgence.“We are working to win back our traditional customers,” Heins said, “BlackBerry 10, as a platform, is entirely new. This is not an update to an old BlackBerry OS.”This will not be easy. BlackBerry (formerly RIM), finished 2012 with a 8% global smartphone market share – a significant drop from the previous year. Worse, these numbers are almost entirely based on the company’s once-dominant user base of BB7-based devices. By the first quarter of this year, the company failed to even place in the top 5 of all smartphone vendors. For all Hein’s positive talk, he provided little in the way of actual sales or distribution data.Despite the many positive proclamations of BlackBerry’s CEO, as the company shifts to a new touch-based and app-centric smartphone operating system its future remains in doubt. Android, iPhone or even Windows Phone may leave little opportunity for the Canadian company to move forward.last_img read more