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Posted by: | Posted on: January 18, 2021

Glee Star Jane Lynch to Play 54 Below

first_img Related Shows No news yet as to what Lynch might perform at her summer concerts, but we wouldn’t mind hearing her reprise her terrifyingly hilarious rendition of “Little Girls,” as well as her Glee-ful covers of Madonna’s “Vogue” and Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical.” She’s out of the orphanage, leaving McKinley High, and taking the stage at 54 Below. Glee and Annie star Jane Lynch will make her solo concert debut at the Times Square hotspot this June. The Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner will play four performances June 18 through 21. Star Files Show Closed This production ended its run on June 21, 2014 Jane Lynch Jane Lynch Lynch won Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for her role as Glee’s tough, smart-mouthed cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester. She made her Broadway debut as Miss Hannigan in the recent revival of Annie, and appeared off-Broadway in Love, Loss, and What I Wore and The Real Live Brady Bunch and the Real Live Game Show. Her many screen credits include The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wreck-It Ralph, Julie & Julia, For Your Consideration, Role Models, A Mighty Wind and Best in Show. In addition to acting, Lynch also authored the bestselling autobiography Happy Accidents and hosts the NBC series Celebrity Game Night. View Commentslast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 17, 2020

BLOG: State Parks System Grows Stronger in 2015

first_imgLike Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Facebook.com/GovernorWolf BLOG: State Parks System Grows Stronger in 2015 January 26, 2016 By: Cindy Adams Dunn, Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resourcescenter_img Environment,  The Blog,  Year in Review Some of the country’s biggest cities, like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania’s small towns like Confluence in the southwest, Ridgway in the Pennsylvania Wilds and Jim Thorpe in the Poconos, have recognized the value of their rivers, trails and parks as amenities that spur business development and draw people to downtowns.Our special places, wildlife and landscapes are important to our well-being, our identity and help us attract tourists for outdoor adventures and to keep our communities vibrant.As Pennsylvania’s largest land manager, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is leading outdoor recreation initiatives to invigorate citizens and communities, encourage healthy lifestyles, create jobs that pay and promote environmental stewardship. It’s been a productive year.ConservationConserving our natural places, providing citizens and visitors with opportunities for outdoor experiences, and harnessing our natural resources responsibly improve our economy and quality of life for all Pennsylvanians. One of the first actions Governor Wolf took was to sign an executive order reinstating a moratorium on new leases for oil and gas development on state park and forest lands. With the moratorium in place, DCNR continues to monitor current activity and adapt management practices.Our state parks host 38 million visitors annually, support more 13,000 jobs, and provide $1.2 billion in economic activity in nearby communities. In 2015, DCNR added more than 25,000 acres of land to our state park and forest system. We also collected more than 4,000 comments to inform a plan to manage our state forests to make sure they are healthy and productive for many years.Outdoor RecreationCreating healthy and livable communities that support jobs that pay includes successfully serving the recreation needs of those who live, work and play in them. DCNR in 2015 rolled out a 5-year plan with 83 action steps to improve our opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventures all across the commonwealth.The plan tells us Pennsylvanians love to walk trails, especially close to home; watch wildlife; and are increasingly interested in kayaking and winter activities. Pennsylvania has them all! It provides a road map for the next several years to make communities more desirable places to live, provide children safe places to play, and protect the natural environment. To help citizens find a place to play outdoors that’s close to home, DCNR launched a new web page of 5,600 local parks that is searchable by name, region and location.SustainabilityDCNR is looking for opportunities to grow our recreational and tourism economy through a revitalized park and forest system that ensures we are conserving our natural resources and protecting our people and the environment. Three buildings on DCNR lands, including a new visitor center at Ohiopyle State Park, received top certifications for being green and sustainable in 2015. The department also treated thousands of trees for invasive pests like hemlock wooly adelgid and emerald ash borer, and planted 1.8 million tree seedlings.A government that works protects our natural heritage and secures its future for the benefit of all Pennsylvanians.  DCNR made good on that promise in 2015. SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: September 20, 2020

Sam Allardyce puts Arsene Wenger wind-up days behind him

first_img The then Bolton manager famously got under the Frenchman’s skin as he guided his side to a series of unlikely positive results against the Gunners, and admitted in his recently published autobiography that he enjoyed winding up a man he described as having “an air of arrogance”. However, Allardyce, now 61, has revealed the pair now have an “amicable” relationship as they prepare to meet at the Emirates Stadium in the Barclays Premier league on Saturday. He said with a smile: “I have had some good fun with him. Those early days were years and years ago and it’s been much more amicable, our meetings, not just on match days, but also off the field when we have bumped into each other. “But I have always had a huge amount of respect for Arsene and his quality as a manager. Winding-up became a procedure that we all use if and when we feel it necessary. “I have always thought he is a fantastic manager and he’s done a fantastic job. I might have wound him up a time or two, but never disrespected him. “That’s a long time ago. It seems to be a part of the world of football sometimes and whether it makes a difference, I don’t know. People seem to think it did, so when the opportunity arose, if you felt it was the right thing to do, you did it. “But at the end of the day, it’s about 11 v 11 on the field. I’m not so sure what you do when you wind a manager up that it makes a difference your players when they go out. I’m not so sure it does. “But it’s also good publicity for you lot, isn’t it? We have to be worried about our image these days, don’t we? If we haven’t got the right image, then we are not very good managers, so we have to be careful.” Allardyce led Bolton into battle with Arsenal on 16 occasions in all competitions, and emerged with a hugely creditable four victories and six draws. However, he has never beaten them at home with any of his clubs and will hope to address that record with Sunderland, who have recorded three 0-0 draws in North London in their last five visits. Allardyce, who will be without injured duo Sebastian Larsson and Jermain Defoe, said: “I’ve never won at Arsenal with any of my teams – drawn a few, but never won. “The club has not won there since the ’80s when our kit man was in the squad and Paul Bracewell played, my assistant manager, so it shows you how long it’s been. “But anything can happen on any day in the Premier League, so let’s hope it’s our day. Let’s hope we get a little bit of good fortune, let’s hope we play very, very well and if we can do all that, we might get a result.” Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce has insisted his feud with Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger has been consigned to history – and is not even sure it worked anyway. Press Associationlast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 19, 2019

Make Your Face Sparkle With Diatoms

first_imgHuman engineers may join forces with cellular architects to produce the next generation of paints, cosmetics and holograms, reported Science Daily.  Scientists are finding ways to harness the rapid growth of diatoms. Manufacturing consumer products with these properties currently requires energy-intensive, high-temperature, high-pressure industrial processes that create tiny artificial reflectors.  But farming diatom shells, which essentially harnesses a natural growth process, could provide an alternative that takes place at normal room temperature and pressure, dramatically reducing energy needs and so cutting carbon dioxide emissions.  The process is also extremely rapid — in the right conditions, one diatom can give rise to 100 million descendants in a month.The products are also biodegradable and have a low carbon footprint.  Someday the holograms on your credit card, the shimmering fabric in your clothes, and the sparkle in your face may owe their dazzle to miniature glass-makers of the sea, diatoms.The picture of the five-pointed star diatom in the Science Daily article is worth a thousand words.  How did a little one-celled organism figure that out?  And why?  Surely a plain pill box would have sufficed for survival, but God gave living things beauty as well as function.  Search on Diatoms in the search box above for more fascinating facts about these creatures and how they grow their exquisite glass houses.(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 12, 2019

Finding the Golden Ratio- Using Positive Emotions in Every Day Life and During Times of Stress

first_imgBy: David Lee Sexton, Jr.Pexels [Photo Dawn Desert Dusk Gold, CC0]What is Resilience?Waugh, Thompson, and Gotlib (2011) define resilience as one’s capability of maintaining mental health during difficult times. Think of it like balancing a scale;  everyone possesses a limited amount of resources to deal with life’s demands. In dealing with these demands, Waugh (2017) states that people can react in one of three ways. First, one may commit too many of their resources to deal with the demands they encounter. In contrast, they may not dedicate enough resources to handle their current demands. Finally, individuals may find a balance between the two to match their demands with just enough resources to deal with them. This is known as adaptive responsiveness. Similarly, Waugh et al. (2011) refer to the capability of finding this golden ratio for one’s emotional reactions to the environment as flexible emotional responsiveness.Emotional CamouflagePersonally, I sometimes find it difficult to enjoy the simple things in life during times of stress. It can be very easy to become so consumed with daily hassles, looming deadlines, and other stressors that we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures. Somehow, when I’m deep in the trenches of a stressful situation, I find myself limiting my own access to little things that could brighten my day, like an overpriced coffee or a leisurely (rather than frantic) walk to my destination, to avoid “distractions”.However, Waugh (2017) suggests that it is one’s ability to allow themselves to feel appropriate levels of positive emotion during times of stress that leads to resilience. Waugh et al. (2011) found that individuals displaying the most resilience were more easily able to match their emotional responses to appropriate stimuli. In other words, they reacted in an appropriately positive manner to a positive stimulus and in an appropriately negative manner to a negative stimulus. Furthermore, those with higher levels of resilience could adapt their emotional responses more quickly to environmental changes. Waugh et al. (2011) provided the example of reacting to a loved one undergoing surgery. Those with higher levels of resilience are likely to be able to more quickly experience relief over a good outcome despite immediately preceding stress and anxiety. These findings emphasize the importance of not allowing oneself to experience tunnel vision during stressful times. Allowing yourself to experience positive emotional reactions to daily positive stimuli, as well as embracing positive emotions once a stressor has ended, is not a distraction.Want to Learn More?To learn more about the effect of positive emotion on resilience and its effects, please take some time to watch the MFLN Family Development Team’s free, recorded Virtual Conference session presented by Christian Waugh, Ph.D. Dr. Waugh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Wake Forest University. His research and publications focus on resilience and the temporal dynamics of emotion and resilience and positive emotions in times of stress.ReferencesWaugh, C. E. (2017). Bending, not breaking: Resilience and the role of positive emotions during times of stress. MFLN Family Development. Retrieved from: /2017virtualconference/waugh/Waugh, C. E., Thompson, R. J., & Gotlib, I. H. (2011). Flexible emotional responsiveness in trait resilience. Emotion, 11(5), 1059-1067.This post was written by David Lee Sexton, Jr. of the MFLN Family Development Team. The Family Development team aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network Family Development team on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: November 28, 2019

Amazon unveils four new Kindle Fire tablet computers

first_imgAmazon unveiled four new Kindle Fire tablet computers on Thursday, including ones with larger color screens, as the online retailer steps up competition with Apple ahead of the holiday shopping season.Amazon.com Inc. showed off the larger Kindle Fire with a high-definition display amid expectations that Apple Inc. will introduce a smaller iPad as early as next week.The larger Fires will have screens that measure 8.9 inches diagonally, compared with 9.7 inches for the iPad. The original Fire had 7-inch screens. The basic version of the larger Fire will sell for $299, or $100 less than the cheapest iPad.”It’s very clear today that there are two names in the market for tablets. One is Amazon and one is Apple,” said Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner.Seven out of every 10 tablets sold in the second quarter were iPads, according to IHS iSuppli. Tablets using Google’s Android operating system have not been able to carve out a significant stake. Amazon is trying to change that with the new Fires, which run a modified version of Android.Amazon has been selling lower-priced tablets at thin, if any, profit margins to boost sales of digital items from its online store. As a result, it has been able to compete with the iPad on price.CEO Jeff Bezos said in an interview backstage that Amazon won’t lose money on the devices even if customers don’t use them to buy digital content from its online store. “We want people to buy content from the device, sure,” he said. “We’re fine if they don’t.”The basic, 7-inch Fire model will cost $159, down from $199 for the original model, which sold out last month. Amazon says it is 40 percent faster, comes with twice the memory and has a longer battery life than the old version. It will start shipping next Friday.Amazon’s bread-and-butter is not its Kindle gadgets but the movies, books and music that people consume through them. By contrast, Apple sees content sales as a sideline and wants to make a healthy profit on every device sold. For example, the cheapest iPad costs $399 and the most recent models start at $499.But Amazon signaled on Thursday that it is going head-to-head with Apple when it unveiled its high-end Kindle Fire HD. It will have two Wi-Fi channels and two internal antennas for faster, smoother transfers. That will be crucial for high-definition movies and other large files, Bezos told reporters.The HD model will also have more storage, starting at 16 gigabytes (the same as the iPad), compared with 8 GB for the old Fire. About 2 GB is taken by the Fire’s operating system.An 8.9-inch model will go for $299 and start shipping Nov. 20. That means a device nearly as big as the iPad will sell for at least $100 less. A 7-inch HD model will sell for $199, starting next on Friday. Movies will play in 720p on the 7-inch model and 1080p on the larger one.The Fire, however, won’t have as extensive a selection of apps as the iPad. In addition, while the HD models will have a front-facing camera for video chats, the iPad has one on the rear as well for taking photos and video.A premium Kindle Fire HD model, one with the ability to connect to the 4G cellular networks that phone companies are building, will cost $499. It will come with 32 gigabytes of memory and an 8.9-inch screen. A data plan with AT&T will cost $50 a year and come with a cap of 250 megabytes per month. Apple’s 4G iPads with 32 GB cost $729, not including data plans with AT&T or Verizon Wireless.Google, for one, has a 7-inch Android tablet called the Nexus 7. Samsung Electronics Co., which outsold Apple in smartphones this year, also makes Android tablets under the Galaxy line. Barnes & Noble Inc. has the Nook Tablet, which also runs on a modified Android system.Amazon also refreshed its line of stand-alone e-readers. Called Paperwhite, the new e-reader model has a black-and-white screen and comes with a light source.It costs $119 and starts shipping Oct. 1. Amazon says it will start taking orders from Thursday. advertisementlast_img read more