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Posted by: | Posted on: June 12, 2021

Daily newspaper allowed to bring out first issue after one-month enforced delay

first_img Less press freedom than ever in Egypt, 10 years after revolution News EgyptMiddle East – North Africa to go further RSF_en After a one-month delay imposed by the authorities, the first issue of the daily newspaper Al-Ghad (“Tomorrow” in Arabic) was published today by the opposition party of the same name. It had been on the verge of coming out yesterday but was blocked at the last minute by the authorities, who finally approved its appearance today.In the issue, the leader of the Al-Ghad party, Ayman Nour, who has been in prison since 21 January, said he would be a candidate in the coming presidential election. February 6, 2021 Find out more News March 9, 2005 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Daily newspaper allowed to bring out first issue after one-month enforced delay Follow the news on Egypt Organisation Al Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein back home after four years in prison Detained woman journalist pressured by interrogator, harassed by prison staff Receive email alerts Help by sharing this information January 22, 2021 Find out more EgyptMiddle East – North Africa February 1, 2021 Find out more News News ——————————————————10.02.2005New opposition daily suspended as first issue was being printedReporters Without Borders called on the Egyptian authorities today to reverse the “arbitrary” decision taken on 8 February to block publication of a new daily newspaper called Al-Ghad (“Tomorrow” in Arabic), which was to have been brought out by a new political party of the same name.”We condemn this decision by the High Council for the Press to suspend the newspaper of the first opposition party to be authorized in the last 20 years,” the press freedom organization said, arguing that the newspaper should not be made suffer because charges were brought against Dr. Ayman Nour, the party’s president. Nour has been accused of “forging official documents” and has been detained.”The decision to suspend the newspaper is directly linked to political considerations and raises doubts about Egypt’s desire to embark on a durable democratic process and establish structures in which the news media are allowed freedom of expression,” Reporters Without Borders said.The authorities should either explain their decision to suspend Al-Ghad or allow it to publish, the organization added.Reached by telephone, Al-Ghad editor Ibrahim Issa told Reporters Without Borders he was not optimistic. “If the authorities initially gave us permission to publish, it’s because they thought we would be under their control, but now that they have seen our editorial line, I don’t think they will again give us permission to publish our newspaper,” Issa said.The Al-Ghad party received permission to publish a newspaper on 28 December. The first issue was already in preparation at the state-owned Al-Ahram press when the High Council gave orders to stop the printing because the newspaper had been suspended. Staff at the press informed the newspaper, which has still not received any explanation from the authorities.The first issue included an article by Nour written from his cell, in which he described the sequence of events since his arrest on 29 January. Other articles called for amendments to the Egyptian constitution and criticised the method of election in Egypt.Al-Ghad’s editors have little hope of being able to publish even if they are successful in the courts. As a result of a complaint brought by the agriculture ministry, the Labour Party’s daily Al-Shaab is still suspended despite an appeal court decision on 23 December authorising it to resume publishing.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: March 2, 2021

Trey Anastasio & Christian McBride Join Jennifer Hartswick & Nick Cassarino At 100-Cap NYC Club [Full Video/Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images On Wednesday night, Jennifer Hartswick and Nick Cassarino brought their duo tour to New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. The longtime collaborative pair never fails to put on memorable performances, but on this night, the duo had something extra special in store for the ~100 lucky people in attendance: a pair of VERY special guests in Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and multiple Grammy-winning bass virtuoso Christian McBride.Cassarino took the stage solo with his nylon-string electric guitar and set the tone for an unforgettable evening. “Ooohh, we got some surprises in store for you tonight! To say the least, which I will…” The Nth Power guitarist/vocalist proceeded to “get the stage warmed up for Jennifer” with a fantastic rendition of Sam Cooke‘s “A Change Is Gonna Come”. Next, he welcomed to the stage “the one, the only, Ms. Jennifer Hartswick”, who echoed Nick’s sentiments, noting that “the night is young” with a knowing smile.The pair got things moving with a rendition of Bobby “Blue” Bland classic “I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)” before moving into the first song Jen and Nick wrote together, “Drowning”, which appears on Hartswick’s recently released album, Nexus. A rendition of Jerry Ragovoy-penned classic “You Don’t Know” followed, Jen and Nick clearly feeding off the energy in the tiny room as they traded vocals and solos.A beautiful reading of John Prine‘s “Angel From Montgomery” was up next followed by a seamless medley of T-Bone Walker‘s “Stormy Monday” and B.B. King‘s “How Blue Can You Get” as Nick and Jen both shined on their respective verses, gleefully pushing each other to dig in further. From there, Hartswick’s jazz-inflected Nexus arrangement of Rihanna smash hit “Stay” kept the crowd hanging on her every word.After a pause to speak about the newly released Nexus, Hartswick welcomed one of her main collaborators on the album to join her and Nick, “one of my favorite musicians and human beings, Mr. Christian McBride.” She gestured to the string bass that had been sitting conspicuously to her right all evening and joked, “if you thought I played the upright bass, you’re wrong” as McBride made his way through the crowd to the stage. “Life is really good, you guys,” she gushed, smiling widely.McBride joined in on Nexus track “Numb”, adding his highly skilled low-end and beaming grin to the subtle, soulful performance. After the song ended and the cheers began to dissipate, Jen stepped to the mic to double down on the evening’s special guests. “As if it wasn’t enough to have one musical hero here,” she said, “I got another one that I’ve been working with for the last twenty years. Y’all, welcome to the stage Trey Anastasio!”With both Christian and Trey in the mix for the remainder of the show, Hartswick moved into the opening track off Nexus, “You Can’t Take It Back”, followed by her “favorite track” from the album, “Silent Waves” (featuring some notably “Stash”-like soloing from Trey), and a set-closing rendition of “Drown In My Own Tears”, popularized by Ray Charles. Each of the final three songs saw Anastasio, McBride, and Cassarino listening with intense focus and playing with subtle intent, meshing impressively in the low-volume cabaret-like setting. The looks of respect, enjoyment, and excitement on each of their faces were contagious, as the musicians onstage visibly took as much amazement from the collaboration as the crowd looking on.On a Wednesday night in October at one of the smallest venues in New York City, four of the most talented musicians in the business put on a performance for the ages. For those lucky enough to make it inside—whether on or off the stage—it was a night that they’ll surely never forget. For those not lucky enough to be there (a.k.a. just about everybody), you can watch a full-set video of the performance below, as well as a front row video of the show-closing “Drown In My Own Tears”.Jennifer Hartswick & Nick Cassarino Duo w/ Christian McBride, Trey Anastasio – Full Show VideoJennifer Hartswick & Nick Cassarino w/ Christian McBride, Trey Anastasio – “Drown In My Own Tears” [Video: marc millman]Setlist: Jennifer Hartswick & Nick Cassarino Duo | Rockwood Music Hall | New York, NY | 10/10/18Set: A Change Is Gonna Come*, I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me), Drowning, You Don’t Know Nothing,  Angel From Montgomery, Stormy Monday > How Blue Can You Get, Stay, Numb^, You Can’t Take It Back^#, Silent Waves^#, Drown in My Tears^#*Nick Cassarino solo^w/ Christian McBride#w/ Trey AnastasioJennifer Hartswick & Nick Cassarino Duo w/ Trey Anastasio, Christian McBride | Rockwood Music Hall | New York, NY | 10/10/18 | Photos: Andrew O’Brienlast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 30, 2020

Trail Magic Ale From Nantahala Brewing Company

first_imgIt’s June, it’s hot, and that means you’re probably thirsty and ready to jump into a fresh body of water. Here’s my advice: Head to Bryson City for a dip in Lake Fontana and a visit to the Nantahala Brewing Company to catch a bottle of their limited release Trail Magic Ale. Named after the good Samaritans who hand out burgers, cookies, lemonade and good cheer to thru-hikers as they make their way up or down the Appalachian Trail, these beers are random acts of kindness for your liver.NBC releases three Trail Magic Ales throughout the year: March, June, and October. You still have time to sample this year’s summer release, which features hand-picked honey-suckle in a Belgian Farmhouse Ale. It a wee-bit bitter and packs a punch at 9 percent alcohol by volume, but it’s as refreshing as the honeysuckle that’s infused into the ale.Do yourself a favor and make a whole day out of it by paddling Lake Fontana or knocking out a big hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I like the short trek to Andrew’s Bald that begins at busy Clingman’s Dome, then leaves the crowds as it drops towards a magnificent view of Lake Fontana and the Nantahala National Forest.And if you’re itching to do some trail magic of your own, head towards northern Virginia or Maryland to try to catch the wave of north bound thru-hikers. We hear they like it when you set up a grill on the side of the trail and offer fresh-grilled burgers. And beer.Follow Graham Averill’s adventures in drinking and Dad-hood at daddy-drinks.comlast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: November 18, 2020

WHO: Certain H1N1 cases may predict antiviral resistance

first_imgSep 25, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – While antiviral-resistant H1N1 influenza viruses remain rare, clinicians should watch for two particular kinds of H1N1 cases that seem more likely to give rise to viruses resistant to oseltamivir (Tamiflu), the World Health Organization (WHO) said today.So far, 28 oseltamivir-resistant viruses have been detected worldwide, the WHO said in today’s statement. Twelve of these were linked to use of the drug for postexposure prophylaxis, and 6 were in patients who had severe immunosuppression. Four more cases involved other patients being treated with the drug, and 2 patients were not on the drug.In view of the findings, the WHO urged clinicians to watch for resistance in:Patients with severely compromised or suppressed immune systems who have prolonged H1N1 illness and have received oseltamivir (especially if for a long time) but still have evidence of viral replicationPeople who receive preventive oseltamivir after exposure to another infected person but then get sick anyway”In both of these clinical situations, health care staff should respond with a high level of suspicion that oseltamivir resistance has developed,” the WHO said. “Laboratory investigation should be undertaken to determine whether resistant virus is present, and appropriate infection control measures should be implemented or reinforced to prevent spread of the resistant virus.”The agency also recommended conducting epidemiologic investigations in such situations to find out if a resistant virus has spread to anyone else.Person-to-person transmission of resistant H1N1 viruses has not yet been clearly shown, the WHO said. Local transmission may have occurred in some situations, but it didn’t lead to ongoing or wider transmission.The agency also said the resistant viruses do not seem to cause different or more severe symptoms. Except for immunocompromised patients, those infected with resistant viruses have had typical flu cases.The WHO does not generally recommend using oseltamivir to prevent H1N1 illness, today’s statement noted. For people who have been exposed and are at risk for a severe case, an alternative is close monitoring and early treatment if symptoms develop.In August the agency recommended against antiviral treatment for previously healthy people with uncomplicated H1N1 cases. It stressed prompt antiviral treatment for those with severe illness, pregnant women, and people with conditions such as asthma, obesity, or diabetes.See also: Sep 25 WHO statement on antivirals and resistancehttp://www.who.int/csr/disease/swineflu/notes/h1n1_antiviral_use_20090925/en/index.htmlAug 21 CIDRAP News story “WHO: In treating H1N1, save antivirals for high-risk cases”last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: September 28, 2020

NWSA Intl. Box Volumes Up 4 Pct in 2017

first_imgThe Northwest Seaport Alliance’s (NWSA) international container volumes increased by 4 percent in 2017 and were the fourth highest in NWSA history. The alliance’s total international container volumes stood at 2.96 million TEUs in 2017, compared to 2.86 million TEUs recorded in 2016.At 1.51 million TEUs, import volumes remained flat compared to 2016 volumes. Meanwhile, exports were up 7 percent at 1.45 million TEUs.Additionally, total container volumes grew by 1 percent in 2017 to 3.7 million TEUs from 3.6 million TEUs seen a year earlier.What is more, log volumes were up 57 percent to 278,078 metric tons for the year due to a consistent demand from China in 2017. Other breakbulk cargo volume was up 16 percent to 210,725 metric tons for the year.However, auto volumes for the year mirrored the overall decline in the North American auto import market. NWSA ended the year down 11 percent, handling 146,885 units.The Northwest Seaport Alliance is a marine cargo operating partnership of the Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma. The ports manage the container, breakbulk, auto and bulk terminals.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: November 7, 2019


first_imgThe 2006 National Touch League (NTL) The 2006 NTL, taking place in March 2006, is being used as part of the selection process for the 2007 World Cup to be held in January 2007 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This means that for the selection of senior teams to attend the 2007 World Cup in South Africa, there will be differences in several of the age categories for the 2006 NTL. The differences need to be there as the World Cup is being held in 2007, a different year to the 2006 NTL obviously. With all previous World Cups, the NTL and World Cup have been held in the same calendar year and the problem with age requirements has not arisen. This is not the case for the 2006 NTL and January 2007 World Cup. Please note that age requirements will return to normal for the 2007 NTL and continue to remain so, unless a special requirement arises such as International selection. The age requirements for the 2006 NTL are as follows: Men’s 20 Years and Under: Born 1986 or after Women’s 20 Years and Under: Born 1986 or after Men’s 30 Years and Over: Born on or before 1976 Women’s 30 Years and Over: Born on or before 1976 Men’s 35 Years and Over: Born on or before 1971 Women’s 35 Years and Over: Born on or before 1970 Men’s 40 Years and Over: Born on or before 1966 Women’s 40 Years and Over: Born on or before 1965 Men’s 45 Years and Over: Born on or before 1960 Men’s 50 Years and Over: Born on or before 1955 If you have any enquiries please contact NTL Tournament Director Jon Pratt on (02) 6285 2703last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 27, 2019

Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma – Game Time, TV Channel, Announcers, Betting Line, Predictions

first_imgTexas A&M player in the crowd singing fight song.Two former Big 12 rivals will square off in the Sweet 16 Thursday evening with an Elite Eight berth on the line. In case you missed it, the No. 3 seed Texas A&M Aggies, now of the Southeastern Conference, are in this game thanks to the largest comeback in the history of college basketball. Senior guards Alex Caruso (25 points, nine rebounds) and Danuel House (22 points, eight rebounds) spearheaded A&M’s improbable rally.Second-seeded Oklahoma, meanwhile, survived against No. 10 seed TCU, 85-81. Senior guard Buddy Hield was lights-out as usual, pouring in 36 points.The winner of this matchup will face either fourth-seeded Duke or top-seeded Oregon for the right to go to the Final Four. Date: Thursday, March 24Time: 7:37 p.m.TV Channel: TBSLocation: Anaheim, CaliforniaAnnouncers: Verne Lundquist, Jim Spanarkel, Allie LaForceOpening Betting Line: Oklahoma – 2oklahomaPrediction: On paper, this game projects to be an outstanding one. Both sides have veteran stars and dynamic backcourts. The Sooners have the best player (Hield), while the Aggies probably have a slight advantage in size and bench scoring. An A&M win would put the program in the Elite Eight for the first time in program history, while an OU victory would clinch the Sooners’ first Elite Eight since 2009.We’re going to ride with Buddy Hield to keep Oklahoma’s season going with another huge performance.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 13, 2019

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

first_imgSome of the most active companies traded Wednesday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (16,073.58, down 3.07 points)Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX:ACB). Health care. Up 35 cents, or 5.77 per cent, to $6.42 on 13.3 million shares.IC Potash Corp. (TSX:ICP). Agriculture. Down one cent, or 14.29 per cent, to six cents on 8.1 million shares.Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX:WEED). Health care. Up 99 cents, or 5.39 per cent, to $19.35 on 4.4 million shares.Silver Bull Resources Inc. (TSX:SVB). Miner. Up four cents, or 27.59 per cent, to 18.5 cents on 4.3 million shares.Baytex Energy Corp. (TSX:BTE). Oil and gas. Up 14 cents, or 3.66 per cent, to $3.96 on 4.1 million shares.Katanga Mining Ltd. (TSX:KAT). Miner. Down 11 cents, or 10.38 per cent, to 95 cents on 3.8 million shares.Companies reporting major news:Metro Inc. (TSX:MRU). Grocer. Down 52 cents, or 1.25 per cent, to $41.03 on 458,818 shares. Metro is looking to expand its online grocery offerings to Ontario next year as the food retailing industry ramps up e-commerce options for shoppers. The company already offers “click and collect” in seven stores and home delivery service in Greater Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau, Que., covering 60 per cent of the population of Quebec, Metro CEO Eric La Fleche said Wednesday.last_img read more

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Air Transat and regulator sued over incident that left passengers stranded

first_imgMONTREAL – An air passenger rights advocate is suing the Canadian Transportation Agency and Air Transat over decisions related to incidents last summer that left hundreds of passengers stranded on the tarmac for hours.Gabor Lukacs is asking the Federal Court of Appeal in Halifax to overturn the regulator’s decision in November to waive the $295,000 fine it imposed after finding the Montreal-based airline had committed several violations of transportation rules.Lukacs said the fine was just a “slap on the wrist” that is far below the level included in its enforcement manual.“The penalty is unfit and unreasonable in light of the seriousness of the violations, the extreme suffering they have caused to passengers,” said the 12-page application.He added that there is no deterrent value if fines are reduced by the amounts passengers receive in compensation.In his application, Lukacs said the administrative penalty amounted to just five per cent of the maximum available fine even though the regulator found Air Transat committed 590 violations that captured international attention.And by waiving the fine, “public money” owed to the government is diverted to passengers as compensation.Lukacs wants the penalty overturned and sent back to the CTA for reassessment. He is also asking the court to rule that the regulator doesn’t have the authority to waive penalties for violations.Nearly 600 passengers were kept on board two flights arriving from Europe that were diverted to the Ottawa airport on July 31 due to bad weather.Passengers were trapped aboard the jets for about five hours and testified at public hearings about sweltering heat, a lack of water and the stench of vomit in the cabin.The Air Transat flights were just two of 20 large planes that were diverted following the closure of Trudeau International Airport in Montreal and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. One of the aircraft was the double-decker Airbus A380.The unscheduled arrivals put pressure on Ottawa airport, which struggled to refuel the aircraft amid a breakdown in communication.The CTA declined to comment about the lawsuit because it is before the courts.Air Transat declined to comment on the lawsuit but said it will pay $500 to each passenger on four flights diverted to Ottawa that day, including two that weren’t investigated by the CTA.Spokesman Christophe Hennebelle said the company has processed payments that represent more than 80 per cent of the imposed fine.“We are paying the difference to the CTA, but will nevertheless pursue our efforts to pay the full $500 to every single of our passengers for the four flights,” he wrote in an email.During the hearing, the airline said the events were the result of a confluence of factors beyond its control that is comparable to a force majeure event.However, in its ruling the CTA said Transat tariff rules require it to offer drinks and snacks and consider whether or not to let passengers disembark after a 90-minute delay.The agency also determined that it had no statutory authority to award compensation to passengers for inconvenience or pain and suffering.In addition to compensating passengers for expenses incurred, it ordered Air Transat to properly train employees, including pilots, about their obligations under Air Transportation Regulations.last_img read more

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BC Hydro president says project health of Site C went from red

first_imgO’Riley acknowledges in the letter that schedule and safety concerns impacted the overall health of the construction of Site C. “For these reasons we classified the overall health of the project for this quarter as “red”, or having serious concerns,” O’Riley wrote.“As noted above, we have worked hard over the past several months to improve our performance in these areas and since the reporting period, the overall health of the project has significantly improved and is now classified as “yellow,” or having some concerns.”O’Riley says that last month, BC Hydro reached a memorandum of understanding with Peace River Hydro Partners, the dam’s main civil works contractor, at a cost of $325 million.He says that the MOU includes a contractual schedule that achieves the diversion of the Peace River in 2020, which will keep the project on track to meeting the 2024 project in-service date.Also included in the memorandum are plans to accelerate a number of critical construction activities and purchasing some additional key equipment, with numerous incentive payments for PRHP if and when they meet critical project milestones.Finally, the agreement includes a settlement of past issues that O’Riley described in his letter to the Commission on October 4th, 2017. He said that Hydro has developed a plan to improve safety at the dam’s construction site, including implementing a senior-level safety steering committee with all prime contractors to address shared safety issues, hiring a permanent senior field safety manager, and regularly holding on-site safety conferences.“The contractors have confirmed their commitment to safety as well and developed plans to improve their performance,” O’Riley added.The full letter can be read here: https://www.bchydro.com/content/dam/BCHydro/customer-portal/documents/corporate/media/site-c-quarterly-report-11.pdf VANCOUVER, B.C. – BC Hydro President and Chief Operating Officer Chris O’Riley says in a letter to the B.C. Utilities Commission that after a number of issues and setbacks to the dam’s construction, the Site C project is back on track to be completed on-time and on-budget.In his letter to Commission Secretary and Manager Patrick Wruck, O’Riley also follows up on his letter to the Commission last October, when he said that the Crown Corporation was going to miss its deadline to divert the Peace River in September 2019 because of geotechnical issues.News of the letter was first reported by Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer late Wednesday.center_img O’Riley explained that the $325 million settlement will be paid from the contingency fund of the dam’s main civil works budget, which he said will have no impact on the overall project budget.“The final contractual agreement between BC Hydro and the main civil works contractor is expected to be complete later this month,” he added.O’Riley also says in his letter that the Crown Corporation has also taken action to address safety concerns on the jobsite at Site C.“During the reporting period there were two lost time injuries, six medical attention treatment injuries and five near-misses – an increase from the previous quarter,” said O’Riley.last_img read more