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Posted by: | Posted on: August 26, 2020

Miller: Lakers face a major decision, which has become a major flaw

first_imgThat, at least, is the story today, Scott’s tenure such an unmitigated natural disaster that his belated dismissal works well as an aftershock.Personally, I have no idea if Thibodeau would have been the ideal choice as this team’s next coach. He was pretty good in Chicago, where his biggest failing was that he kept allowing Derrick Rose to get hurt.But George Karl was pretty good in Seattle and Denver and even Milwaukee before going to Sacramento and spending most of the past season answering questions about why he hadn’t been fired yet.Likewise, I’m not 100 percent certain Luke Walton is the Lakers’ answer. Sure, he had a ridiculously impressive record — 39-4 — filling in at Golden State this season. But, let’s be frank, anyone could coach the defending champions, even Byron Scott.The one thing I do know is that Jeff Van Gundy now has been linked to every available job in basketball and beyond. I’m sure if Axl Rose had said no, Van Gundy today would head the list of candidates to be the next lead singer of AC/DC. Starting over again with another new coach — Scott’s replacement will be the Lakers’ fourth since Phil Jackson left in 2011 — might seem like another delay in the team’s return to relevance, relevance that is, as it relates to winning.The Lakers never have stopped mattering. As evidence, I point to a passionate debate I heard on a national radio show two months ago. Three people were arguing over the on-court worth of Roy Hibbert. Folks, I’ll be honest, after about the Lakers’ third preseason game, I never once thought about Roy Hibbert again.As a way to encourage otherwise frustrated Lakers fans, however, I’ll note that any delay in their success only adds to the pressure on Jim Buss, who holds the official title of team vice president and unofficial title of team weak link.Buss is pretty much universally considered to be the worst thing to happen to the Lakers since his late father, Jerry, was the best thing to happen to the Lakers.It was two years ago that Buss told the Los Angeles Times he would step aside if the Lakers weren’t contending for the Western Conference title “in three or four years,” and let this be a reminder that words can be used as weapons.As soon as after next season, Buss could be forced to answer to his own publicly stated expectations, his completely on-the-record assurance looking more and more like a way off-the-mark projection.The only way this changes is if the 2016-17 Lakers do contend, a development so beyond belief that trying to envision it could tear the meniscus of your imagination. Sure, they’ll have a ton of salary-cap space this summer. But the biggest boxers in the world still won’t fit the skinniest elephant.Buss is very much on the clock here, as should be General Manager Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers’ decision-makers recently shooting at a percentage not seen around here since Shaquille O’Neal stopped missing free throws.The Steve Nash decision. The Dwight Howard decision. Four years of Nick Young. One season of nothing but Kobe Bryant. The two misfiring Mikes — Brown and D’Antoni. All those free agents who had the power to decide and decided against the Lakers.Remember when everything — on and off the court — just seemed to go this team’s way? Then an old guy in a suit, David Stern, did something many of the NBA’s best players have found impossible: He stopped Chris Paul one-on-one, forever altering two franchises.After he was hired, D’Antoni talked about improving the Lakers’ offense. After he was hired, Scott talked about improving the Lakers’ defense. Both men now have time to sit back and talk about how those plans worked out.I can’t wait to hear what the next Lakers coach intends to improve. Having covered the offense and the defense, who knows? Special teams?At Scott’s introductory news conference — only 21 months ago — he posed for photos with Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jamaal Wilkes. At one point, Johnson announced, “‘Showtime’ is back, baby.”The words couldn’t sound any more absurd than they do today. “Showtime” is history and now, too, is Byron Scott.In the next few months, the fate of the Lakers will be determined by a bunch of decisions, only one of which will be who’s going to coach.Like watching Shaq at the free-throw line, it might be safest to look away and wait for the crowd’s reaction. There’s no way, of course, they can win in this.But then, the good news is everyone is used to them not winning by now. I mean, these are the Lakers.So, even if firing Byron Scott was the absolute right decision, they still messed up by not firing him quickly enough to hire Tom Thibodeau when they had the chance, right?Somehow, what already was the worst team in franchise history just got a little more worse, the 2015-16 Lakers tacking on one final defeat after the locker room had been packed up for another entirely too long offseason.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 15, 2019

New Ethics Scandal Rocks Wikipedia

first_imgRelated Posts A week after allegations of high-level Wikipedia editors promoting paid content, questions remain on how much damage the actions will inflict on the popular wiki site.The story broke September 18, when CNET reporter Violet Blue posted a detailed analysis of internal Wikipedia discussions surrounding the apparent activity of former Wikimedia UK Chair Roger Bamkin and a Wikipedian-in-Residence Maximillion Klein, who were apparently using their positions within the Wikipedia editorial process to push content onto Wikipedia’s Did You Know section on the site’s home page.These allegations have been vehemently denied by both men, but two days after the first CNET story broke, Bamkin stepped down from his Trustee position.“Roger has always conducted himself with openness and honesty with regards to his business interests, which the Board greatly appreciates. However we have reached the decision together that it is best if Roger steps back from the Board, and thus the Board has accepted his resignation. I look forward to working with Roger in future,” stated current Wikimedia UK Chair Chris Keating.(For more on Wikipedia controversies, see Why Wikipedia Doesn’t Belong In The Classroom and Why Wikipedia Does Belong In The Classroom.) The Pitch Of GibraltarThroughout the controversy, Bamkin and Klein, while not exactly denying that they were working with the British territory of Gibraltar to create a separate Gibraltarpedia site for the purposes of increasing the amount of information about the territory on Wikipedia. Links to the Gibraltarpedia section appeared 17 times on the Wikipedia front page in August, 2011, which is a relatively high rate of occurrence.Klein’s consulting business untrikiwiki previously advertised SEO consulting services that implied that the firm could take advantage of Wikipedia as a very powerful SEO source. Language previously appearing on the untrikiwiki site included the following:“A positive Wikipedia article is invaluable SEO: it’s almost guaranteed to be a top three Google hit. Surprisingly this benefit of writing for Wikipedia is underutilized, but relates exactly the lack of true expertise in the field. … WE HAVE THE EXPERTISE NEEDED to navigate the complex maze surrounding ‘conflict of interest’ editing on Wikipedia. With more than eight years of experience, over 10,000 edits, and countless community connections we offer holistic Wikipedia services.”Since the story broke, that language has been removed, and Klein has issued a rather cool response on his blog:“We’ve never made a single edit for which we had a conflict of interest on Wikipedia – ever. Although we have advertised such a service, we’ve not aggressively pursued it – and we have not accepted any clients interested in on-Wikipedia work.” Yet there is still the odd presence of Gibraltarpedia on the Wikipedia home page, and a £1 million investment in the project revealed by Gibraltar’s own Tourism Board, which Blue uncovered in a follow-up story Sept. 20.Money? Yes. Scandal? No. But just because there was money changing hands, Wikimedia UK insists that there was nothing improper going on.“Roger [Bamkin] has always been open with Wikimedia UK about his commercial interests and has declared them in public at appropriate times. He has not voted in any Wikimedia UK decisions about Monmouthpedia since the start of his consultancy relationship with MCC or on any decisions about Gibraltarpedia or QRpedia. All our decisions about this have been taken by the other trustees, with the aims of the charity in mind. Roger has not received any Wikimedia UK funds for any of these projects, except for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in his role as a volunteer in the early development stages of Monmouthpedia before becoming a consultant, paid in line with our normal expenses policy,” Wikimedia UK said in a press statement.While all may be above board within Wikimedia’s own standards, there is little doubt that this will undermine the level of trust people place in Wikipedia as a source of information. That trust was never universal, but Wikipedia, for all its faults, has usually seemed moribund by its own policies and biased outside influences, not improper internal manipulations.Wikimedia may benefit from this in the long run; by experiencing this crisis, as unsavory as it may be, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia may learn more about what not to do and how its members should conduct themselves. SEO businesses that advertise themselves as Wikipedia experts, however, may end up suffering more obstacles in their paths, if Wikimedia does take the right lessons away from this incident.But that remains to be seen. Wikipeida is about to wrap up its 12th year of operation, and if the team hasn’t figured out a strong ethical stance and operational response by now, I find it hard to imagine that this incident, another in a line of problems, will be the one that finally gets things on track.Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock. Tags:#web#Web Culture Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting brian proffitt A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 27, 2019

Video: Molly Qerim Accidentally Introduces John Calipari As “Coach K” On ESPN’s First Take

first_imgMolly Qerim And Jalen Rose Watch NBA Game.AUBURN HILLS, MI – DECEMBER 23: Molly Qerim and Jalen Rose of ESPN watch the Golden State Warriors play the Golden State Warriors at the Palace of Auburn Hills on December 23, 2016 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)Ahead of tonight’s NBA Draft in Brooklyn, John Calipari is all over the ESPN airwaves this morning. He did a long spot on Mike & Mike earlier, and he is currently filling the seat left vacant by Skip Bayless on First Take opposite Stephen A. Smith. The episode got off to a rocky start, however, when he was accidentally introduced as “Coach K” by host Molly Qerim. Calipari’s comments about Mike Krzyzewski’s Duke recruiting pitch this off-season makes the gaffe even more awkward. Calipari joked about it and played it off well, and they’ve moved on to the standard inane Stephen A. Smith ramblings, but we’re sure Kentucky fans weren’t amused.MORE FROM COLLEGE SPUN:The 10 Most Aggressive Fan Bases In CFBIn Photos: Golfer Paige SpiranacESPN Makes Decision On Dick Vitalelast_img read more

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A by the numbers look at BCs record setting 2017 wildfire season

first_imgVANCOUVER – The 2017 wildfire season in British Columbia set records as the most destructive in the province’s recorded history. Here is a look at the season by the numbers:12,164 square kilometres: Area burned, equivalent to more than a third of Vancouver Island. The worst level of destruction since 1958 when 8,560 square kilometres burned.$562.7 million: Estimated cost of fire suppression. The previous record was $382 million in 2009.45,000: Approximate number of people displaced at the peak of the fires.65,000: Total number of people displaced over the entire wildfire season. The previous record was in 2003 when about 45,000 people were forced from their homes.70 days: Duration of the state of emergency that was declared on July 7. The last time wildfires prompted the province to announce a state of emergency was in 2003, which lasted 43 days.1,351: Total number of wildfires.176: Number of fires that started over a single 48-hour period on July 7 and 8.4,700: Approximate number of personnel deployed at the height of the wildfires, including firefighters and support staff. The tally encompasses the more than 1,200 personnel from outside the province or Canada and the more than 2,000 contractors who helped out.300: Approximate number of Canadian Armed Forces personnel who assisted.236: Aircraft deployed, including planes and helicopters.Zero: People who died in the fires.Source: BC Wildfire Servicelast_img read more

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Jesse King finding success everywhere he goes

Then-sophomore midfielder Jesse King (19) advances the ball during a game against Detroit Feb. 9 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. OSU won, 14-8.Credit: Lantern file photoFor most college athletes, playing beyond their school’s season is unheard of.The same cannot be said about Ohio State’s incoming senior lacrosse midfielder Jesse King.Following a junior season which saw him named a third team All-American and a Tewaaraton Award nominee, King can now add another accolade to that list: Federation of International Lacrosse World Lacrosse champion.Two weeks ago, Canada avenged its pool-play loss to the United States by shutting down the Stars and Stripes, 8-5, to win its third ever gold medal at the World Championships. Canada also won the event in 2006 and 1978.King, a native of Victoria, British Columbia, where he attended Claremont Secondary School, said the importance of the tournament went far beyond just winning the gold medal.“It was pretty amazing,” King said. “My whole family was out watching the (championship) game. They came down and watched all my games which was pretty special for me because at school they don’t get to watch me play very often.”“Winning the gold medal was pretty emotional. It was just kind of like unbelievable and it still hasn’t kicked in right now.”OSU coach Nick Myers said the opportunity King got to learn from the best players in the world will give him a leg up during his final season in Columbus.“Certainly with Jesse being a part of the team currently, having one more year, what an incredible experience to take away for a young man his age to have a world championship under his belt,” Myers said.In his three seasons with the Buckeyes, King has compiled 131 points on 77 goals and 54 assists, good for 17th on OSU’s career points list. Continuing that success with Canada, King recorded one goal and three assists in seven games despite being one of only four current collegiate athletes on the team.Appearing in every game for his country, King provided a physical presence at the midfield position by using his 6-foot, 3-inch frame to ward off defenders, something Myers and erstwhile OSU defenseman Joe Meurer said can be a matchup nightmare.“I think anytime you have a player who is 6-foot-3, 200 plus pounds, can see the field very well, can beat his man, and work just as hard off the ball, there is a lot to think about there,” Myers said.“He is one of the smartest lacrosse players I’ve ever played with,” Meurer said. “His knowledge of the game, his instincts and awareness, I think those three things make him such a dominant player and sets him apart from a lot of other players.”However, before donning the iconic maple leaf, King first had to make the cut from the initial 51 players who were invited to Team Canada’s selection camp which was held on the campus of Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y., from Oct. 11 to 14, 2013.A total of 97 players submitted tryout applications which were considered by The Canadian Lacrosse Association.Among those invited to camp included reigning Major League Lacrosse MVP Kevin Crowley, attackman John Grant Jr., who is widely regarded as one of the finest players to ever play the game, and OSU’s all-time leading goal scorer Logan Schuss.“It was very intimidating,” King said. “I’m going up against guys that I hear about in the news or all over social media about how well they play in the NLL or MLL, and I just kind of moseyed on in and got the opportunity to try out.”Even though more seasoned players, such as Schuss, got cut and Grant Jr. was forced to watch the tournament from the sidelines after his application for a Therapeutic Use Exemption was denied, King played his way onto the 24-man roster that traveled to Denver, Colo., in early July.Then, on July 10, King and his fellow Canadians stepped into the limelight.After an opening ceremony which saw a record 38 nations, including nine first-time nations, Canada took the field for a primetime showdown against arch-rival USA in a clash of lacrosse heavyweights.In what was widely considered a preview of the gold medal game, Canada struck first, jumping on top of the defending champions, 3-0. However, the lead was short-lived.The USA proceeded to score the next eight goals before holding off a late Canadian rally to steal the first game, 10-7.King said after the game the team didn’t hang its head and instead, focused on getting better throughout the tournament with the mindset that they would see the USA again.“You really have to take into perspective that a lot of the guys on the American team, who are unbelievably talented, don’t play the box lacrosse that we play and they have a lot more time to practice together,” King said. “Our first practice together as a team, was four days before that game.”True to his word, King and Team Canada bounced back immediately, rattling off four wins in four days by taking down fellow Blue Division opponents England, the Iroquois Nationals, Japan and Australia.King scored his lone goal of the tournament in Canada’s 12-4 romp over Australia, which saw them finish pool-play with a 4-1 record to earn an automatic berth into the semifinals.There, Canada faced its toughest challenge to date in a rematch against a determined Iroquois Nationals squad.However, just like they had the first time around, Canada managed to slow down the Iroquois’ potent offense to advance to the finals with a 12-6 victory.With the USA’s semifinal win against Australia, the rematch was set. But with the USA coming in undefeated and loaded from top to bottom, experts gave Canada little shot at an upset.Undeterred by the predictions swirling around, Canada came out of the gates swinging, building up some early momentum on the USA as they carried a 3-1 lead into the half.With the USA backed into a corner, Canada held off a late rally that brought the gold medal back to the Great White North with an 8-5 win.King described the whole experience as once in a lifetime, adding that it was a “treat” to get a chance to be around players from countries such as Uganda as well as suiting up with players he admired growing up.“The guys we were talking with, Team Uganda, they’ve been playing for four years and the stick skills that they were able to have in that short amount of time was really outstanding,” King said.As if playing against the world’s best wasn’t enough, King has also been competing for his native Victoria Shamrocks, a Senior A box lacrosse club which plays in the Western Lacrosse Association and competes for the Mann Cup, which is awarded annually to the winner of a championship series played between the WLA champion and Major Series Lacrosse champion.Last summer, while playing for the junior Shamrocks, King posted an otherworldly 111 points in 15 games and he hasn’t slowed down since making the jump to the senior level.In 10 games this season, King has tallied 41 points, good for third on the team. Victoria currently sits in first place in the WLA with a 14-2-2 record as they look to win their first Mann Cup since 2005.“I was born in Victoria and I was really fortunate to get drafted by Victoria as well,” King said. “Playing box in the summer, it may not be the same style of lacrosse, but it does translate over to field lacrosse. It makes you smarter, it makes you more aware, it makes you more alert.”Later this month, King will be arriving back in Columbus where he will look to lead the Buckeyes back to the NCAA tournament after failing in 2014 to manufacture back-to-back trips for the first time in 10 years.“Every year, the Ohio State Buckeyes are always contenders, not because we are the most talented, but because we have the grit and the work ethic and we are always willing to do whatever it takes to win,” King said. “I’m very excited to get back on campus, get back in the snake pit and play some games.”Myers said King has developed more and more as a leader every year since coming to OSU, but there is still some work for him to do to get the most out of his game as well as his teammates.“You do that by leading by example, encouraging your teammates while at the same time challenging them to a degree,” Myers said. “I think that Jesse has found a balance at that and he’s done better and better every year.”In January, the talk around Columbus centered around King stepping into that leadership role for Myers and the Buckeyes. Meurer said King has thrived in that role and comes ready to play everyday.“I know us as a team put a lot of pressure on him last year but he handled it really well,” Meurer said. “He brings his lunch pail to work everyday and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.”Success hasn’t been uncommon to King as he has been a winner at every level of the game. A true leader on and off the field, fans can only get excited for what’s in store for King and the Buckeye program in 2015. read more

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No 21 Ohio State mens basketball rebounds from loss dominates Miami RedHawks

OSU senior forward Sam Thompson rises up for a jump shot during a game against Miami (OH) Dec. 22. OSU won,Credit: Samantha Hollingshead / For The LanternA struggle to win games away from Columbus might have it dropping in the rankings, but the No. 21 Ohio State men’s basketball team continues to enjoy its home cooking.OSU (10-2) improved to 10-0 at home — all by double-digit margins — with a 93-55 victory over Miami (Ohio) (3-8) on Monday night.The win followed an 82-74 defeat to then-No. 24 North Carolina on Saturday in Chicago. Redshirt-freshman guard Kam Williams said a key for the Buckeyes that was lacking at the United Center is staying strong for the entirety of the game.“We didn’t play tough for 40 minutes. That’s been the key for both of our losses,” Williams said. “We’ve just got to stay tough and keep executing the system for 40 straight minutes, because the film shows when we execute our stuff, no one is able to defend us.”Freshman forward Keita Bates-Diop said he believes that games like Monday night’s are important for developing that mindset.“That’s what the non-conference games are for, getting better every game,” Bates-Diop said. “We’re starting to improve on things like executing on offense, getting better at defensive principles, I think that’s going to prepare us for the Big Ten.”Five Buckeyes — Williams, freshman guard D’Angelo Russell, sophomore forward Marc Loving, Bates-Diop and freshman forward Jae’Sean Tate — scored in double figures. Williams led the team with 18 points.“I just kept my head high,” Williams said. “I knew some opportunities were going to open up. The biggest key for us is getting stops, because when we get stops, I think our transition game is top notch.”Russell knocked down a three-pointer from near the corner just 12 seconds in, giving the Buckeyes a lead that would they would never relinquish. The freshman from Louisville, Ky., followed that up with another triple from almost the identical spot on OSU’s next possession.OSU did not lift its foot off the gas pedal for about 10 minutes afterward, erupting out to a lead that stretched as wide as 34-7.“We’ve got some guys on this team shooting a very high percentage,” OSU coach Thad Matta said. “Trying to set them up and get them looks is very important, in terms of the best shooters shooting more shots.”Matta cited Loving, who finished with 16 points on four-of-seven shooting, including two-of-three from deep, as one of those shooters.“He’s taking good (shots),” Matta said. “He could probably take some more. The thing is, Marc is taking good shots, and that’s probably the reason why his percentage is pretty high.”However, the RedHawks showed their own ability to go on a run, outscoring OSU, 15-2, from that point over the next four and a half minutes to cut OSU’s lead to 36-22. The run was opened by a thunderous alley-oop dunk by junior forward-center LJ Livingston Jr. just before the under-eight minute media timeout.Matta said OSU’s intensity after timeouts has been something he has monitored all season long.“What happens out of the timeouts, do we let them go on a run, those are the things that we’re after,” he said.OSU made that run short-lived, though, and recovered following another timeout to re-open a 46-24 lead at the half.Nine of the 10 Buckeyes to play in the first half scored, including eight with four points or more. Russell led the way with 10 points on three-of-five shooting, all from 3-point range, followed by Loving with eight points and seven rebounds.Russell and Loving continued to put on a show to begin the second half. The two exchanged baskets to account for the first 11 points of the half for OSU, as the Buckeyes took a 57-26 lead in the second half’s first few minutes.OSU’s zone defense held the RedHawks to 34.4 percent from the field, as well as forcing 19 turnovers.The Buckeyes shot 54.5 percent overall from the field.“We stayed within the offense in terms of what we were doing,” Matta said. “Those are the things that, as you’re trying to make some adjustments defensively, can they carry that forth? I think, from the standpoint of what we were looking for tonight, we got it.”Despite the efficient offense, the Buckeyes only shot 12-of-22 from the free throw line.Fourteen of Williams’ game-high 18 points came in the second half, including four shots in quick succession midway through the stanza, including a stretch where he hit a shot from outside, stole the inbounds pass and converted a lay-up.Livingston led the way off the bench for the RedHawks, playing in the paint to score a career-high 17 points.With 6:45 remaining in the first half, OSU redshirt-senior forward Anthony Lee went down on the court with what was later announced as a right ankle sprain. The transfer from Temple was able to get to his feet, but needed assistance to walk off the court. He did not return.Matta said after the game that Lee is “fine,” but could miss some games after the holiday break. He said that due to Lee going home for the break, he may not be able to get the treatment he needs, which could cause him to miss some time.The Buckeyes are set for one final non-conference matchup before opening Big Ten play. That next contest is scheduled against Wright State, with tip set for 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Schottenstein Center. read more

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Wednesday Afternoon Update 230 Fire Personnel Currently Staffing The Swan Lake Fire

first_imgThe community of Cooper Landing and the Sterling neighborhoods east of Feuding Lane and east ofAdkins Road remain in a READY status as of Sunday due to increased fire activity of the Swan Lake Fire. Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. Click here for more info The Great Basin Incident Management Team 1 assumed command of the Swan Lake Fire on Wednesday at 7:00am. Incident objectives continue to focus on firefighter and public safety, protecting the communities and infrastructure of Cooper Landing and Sterling, minimize the disruption to traffic along the Sterling Highway, and to protect other values on the landscape. Crews will scout options for control features on the east side of the fire, south of the highway, and deploy fire hose in this area for future response actions. Firefighters will reestablish contingency lines on the north side of the Sterling Highway west of the Resurrection Trail corridor to use as primary control lines to limit the fire’s spread to the east, on the north side of the highway. They will also be implementing structure protection measures for the public use cabins in the Resurrection Trail corridor. Continued updates will be posted as they are made available.center_img Additionally, firefighters will scout opportunities to develop control features on the east side of the fire, south of the highway. Tactical firefighting aircraft will be used to check the fire spread in critical areas throughout the Swan Lake Fire. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Swan Lake Fire is currently estimated at 141,923 acres with over 230 personnel working on the fire on both ground and air support. A READY notification is NOT a notice to leave. This notification means that you must be ready for potential evacuation. On Wednesday, firefighters will continue constructing control lines in the Skilak Wildlife Recreation Area on the south side of the Sterling Highway to limit the fire’s spread to the west toward Sterling.last_img read more

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Samsung expects secondquarter profits to plunge 56


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Two wheeler sales How Royal Enfield performed in September


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Khaleda verdict documents reach HC