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Posted by: | Posted on: January 3, 2020

Bryant’s focus still an issue

first_imgIs it any wonder the young man is limping after Bryant put the weight of the world on his shoulders by sneering about the Lakers hesitating to include him in a trade for Jason Kidd? The biggest symbol, of course, is Bryant. He symbolizes so much to so many, ranging from the poster boy for the spoiled, world-revolves-around-me athlete to remaining the hope the Lakers have for their future. Bryant famously went ballistic in an orchestrated series of radio rants in May. His bottom line: I want the Lakers in my rear-view mirror. The most important point Monday was Bryant was there. The Lakers won. Bryant lost. The Lakers will never put it so bluntly. That’s why they won. They gave their prodigal son wiggle room and he wiggled back into the fold. Because Bryant is present, because a light could go on for him, because players could stay healthy and because there is room for improvement, they actually could go from dysfunctional to functional and enjoy success this season. This said, it must be noted Bryant showed up 24 minutes late Monday. How’s that for a negative symbol? Naturally, there was an excuse. Make that two excuses. First, it was the traffic from Orange County. Then it was a physical he was required to take that held him up. The traffic excuse ignores the fact that everyone who travels our treacherous freeways knows you leave early and probably arrive early to make sure you’re not late. The doctor’s appointment excuse ignores the fact that his teammates were as curious about where he might be as everyone else when he did not show up on time. When Bryant did arrive, he was smiling, cooperative, happy, hugging (old-new teammate Derek Fisher), saying all the right things. One question. As always. Was he listening to himself? “I’m ready to go,” he said. That never is a question. Is he ready to go as part of the team rather than being ready to go and expecting the team to mold itself around him? The Lakers can be good by molding themselves around Bryant. He’s that good. They can be better if he ever learns to fit in as part of the team. “I think the important thing for everybody to understand is I want to bring a title back to Los Angeles,” he said. As good as the statement sounds, it smacks of his public relations people preparing him to appeal directly to the people, the fans of the Lakers who desperately want to believe he’s in this for the duration and that he wants no more than they want for the team. He has yet to say he’s sorry for verbally slapping Bynum and others around. About his mouth running wild in May? “I was frustrated,” he said, “so I blew up.” At some point, he’s the one who needs to understand. He needs to understand that, at 29, he’s past the age when he can blame temper tantrums on frustration. This is a man who prides himself on how cool and controlled he is under fire. Yet he was frustrated, so he blew up. Until he changes, it must be said he feels entitled above and beyond everyone else. Remember when it was said Bryant above all wanted to be Michael Jordan? That was wrong. He sees himself as Caesar. “Hopefully, we’re on the same page,” he said in response to a question about management. His history is he’ll be on the same page as long as it’s his page. “I know they tried,” he said of the trade market. “It wasn’t lack of effort. That means a lot to me.” Isn’t this gracious of him? One sobering piece of news. Asked about clearing the air with Bynum, Bryant said, “Andrew and I didn’t talk. We texted each other. I was in Rome. I texted him, told him I was sorry about the way things came out. He said he understood.” Bynum had a blank look when asked about the messages. “Did Kobe text you?” he was asked. “No,” he said. You understand what this symbolizes. [email protected] local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Symbols, symbols, symbols. All over the place. You had no choice. You had to notice them at Lakers HQ in El Segundo when Kobe Bryant met with reporters on media day – Phil, Andrew, Derek, the whole gang was there – late Monday morning. Phil Jackson, esteemed coach, is walking with a cane. Will a cane be needed by the team during the coming season, courtesy of Bryant, the petulant, willful, etc. star? Or will Bryant take the cane, knock everyone in the NBA on the head and lead the Lakers upward and onward to more victories than anyone anticipates? It’s possible. Holding your breath until it happens is not recommended. Still, it is possible. Andrew Bynum, until the 27th of this month still a teenage 7-footer, has a strained muscle in his right knee. last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 15, 2019

The Best Startup Decision I Ever Made: 8 Founders Fess Up

first_imgHow to Meet the Demands of the Socially Conscio… scott gerber How Connected Communities Can Bolster Your Busi… Tags:#startups The concept of failure is all too familiar to founders today. It’s almost a mantra: Fail fast, fail often, fail early, fail cheap – sometimes, it seems like there are far more ways to fail than to succeed.But every once in a while, startups make a pivotal decision that creates an undeniable shortcut to the finish line. We asked eight successful entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to share the single best decision they ever made with their startup. 1. Choose The Right Co-FounderPeople often liken a co-founder to a spouse: You spend more time with them than anyone else in your life, you have to be uncomfortably honest about difficult topics and, if all goes well, you stick together through thick and thin – or at least until a successful exit. I trust my co-founder completely and rely on her to provide a balancing perspective in all our important decisions. We’ve certainly made mistakes along the way, but we’ve borne the consequences of those mistakes together. We also genuinely enjoy spending time together, which makes the whole startup adventure a lot more fun! Our relationship has provided important business advantages since our clients, employees and investors can sense the mutual commitment we have to the company and each other. – Martina Welke, Zealyst 2. Get A Subscription At MixergyWhen we started our business in China, I noticed that many of the mistakes we made could have been easily avoided if we were surrounded by a community of entrepreneurs or mentors who could coach us or share their experiences before we went through the pain. Meeting them in person was impossible given none lived in China. I searched online for a community that would be able to share stories, conduct classes or give practical advice that would help our business. I came across Mixergy and, after watching three interviews, I signed up immediately. I can tell you the ten interviews/classes changed our business and my life. Mixergy gave me a place to generate new ideas and implement effective strategies, motivating me to continue fighting for financial freedom. – Derek Capo, Next Step China 3. Put Your People FirstThe best decisions we’ve made have revolved around people in almost every way. Great people make or break your startup, and bad hiring decisions can break it quickly. I feel like thus far we’ve made some great decisions around people. From my co-founder to early hires, everyone involved in Speek is here because they’re capable, passionate and willing to take a risk at some level to make Speek happen. – Danny Boice, Speek 4. Say ‘No’ To The Wrong ClientsEarly on, we discovered that clients who were not in alignment with our core values sapped 80% of our time and energy, leaving less room to amplify and scale what was working. Developing a process to weed out clients who were not in alignment and then empowering our staff to say “no” to those clients made room for us to say “yes” to the rights kinds of customers so we could serve them brilliantly and with joy. – Corey Blake, Round Table Companies 5. Find Underserved MarketsWe have always been opportunistic about finding markets that are underserved where we do not face entrenched competition. For example, in the early days, we focused on serving clean tech companies, first in San Francisco and now, in the last year, in LA. We aggressively pursue new markets and new opportunities. Because we commit ourselves to these new markets and put a lot of resources into them, we are able to get first-mover advantage and become the dominant player. – David Ehrenberg, Early Growth Financial Services 6. Do Your Own Market ResearchAt Star Toilet Paper, we have an obviously unique concept where there is no easy answer. That being said, in the beginning, my brother and I ensured that we did not outsource market research and business plan writing. We wanted to learn the ins and outs of our business and how we could enter the market. By doing this initial work ourselves (but making sure we let others do legal work effectively and ask questions when necessary), we understood our company like the back of our hand prior to entering the market. – Bryan Silverman, Star Toilet Paper 7. Focus Your Market & Prioritize SalesAs with most founders, we had ambitious plans but soon realized that to build market share, we needed to define “market” more carefully to demonstrate traction. Our initial goal was to launch in every physician’s office, but in some traditional industries like health care and education, no one wants to be the first to try new technology. On the other hand, they will speak with you once you have proven credibility. We chose one market, one product and one focus. This helped us lead the team toward one goal and march in one direction together before we started adding features and other offerings. Focusing on market share through one customer base and product also allowed us to prioritize selling, receiving feedback, iterating and selling again to align with market needs rather than just building beautiful products. – Shradha Agarwal, ContextMedia 8. Just StartI started. Sure, launching your own business can be a daunting task. There are a million reasons not to; you don’t have enough money, you’re current job is “secure,” the success rate of startups seems scary and so forth. But at the same time, if you don’t jump in, your success rate will be zilch. Plan carefully and think things through, but remember: You can’t learn to swim if you don’t get in the water. – Nicolas Gremion, Free-eBooks.netcenter_img AI Will Empower Leaders, Not Replace Them Related Posts How to Cultivate the Skill of Being a Creative …last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: November 28, 2019

2G scam: CBI opposes bail pleas of Kanimozhi and Sharad Kumar in SC

first_imgThe CBI on Friday opposed in the Supreme Court the bail pleas of DMK MP M.K. Kanimozhi and co-accused Kalaignar TV MD Sharad Kumar in the 2G case on the ground that if released, they could tamper with evidence and influence witnesses. In an affidavit filed before the apex court, the investigating agency contended that Kanimozhi and Kumar were key conspirators and Rs 200 crore transferred to the Kalaignar TV was part of the “bribe” amount and not a loan as claimed by the accused. The agency said that since investigation in the 2G case is at an advanced stage, it will not be proper for the apex court to grant bail to the accused. The CBI submitted that the special CBI court and later the Delhi High Court had carefully evaluated various material evidence and other factors to decline bail to them.  The apex court had on June 13 asked the CBI to explain where the Rs 200 crore, allegedly diverted to DMK-owned Kalaignar TV in 2G scam, has gone and also to file a response on their bail pleas in a week’s time  A bench of justices B.S. Chauhan and Swatanter Kumar, while terming “corruption as the worst form of human rights violation,” had asked CBI to come out with a status report on the loss to the state exchequer due to the award of 13 licences to one of the telecom operators and trial proceedings in the CBI special court. Kanimozhi and Kumar had moved the apex court seeking bail on June 10 challenging the Delhi High Court verdict rejecting their bail on the ground that they have strong political connections and the possibility of them influencing witnesses cannot be ruled out. Named as accused in the second charge-sheet for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs 200 crore, the two were arrested on May 20 after the special court  dismissed their bail pleas in the case. Both Kanimozhi and Kumar have 20 per cent stake each in Kalaignar TV Pvt Ltd which allegedly received Rs 200 crore through a “circuitous” route from Shahid Balwa promoted DB Realty. For more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.advertisementlast_img read more

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No Quota Bill in current session of Parliament

Posted by: | Posted on: November 16, 2019

IPL 2019: Sourav Ganguly, Ricky Ponting in mutual admiration club

first_imgDelhi Capitals went for a change of name ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 season, hoping for a change of fortune. The perennial underachievers haven’t made the playoffs since the 2012 edition of IPL.However, in IPL 2019, Delhi Capitals have defied the odds and are well-placed to reach the playoffs. The Shreyas Iyer-led franchise are sitting comfortably on the second spot with 14 wins from 11 matches.A lot has been said about the contribution of Ricky Ponting, the head coach of the franchise, and Sourav Ganguly who came on board as the advisor of Delhi Capitals ahead of IPL 2019.Several members of the team, including captain Iyer and youngster Prithvi Shaw have talked up the importance of having Ganguly and Ponting in the dressing room. Senior batsman Shikhar Dhawan had recently said that working with Ponting and Ganguly has helped his game and that he is learning a lot about the game from the two legends in the dressing room.Ganguly and Ponting may have been one of the most fierce erstwhile rivals in international cricket but the duo seems to have a lot of mutual admiration. A glimpse at the Delhi Capitals dugout during tense IPL matches tell us the story.Heaping rich praise on Ricky Ponting’s coaching skills, advisor Sourav Ganguly said the way the former Australian captain adapts to players’ needs has been remarkable in IPL 2019.”We are great friends for a long period of time. I was the runners-up in the (2003) World Cup which he had won. He has great experience. It’s been a pleasure working with him. The way he adjusts to player’s needs is a remarkable experience. He’s a fantastic coach,” Ganguly told Press Trust of India.advertisementGanguly’s comments comes only days after Ricky Ponting talked up the former’s role as the advisor of the team. Ponting said Ganguly’s passion for his role at Delhi Capitals has been outstanding.Speaking to the host broadcasters after Delhi’s win over Rasjathan on April 22, Ponting couldn’t help but praise Ganguly.”He is being terrific. He is very passionate. I am not sure how closely you guys are watching what’s happening in the dugout,” Ponting said.”I can quite often get a little bit carried away with what’s happening in the middle but he is a bit more out there than me, wearing his heart on his sleeves,” Ponting added.Also Read | Learning a lot from Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly, will use it during 2019 ICC World Cup: Shikhar DhawanAlso Read | Ricky Ponting on having Sourav Ganguly in Delhi Capitals: He is very passionatelast_img read more