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Posted by: | Posted on: October 20, 2020

Democrats should just give Trump his border wall

first_imgCategories: Editorial, OpinionSomeone, somewhere, somehow is going to have to give President Donald Trump a piece of wall to stand in front of.It might as well be the Democratic congressional leaders Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The wall is not a good idea; it’s a colossal boondoggle in the making.That’s why many Republicans as well as Democrats oppose the president’s signature initiative.Walls are ill-suited to much of the geography of the U.S.-Mexico border, and much of that geography happens to be owned by private citizens who do not want a 30-foot eyesore destroying their property.Engineering problems will probably prove less daunting than the legal sort.Both pale before another ingenious threat: ladders.Practicalities sometimes get tossed aside in the immigration debate, mostly because immigration policy is forged by joining two irreconcilable ambitions.On one side is the drive for human freedom for people who illegally crossed the border to build better lives and join the fabric of America. Given those facts, a piece of wall is a small concession that Democrats (and border-state Republicans, most of whom also oppose the idea) should make.A wall is a symbol to Trump voters and a promise he desperately wants to fulfill.It’s a symbol Democrats can exploit, as well, reassuring swing voters that they are not the party of “open borders.”Sure, it’s a waste.But a brief, discrete stretch of tremendous, Trumpian edifice may be the incongruous price of human freedom. Francis Wilkinson writes editorials on politics and U.S. domestic policy for Bloomberg View.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census And even if they did, it’s far from fool-proof.Many employers, regardless of industry, cut corners. (Ask Trump.)One way or another, billions of dollars will be spent on security to ransom Dreamers, and eventually others, and much of that spending will be sub-optimal.For example, the doubling of the Border Patrol since 2004, and the deployment of sophisticated surveillance technology, has unquestionably made it harder to cross the border illegally.However, the nature of the crossings has changed as well.Many more immigrants are fleeing violence in Central America and are happy to turn themselves in to U.S. agents once they cross.Drones, surveillance towers and increased personnel merely facilitate the meet and greet.center_img Meanwhile, the militarization of the border has led to the professionalization of sneaking across it.Immigrants now pay increasingly high fees to cartels to secure passage.Enriching those cartels was not exactly the desired outcome.Other expenditures would surely be more cost-effective.The Border Patrol could make good use of paved roads and better technology.But spending money wisely on proven deterrents won’t fulfill the requirements of a political deal: Immigration conservatives must get something expensive and concrete in exchange for freeing Dreamers, even if that something turns out to be wasteful and largely symbolic.Indeed, the Trump administration has already proposed cutting useful programs to fund the symbolically satisfying sort. On the other is a fierce determination to prevent people from crossing the border illegally, period.There is no way to make sense of these contrasting visions except by compromise that fulfills neither.Thus, the price of freedom for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., including Dreamers brought here as children, can only be some form of increased security.Conservatives in Congress cannot face their voters if they agree to legalization, let alone citizenship, for all 11 million immigrants living illegally in the U.S. without being assured that the process will not repeat itself in another few decades.A brief review of American history and a survey of its lengthy borders, staggeringly vast coastline, thousands of airports and magnetic attraction to strivers suggests that this may be an elusive goal.  The only genuine security against illegal immigration is a system, such as E-Verify, to prevent undocumented immigrants from gaining employment.Many industries, including agriculture, construction and food processing, are not eager to adopt E-Verify.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: August 13, 2020

Fire damages Mason City dental office

first_imgMASON CITY — A fire on New Year’s Eve has damaged a Mason City dental office.Firefighters were called to Mint Springs Dentistry at 851 South Taft at about 6 o’clock Monday night after passersby saw flames and smoke coming from the building.The majority of the damage happened on the inside of the building, with the owners saying that the interior of the building will need to be gutted.The cause of the fire remains under investigation.last_img

Posted by: | Posted on: August 12, 2020

England boys’ teams to defend Nations Cup

first_img Two England teams will set out to defend the Nations Cup in next month’s McGregor Trophy – the English U16 boys’ open championship – at Royal Ashdown Forest, Sussex. Team one is James Cooper of Wiltshire (Image © Leaderboard Photography), Harry Goddard of Hertfordshire and Hugo Kedzlie of Lincolnshire. Team two is Charlie Daughtrey of Yorkshire, Charlie Hilton of Sussex and Charlie Salter of Northamptonshire. Cooper, Goddard and Daughtrey all represented England in the U16 international against Spain last month. The McGregor Trophy will be played from 12-14 July and the Nations Cup will be decided over the first two rounds, with the best two scores counting from each team on each day. England won the Nations Cup last year on 14-under – and were 17 shots clear of the runners-up. The players: Team One James Cooper, 16, (Cumberwell Park) was runner up at the U16 spring championship at Hawkstone Park and ninth in the Peter McEvoy Trophy. Harry Goddard, 16, (Hanbury Manor) is the North of England U16 boys’ champion, was third in the 2015 German Junior Masters and ninth in this season’s Fairhaven Trophies. Hugo Kedzlie, 15, (Spalding) was ninth in the U16 spring championship,16th in the Midland boys’ county championship qualifying and 24th in the Fairhaven Trophies. Team Two Charlie Daughtrey, 15, (Rotherham) was ninth in last year’s North of England U16 boys and had a top 20 finish in this season’s Peter McEvoy Trophy.   Charlie Hilton, 15, (Ifield) shared 14th place in the spring U16 championship and was ninth in last year’s Scottish U14 boys’ championship. Charlie Salter, 16, (Northamptonshire County) won the Midland boys’ county championship qualifying and also tied 14th in the spring U16 championship. 14 Jun 2016 England boys’ teams to defend Nations Cup last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 19, 2019

Titan Lake News: Throwing Caution to the Wind

first_imgPlanetary scientists this week cautiously suggested the possible presence of an equatorial lake on Saturn’s moon Titan.  You wouldn’t know that from the headlines.In Nature this week (486, 14 June 2012, pp. 237–239, doi:10.1038/nature11165) Griffith et al., announced the “Possible tropical lakes on Titan from observations of dark terrain” (italics added).  “Possible” is the operative word; the discovery depends on interpretation of spectral signatures obtained by the Cassini orbiter flying by the giant moon of Saturn.  Most lakes have been found in polar regions.  This would be the first semi-permanent body of liquid methane found in “tropical” (e.g., equatorial, not “warm,” since Titan is -290 degrees Fahrenheit).  Most of Titan’s mid-latitudes are covered with sand dunes made of icy grains coated with hydrocarbons.In short, if the scientists interpret the color bands correctly, within the margin of error, a dark oval patch about the size of Great Salt Lake might be a lake of liquid methane.  But other options are possible from the data – for instance, it could be a mudflat, a rain puddle, or a patch of dry hydrocarbon-coated sand.  Cautiously, the scientists could only state that the data are consistent with it being a liquid methane lake as the best explanation – but even that hypothesis raises new problems, because lakes in tropical regions on Titan are thought to be unstable due to prevailing winds that pile up grains into giant dunes.  So if it is a lake, the scientists surmised that the methane would have to come from below, like groundwater in marshes or oases on Earth, instead of from the atmosphere.  But they can’t tell (if it is a lake) how deep it is, or how long it has been there, other than to note it has been observed since 2004 (eight years).A lake – an oasis – a marsh – tropics – those suggestive words were all the news media needed to go nuts with visions of certainty.  Here’s how it got reported:Live Science: “Giant Tropical Lake Found on Saturn Moon Titan” (Charles Q. Choi).PhysOrg: “Lake detected near equator of Saturn’s moon Titan.”New Scientist: “Titan’s tropical lake hints at hydrocarbon wells.”National Geographic: “Saturn Moon Has Tropical “Great Salt Lake,” Methane Marshes” (Andrew Fazekas).  This one even had artwork.CNN: “A moon of Saturn may have ‘tropical’ lakes.”Nature News: “Tropical lakes on Saturn moon could expand options for life” (Maggie McKee)All but Live Science tied the report in with “building blocks of life,” but what they didn’t report is that even if this is a methane lake, it is a paltry pittance of one, compared to what scientists expected in the 1990s to find: a global ocean of liquid ethane and methane several kilometers deep.  And only Live Science went into any detail about the problems with the lake hypothesis.The problem gets even worse.  Nature‘s final paragraph pointed out that scientists are puzzled how any methane could still remain after the presumed 4.5 billion years of Titan’s existence, given that methane is destroyed rapidly:General circulation models demonstrate that long-lasting tropical lakes several metres deep must be replenished, depending on the ethane content, within a ten-thousand-year timescale. Taken together, tropical lakes and studies of Titan’s lakes suggest that, currently, subterranean liquid supplies methane to Titan’s surface and atmosphere. A supply of on average 6 × 10−4 kg m−2 yr−1 is needed to explain the composition of Titan’s atmosphere, because methane, the progenitor of the moon’s organic species, is destroyed in 10–100 million years through solar ultraviolet photolysis. More observations are needed to determine whether this 4.5-billion-year-old moon is undergoing a specific recent flourish of geological activity, because it is freezing and its orbit decaying.What that last sentence implies is that scientists are being forced by the evidence to consider special conditions – “a specific recent flourish of geological activity” – to account for the presence of methane on Titan at all.  At most, the methane on this bizarre moon would all be gone in 100 million years, one fortieth the assumed age of Titan, unless it were constantly being supplied from somewhere.  Underground reservoirs might provide a convenient (unobservable) hiding place for the stockpile, but that solution arouses geological puzzles about how deep the methane would need to be, how it would form, and how it could erupt onto the surface.  Added to that are indications that since Titan is freezing and its orbit is decaying, there should be less geological activity, not more.Secular scientists are generally reluctant to invoke any “specific recent flourish” of activity occurring right at the time humans are around to observe it.  Why now, and not throughout Titan’s lifetime?  The contrast between scientific caution in the paper and media exuberance provides a case study in how science is communicated to the public.If reporters are this reckless with a non-biological story like methane on Titan, how careful do you think they are reporting Darwin fables?Enjoy Space.com‘s Titan picture show with its real, observable data from the historic Huygens landing (January 14, 2005), a welcome escape from hyped-up stories. 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Posted by: | Posted on: December 15, 2019

Internet’s founding father Vint Cerf sees IoT security issues

first_imgFollow the Puck Tags:#Big Data#data security#Internet of Things#IoT#NIST#Vint Cerf Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You… Related Posts center_img IoT is taking the world by storm. With products that let us live out our “Back to the Future” dreams, sans the hoverboards and flying cars, it’s easy to get excited. IoT-related products, from smart watches to connected cars, make us feel like we are living in the future.See also: US DoJ fears big security holes in IoTBut the IoT space is still growing, and with that comes a host of security risks. Some products have not yet developed appropriate security measures, which can allow hackers to compromise smart devices — for example, someone could hack into a smart refrigerator, turn off the power and spoil all the food inside. While this particular outcome is relatively mild, IoT’s security issues pose real problems when applied to medical devices or autonomous cars — a security failure in those areas can result in a life-or-death situation for many people.Public data is essential in building and supporting innovation across fields, and data sets provided by various IoT products and devices are some of the most accurate and informative data sets available. And while the dissemination of public data should absolutely continue, there must be a more rigorous set of standards in determining what is public data. Traffic and climate data, for instance, are fairly innocuous, but it’s easy to see how revealing health or national security data could have tremendous repercussions.NIST sits down with VintThe National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, is working to establish proper security regulations for IoT companies, as well as determining a set of guidelines for what should constitute publicly available data. NIST’s work in the cybersecurity and IoT space will ensure that people’s private data stays private, thus brokering a mutual trust between corporations and consumers. Recently, NIST talked with Vint Cerf, widely regarded as a “Founding Father” of the Internet, about the new security problems cropping up with IoT and affiliate industries. The whole 16-minute conversation can be found here.IoT has a lot of security risks that cannot be ignored. But once the problems are fixed, smart devices will only serve to improve people’s lives and drive innovation further than even “Back to the Future” dreamed. Small Business Cybersecurity Threats and How to… Maya Raolast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 27, 2019

Video: Rutgers QB Accidentally Spikes Ball On 4th Down, Michigan State Wins

first_imgRutgers fought valiantly against No. 4 Michigan State Saturday night, but in the end, the Spartans did just enough to emerge from Piscataway with a victory. It helped that the Scarlet Knights made a mind-blowing mistake in the game’s final minute, however.Facing a 3rd-and-10 from Michigan State’s 40-yard-line, Rutgers quarterback Chris Laviano, with his team trailing 31-24, took a sack with the game clock winding down. He then spiked the ball on fourth down – presumably because he was just trying to stop the clock. Instead, it ended Rutgers’ final drive.ICYMI: Here’s how the wild @MSU_Football at @RFootball game just ended. http://t.co/53KsFDAYu8— BIG 10.10 (@BigTenNetwork) October 11, 2015It’s unlikely that Rutgers would have scored on the game’s final play anyway. But you can imagine Rutgers fans aren’t thrilled with how things ended.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 27, 2019

Video: Virginia’s Darius Thompson Banks In Buzzer Beater To Complete Amazing Comeback vs. Wake Forest

first_imgWith 1:20 left in the game, Wake Forest led No. 11 Virginia 64-54 at home. Over those final 80 seconds, the Cavaliers scored 18 points, capped off by a wild buzzer-beating bank shot by Darius Thompson, to beat the Demon Deacons 72-71. Virginia wins!! https://t.co/9SYoM5JmBv— Will Ojanen (@WillsWorldMN) January 27, 2016FOR THE WIN! @dthomp15 finishes off an incredible comeback in Winston-Salem for @UVAMensHoops ! #WAHOOWA # pic.twitter.com/Pe2ZXsAxRW— VirginiaSportsTV (@VaSportsTV) January 27, 2016The game log is crazy.virginia wake forest game logCollege basketball has been impossible to predict this season, and the ACC is no different. Current ACC standings: UNC D$:[email protected]/&,!3 BC— Mark Armstrong (@ArmstrongABC11) January 27, 2016March will be here very soon. We can’t wait.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 27, 2019

Video: Molly Qerim Accidentally Introduces John Calipari As “Coach K” On ESPN’s First Take

first_imgMolly Qerim And Jalen Rose Watch NBA Game.AUBURN HILLS, MI – DECEMBER 23: Molly Qerim and Jalen Rose of ESPN watch the Golden State Warriors play the Golden State Warriors at the Palace of Auburn Hills on December 23, 2016 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)Ahead of tonight’s NBA Draft in Brooklyn, John Calipari is all over the ESPN airwaves this morning. He did a long spot on Mike & Mike earlier, and he is currently filling the seat left vacant by Skip Bayless on First Take opposite Stephen A. Smith. The episode got off to a rocky start, however, when he was accidentally introduced as “Coach K” by host Molly Qerim. Calipari’s comments about Mike Krzyzewski’s Duke recruiting pitch this off-season makes the gaffe even more awkward. Calipari joked about it and played it off well, and they’ve moved on to the standard inane Stephen A. Smith ramblings, but we’re sure Kentucky fans weren’t amused.MORE FROM COLLEGE SPUN:The 10 Most Aggressive Fan Bases In CFBIn Photos: Golfer Paige SpiranacESPN Makes Decision On Dick Vitalelast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 27, 2019

ESPN Releases ‘Future Power Rankings’, Names Alabama Top Dog

first_imgESPN College Football promotion.ESPNWhich college football programs are in the best shape to maintain success moving forward? ESPN attempted to answer that question this week, using an interesting methodology. A panel of the network’s analysts – Heather Dinich, Brad Edwards, Travis Haney, Sharon Katz, Tom Luginbill, Ted Miller, Adam Rittenberg and Mark Schlabach – used five different metrics to answer the question.Their top 25 – which is based on coaching, current talent, recruiting, title path and program foundation – was released Tuesday afternoon. Alabama, unsurprisingly, came out on top.Future Power Rankings: Alabama reclaims the top spot https://t.co/mLaOh8znKZ— ESPN SEC (@ESPN_SEC) July 6, 2016Ohio State followed at No. 2. Here’s the rest of the top 10. If you want to see the full top 25, head over to ESPN.1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Florida State 4. Clemson 5. Michigan 6. LSU 7. Stanford 8. Oklahoma 9. Notre Dame 10. Michigan StateDo you agree with the list? Or are they off base on a few of the programs?last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 13, 2019

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

first_imgSome of the most active companies traded Wednesday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (16,073.58, down 3.07 points)Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX:ACB). Health care. Up 35 cents, or 5.77 per cent, to $6.42 on 13.3 million shares.IC Potash Corp. (TSX:ICP). Agriculture. Down one cent, or 14.29 per cent, to six cents on 8.1 million shares.Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX:WEED). Health care. Up 99 cents, or 5.39 per cent, to $19.35 on 4.4 million shares.Silver Bull Resources Inc. (TSX:SVB). Miner. Up four cents, or 27.59 per cent, to 18.5 cents on 4.3 million shares.Baytex Energy Corp. (TSX:BTE). Oil and gas. Up 14 cents, or 3.66 per cent, to $3.96 on 4.1 million shares.Katanga Mining Ltd. (TSX:KAT). Miner. Down 11 cents, or 10.38 per cent, to 95 cents on 3.8 million shares.Companies reporting major news:Metro Inc. (TSX:MRU). Grocer. Down 52 cents, or 1.25 per cent, to $41.03 on 458,818 shares. Metro is looking to expand its online grocery offerings to Ontario next year as the food retailing industry ramps up e-commerce options for shoppers. The company already offers “click and collect” in seven stores and home delivery service in Greater Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau, Que., covering 60 per cent of the population of Quebec, Metro CEO Eric La Fleche said Wednesday.last_img read more