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Posted by: | Posted on: March 2, 2021

Jack White Is Releasing A Career-Spanning Acoustic Compilation Album [Listen]

first_imgBefore he went on a hiatus from the road, the multi-talented Jack White performed a series of acoustic concerts in states that he had never before visited. It seems that White has an affinity for acoustic music, as his newest announcement will show off all of White’s acoustic efforts throughout his career.Titled Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016, the 26-track album is due out September 9th and will span White’s career and feature “alternate versions, mixes, and previously unreleased songs, including The White Stripes’ never-before-heard “City Lights,” originally from the Get Behind Me Satan sessions!” You can check out “City Lights,” streaming below.With cuts from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and his solo career, this new definitive collection is sure to be a great listen! Check out the artwork and full tracklisting, posted below.Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 TracklistingDisc: 1 1. Sugar Never Tasted So Good The White Stripes 2. Apple Blossom The White Stripes *remixed 3. I’m Bound to Pack It Up The White Stripes *remixed 4. Hotel Yorba The White Stripes 5. We’re Going to Be Friends The White Stripes 6. You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket The White Stripes 7. Well It’s True That We Love One Another The White Stripes 8. Never Far Away Jack White (Cold Mountain Soundtrack) 9. Forever For Her (Is Over For Me) The White Stripes 10. White Moon The White Stripes 11. As Ugly As I Seem The White Stripes 12. City Lights The White Stripes *unreleased 13. Honey, We Can’t Afford to Look This Cheap The White Stripes 14. Effect & Cause The White StripesDisc: 2 1. Love Is The Truth The White Stripes *acoustic mix 2. Top Yourself The Raconteurs *bluegrass version 3. Carolina Drama The Raconteurs *acoustic mix 4. Love Interruption Jack White 5. On and On and On and On Jack White 6. Machine Gun Silhouette Jack White *acoustic mix 7. Blunderbuss Jack White 8. Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy Jack white *alternate mix 9. I Guess I Should Go To Sleep Jack White *alternate mix 10. Just One Drink Jack White *acoustic mix 11. Entitlement Jack White 12. Want and Able Jack Whitelast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: March 2, 2021

Phish Shares Full Stream Of New Studio Album, “Big Boat” [Listen]

first_imgWith their new album due out on October 7th, beloved jam band Phish has shared a full stream of their new release through the NPR First Listen program. Titled Big Boat, the new release features thirteen original tracks and was produced by Bob Ezrin.Of the songs that made the album, there are a number of some familiar tunes like “Blaze On” and “No Men In No Man’s Land.” There are a few songs on the album that were debuted in 2016, like the Jon Fishman sung “Friends” and the Trey Anastasio ballad “Miss You.” There are also a few brand new cuts, like “I Always Wanted It This Way,” “Running Out Of Time,” “Home” and “More.” The album ends with the 13-minute “Petrichor,” which was originally written as an orchestral piece and ultimately scaled back for Phish, though the band has yet to play it live.Though some fans got to listen to the album last week when it leaked, the NPR Music stream is the first full-length official taste of this new release. Stream it below and let us know what you think!Big Boat Tracklisting1. Friends (3:42) (Fishman)2. Breath and Burning (4:20) (Anastasio)3. Home (6:26) (McConnell)4. Blaze On (4:20) (Anastasio/Marshall)5. Tide Turns (4:21) (Anastasio)6. Things People Do (1:54) (McConnell)7. Waking Up Dead (4:15) (Gordon/Murawski)8. Running out of Time (3:32) (Anastasio/Marshall)9. No Men in No Man’s Land (4:59) (Anastasio/Marshall)10. Miss You (7:01) (Anastasio)11. I Always Wanted It This Way (4:29) (McConnell)12. More (4:22) (Anastasio)13. Petrichor (13:22) (Anastasio)last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: March 1, 2021

What did you do this summer? Ash fellows worked for city offices around country

first_imgThis summer, Ash Center Fellows in Innovation rolled up their sleeves and got to work, supporting unique education, government, and service initiatives in cities around the country.Sunlight is the Best DisinfectantAlejandra Vallejos Morales, M.P.A. ’11, explored data transparency in government this summer, offering research support to Washington, D.C.’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer. The office’s Data Feeds Program is the nation’s first government initiative to make virtually all current city government data available to citizens. By accessing any of the program’s 430 data feeds through the internet, citizens can gain up-to-date information about everything from parking availability to crime statistics in their neighborhoods.Quoting Louis Brandeis’ famous adage, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants,” Morales explained that while the program has exposed data performance to public criticism, such transparency has created an environment of self-improvement and accountability for civic offices. “In Latin America where I’m from, people come to the streets to complain,” said Morales. “But in e-government, we create streets for people to participate in 24/7. There’s less mess and real change happens.”During her fellowship, Morales researched new opportunities for replicating the Data Feeds Program in other jurisdictions around the world and proposed creative ideas for interpreting existing data feeds to engage citizens. Her recommendations included repurposing the Department of Motor Vehicles’ organ donor information for larger public campaigns to increase donor rates, and creative mapping tools for presenting information on agencies and departments interested in serving as a backdrop for films in the D.C. area.Teacher Absenteeism & City-Wide ServiceWhile also focusing on education policy, Thackston Lundy, M.P.P. ’11, spent his summer addressing the challenges of teacher absenteeism in Pittsburgh Public Schools. The city struggles with an absenteeism rate well above the national average. He proposed creative incentives and policy solutions for keeping teachers in the classroom, especially during the stressful end of semester rush. Lundy also worked on revamping the substitute hiring process and providing professional development support to nurture the cohort of high quality substitutes into full-time teachers.After his two months in Pittsburgh, Lundy traveled south for a four-week fellowship in New Orleans supporting Mayor Landrieu’s city-wide service initiative. Lundy explored how to connect financial resources with eager volunteers. His project resulted in a series of grants for community groups to apply and secure funding for service projects centered on youth nutrition, literacy, and arts education.For Lundy, working in two unique cities taught him much about how to innovate within different contexts. Pittsburgh’s gradual rebirth from rustbelt to high tech hub is in direct contrast to New Orleans dramatic overhaul after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.“But New Orleans and Pittsburgh are pretty similar—comparable in size as cities of neighborhoods, made up of intensely proud citizens, and focused on rebuilding and growing,” said Lundy. Read more>Watch video testimonials of Alejandra Vallejos Morales, Thackston Lundy, and Lindsay Berger. Read Full Storylast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: March 1, 2021

Science to chew on

first_imgIf you’ve ever tried to make your own salad dressing, then you know the challenges that dozens of local kids recently encountered at the Harvard Ed Portal in Allston.No matter how hard they tried, or how much they shook their jars, the vinegar and oil just would not mix.The students were gathered as part of the annual “Science and Cooking for Kids” program, coordinated by the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Harvard’s Public School Partnerships team, in which students learn various cooking techniques and how to connect food with math and science.“Science and cooking are beautifully interconnected,” said Vayu Maini Rekdal, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and one of the session’s organizers. “Cooking was perhaps the first form of science that humans explored, and is the science that billions of people around the world unknowingly use every day.” Related Local kids join chefs, scientists in kitchen as part of SEAS program Feeding culinary curiosity “Oil and vinegar cannot be friends,” said Bill Yosses, a former White House executive pastry chef, and the session’s other organizer, “unless you bring a molecule with special superpowers into the mix. Say hello to the emulsifier.” An emulsifier acts like a mediator, Yosses explained, allowing the oil and vinegar to join forces.“I love cooking, and I love science, so I thought it would be a good idea to combine them so that we can see what cooking can teach us about science and what science can teach us about cooking,” said Yosses.The budding scientists experimented with different ingredients to see what would work as the best — and tastiest — emulsifier. They tried mayonnaise, honey, and mustard. They added various spices and herbs. And they picked out the ingredients to make their own healthy salads to dress.Gladys Hernandez, 11, of Brighton, said she was surprised to see honey separating from the oil and vinegar. “I totally thought they would mix together because honey is so sticky. It was interesting to see what they actually did.”Lily Grant, 11, also of Brighton, said that making the dressing was the best part of the day. “Our dressing tasted a little sour because of all the vinegar, but we added some garlic and some honey to make it sweeter. It was delicious! Our entire salad was delicious!”Liam Rushe (left) and Anaya Benders participate in an experiment on salad dressings using different emulsifiers. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff PhotographerThis year, in a break from past practice, the program was held in Allston at the Ed Portal and in Cambridge at the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House.“We thought it would be easier to bring the program out into some of the neighborhoods around Harvard, so that we could reach as many kids as possible,” said Frank Mooney, a rising senior at Stonehill College who is now in his second summer running the program with Kathryn Hollar, director of educational outreach at the Harvard Paulson School.“Our kids love ‘Science and Cooking.’ They are engaged, excited, and learning every moment,” said Benjamin Crystal, director of school-age programs at the Margaret Fuller house. “My staff and I have learned quite a bit about teaching from watching the lessons unfold. We very much hope to continue our collaboration throughout the year and into next summer.”The first week, the students made their own hummus. “Many naysayers were surprised at how good it tasted,” explained Mooney. “We wanted to try something easy like hummus first to show them that it’s worth trying new foods and experimenting with new tastes.”One of the groups toured Swissbäkers in Allston, where the students learned what goes into making bread and butter: how yeast makes dough rise and how whipping cream can be turned into butter.In other sessions, the students will make their own fruit smoothies, experimenting with different flavors and textures, and even play around with different types of chocolate. Each week, the students are sent home with various kitchen supplies so that they can try their new skills at home.Maini Rekdal has been working to develop curricula that explore elements of science and cooking for schools and programs across the country. As a student at Carleton College in Minnesota in 2011, before coming to Harvard to work on his Ph.D., he created the Young Chefs program. Through it, he aims to use “cooking as a way to engage — as a way to get young kids interested in science.”Yosses said when he worked at the White House, “Mrs. [Michelle] Obama would invite 30 to 40 kids and help them plant various vegetables, and then bring them back months later to see the finished product. To see them witness that, to make that connection, that we can grow our own food, take control of our own lives, harvest, wash, and cook what we put into our bodies … it was educational, it was fun, and it really became a passion of mine to help share that with young people.”last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: November 20, 2020

The Nigerians standing up to sex-work traffickers in Sicily

first_imgThe Nigerian leading a battle to help rescue those like herself from a life of prostitution in Sicily.- Advertisement –last_img

Posted by: | Posted on: October 19, 2020

Trump rules bar foreign nurses willing to help US

first_img“If nurses are infected and become sick, all of us are at greater risk,” National Nurses United, a union with 150,000 members, said in a March 24 statement. “If we are sick, who will take care of patients in the face of this terrifying pandemic?”Staff OverwhelmedSome of the hardest hit states are rushing to find reinforcements as their hospital staffs rapidly become overwhelmed. California Governor Gavin Newsom is considering a rule change to speed up licensing of nursing students and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is appealing for retired nurses to return to the workforce.One staffing company has received a request for 5,000 nurses in New York, according to Shari Dingle Costantini, president of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment. Members of her association have as many as 12,000 nurses from the Philippines and other countries who could fill those jobs, if only they could enter the US, she said.Workers set up a field hospital in front of Mount Sinai West Hospital inside Central Park on March 29, 2020 in New York City. – A senior US scientist issued a cautious prediction March 29, 2020 that the novel coronavirus could claim 100,000 to 200,000 lives in the United States. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who leads research into infectious diseases at the National Institutes of Health, told CNN that models predicting a million or more deaths were (AFP/Kena Betancur)“We have the nurses with all the credentials and ready to come into the country but they can’t because there are no visas,” she said.Even before the coronavirus outbreak, many hospitals across the US didn’t have enough nurses to care for patients.America’s not-for-profit hospitals were “experiencing an extreme nursing shortage,” Moody’s Investors Service said in a 2018 report, “and the added expense pressure and personnel issues will negatively affect hospital margins for at least the next three to four years.”Southern and western states, including Florida, Georgia, Texas and California, had the most severe problems. Several of those states — including California — have worsening shortages amid the virus.Applications DeniedThe US had about 3 million registered nurses in 2018 and the total will grow by more than 12 percent by 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which cited an older population and the increasing rates of chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity as factors contributing to rising demand.The Philippines could significantly ease the shortage, said Leo-Felix M. Jurado, chair of the Nursing Department at William Paterson University in New Jersey and a board member of the Philippine Nurses Association of America. There are about 150,000 nurses from the Philippines working in the US, he said, up from approximately 120,000 in 2013.In 2019, about 5,100 people from the Philippines received the EB-3 visas commonly used for nurses, down by a third from 2015.“It’s absolutely been harder in the Trump administration to get people in,” said Costantini, who is also CEO of Avant Healthcare Professionals, a recruiting company in Florida. US Citizenship and Immigration Services “has been delaying and denying visa applications that were once easily approved.”A USCIS spokesman said visa wait times vary and that employers have the option to request an expedited application yet that overall processing times are lower compared to 2016.The State Department appears to be opening the door a little. In a statement dated March 26, it encouraged medical professionals with approved visa petitions or certificates of eligibility in exchange visitor programs, “particularly those working to treat or mitigate the effects of Covid-19,” to seek a visa appointment at their nearest US embassy.One surgical nurse in Manila has waited for two years. The 32-year-old, who asked not to be identified because of concern about her visa status, earns about 30,000 pesos ($590) a month in the Philippines, not enough to support her family. She has had an offer to work at a US hospital since 2018. Since submitting her paperwork, she has received multiple requests for more documentation.As a nurse in a major public hospital, she spends her days caring for Covid-19 patients, sometimes with limited protective equipment. She fears the pandemic will tighten health screening requirements and make the visa process even more complicated.The US isn’t the only country where government policies are making it tough to fill nursing gaps. In the UK, the Brexit vote in 2016 contributed to the loss of thousands of nurses from European Union countries.“The number of EU nurses coming into the UK suddenly went off a cliff,” said Michael Hodges, a managing director and health care specialist at London-based Christie.Worldwide IssueNow the pandemic is hurting British recruiters’ ability to tap countries such as the Philippines. Monica Felix, 32, who arrived in the UK on March 24, received her visa a day before the Philippine government announced a lockdown of Manila. Her trip to Britain included a layover in Dubai, two days before the United Arab Emirates halted flights through the city. Her colleagues at home are worried their moves abroad will be delayed, she said.“We’re all anxious about what’s happening around us,” Felix said. “All of us know the possible consequences if we get this kind of dreaded disease.”The Covid-19 crisis is also highlighting a nurses shortage in Australia, estimated to reach 85,000 by 2025 and 123,000 nurses by 2030.Amid the pandemic, the Australian health regulator is easing licensing rules to get more health workers into the system quickly, including internationally qualified practitioners awaiting bridging visas. Prime Minister Scott Morrison also said the government will relax work restrictions for 20,000 international nursing students.Shortage at HomeBack in the Philippines, the government wants to keep nurses in the country to help stem the virus outbreak there. Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello has issued an order to strictly regulate the overseas deployment of Filipino health care workers until the pandemic is declared to be under control.The Philippines lacks about 23,000 nurses, according to Rustico Jimenez, president of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Inc., which has about 900 members. While local hospitals can’t compete with salaries abroad, they will seek to compensate with such perks as free lodging and training programs, he said.Still, nurses in the countryside make as little as 6,000 pesos a month, according to Leah Paquiz, founder of nursing advocacy group Ang Nars Inc., and many nurses at top hospitals make only 26,000 pesos.“Despite our problems here, I don’t ever tell nurses not to leave,” she said. “How can we force them stay when we cannot afford to give them better living conditions?”Topics : “They could come tomorrow,” Beckham said. “The demand is overwhelming right now.”Since President Donald Trump took office on a promise to crack down on immigration, nurses from the Philippines have faced more red tape. Officials return about 50 percent of Vintage’s applications and demand additional paperwork, up from just 5 percent of applications during the Obama administration, Beckham said.CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins attempts to ask a question as U.S. President Donald Trump leads the daily coronavirus response briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S. March 26, 2020. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)The issue is becoming more urgent by the day because of the spread of Covid-19 cases throughout the US. At more than 104,000 infections, the country now has a higher tally than China and Italy. As the coronavirus pandemic threatens to strain nursing staffs at hospitals across the US, Melanie N. Beckham knows where to find reinforcements. But first, the Trump administration needs to give its approval.Beckham, president of Vintage Health Resources in Germantown, Tennessee, specializes in helping hospitals throughout the southeastern US hire nurses from the Philippines, a country with a large population of English speakers and a long history of sending health-care workers abroad.Of the several hundred Philippine recruits now in Vintage’s application process, more than 100 nurses have passed the licensing and language exams. They’ve completed background checks and are ready to head to the US Yet they are stuck because they can’t get their visas processed.last_img read more

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Home built by billion-dollar pokies heir has jaw dropping twin pools

first_img MORE: Sun still shining on Far North property market Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:58Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:58 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD432p432p216p216p180p180pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenHow much do I need to retire?00:58 Banks move to stem mortgage fallout The second pool is under cover and has a glass wall at one end that makes up the home’s front lobby.Set up like a luxurious private resort, it is currently the most expensive house listed for sale in Cairns. The amount that the current owners have spent purchasing, upgrading and remodelling the home is enough to rival the Gold Coast’s 2020 $11m record sale price.Agent Shira David Stern of Elite Real Estate Services said the property would suit “anyone who would like to own a home that has anything they have ever dreamed and wanted all under one roof”. The first thing visitors see as they walk in – but that also means you can see them at the door while you’re in the pool. Poker machine dynasty heir Christian Ainsworth built the home, but the current owners have taken it to another level. Picture: Marc McCormack“It was built originally by Christian Ainsworth as a private residence and retreat that has all the luxuries that anyone would want and expect from a palatial beachfront home in a prestigious location.”This is high end living at its best, with two wings in the home – one could be a guest or staff wing, if you like putting staff in five-star like facilities.“The guest/staff wing is equivalent to a five-star hotel,” Mrs David Stern said. “The property won a State Housing and Construction Award for Home Renovation/Remodelling Project.” The second pool wraps around the two wings of the home connecting them. The perfect spot to unwind with bubbles.It cost the current owners around $4.5m to purchase and then they have since taken it to another level, investing more than $6.5m in upgrading and remodelling the amazing home.They put in even higher end features than Ainsworth did, including redoing the entire airconditioning system this year, adding home automation, top of the range appliances, a new internal lift, an indoor water fountain, outdoor fountain/pond features, heated pools, sauna, and a cinema room.It even has a commercial quality gym that’s bigger than many two-bedroom apartments at 120sq m – and the garage “can hold a large boat as well as two Rolls Royce cars” The home is more like a luxury private resort. One of the recreation rooms.“Homes like this property are very rare and this property is singular in the Cairns region. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a home like this. This is one of, if not the most impressive house in Queensland,” Mrs David Stern said.Those pools were geared specifically for the Sunshine State.“The outside pool was built to enjoy the tropical sun and the internal one is covered for all year enjoyment and has a jacuzzi. On top of the pool there are two garden feature ponds, the back garden pond can double up as a kids pool with lion water features. Both main pools are heated and were converted from Gas to electric heating a few years ago. The internal pool mosaics were upgraded to include the same star feature as the entrance foyer of the home.”More from newsCairns home ticks popular internet search terms2 days agoTen auction results from ‘active’ weekend in Cairns2 days ago The commercial quality gym is as big as a two-bedroom apartment.Asked what the best feature of the home was, Mrs David Stern mentioned the “vast indoor and outdoor entertainment areas as well as the external resort style swimming pool” and the internal pool.“The internal pool is a unique feature with its immaculate mosaic work. The mosaic is also reflected in the bespoke flooring of the formal dining room.” The ultimate in tropical luxury lifestyle. The princess bedroom.“The children’s bedroom has come out straight from a princess fairy tale.”“The garden is vast and tropical with a variety of coloured palms all on a 3600sq m block. There are so many features it is so hard to choose (the best).” FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOK Occupying an unparalleled position, this spectacular property boasts over 2,500sq m of living on a 3,298sq m block of irreplaceable full beachfront flat land.One of the Tropical North’s most expensive homes, built by the heir to a billion-dollar pokies fortune, is so ‘extra’, one of its two pools has a glass wall so you can see who’s at the door while doing laps.The Kewarra Beach home, built by the heir to the Aristocrat fortune Christian Ainsworth, has since had a massive renovation by its current owners who took on the property’s twin wings, twin pools, twin kitchens, twins of just about everything six years ago.last_img read more

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ICC trial of Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda to start

first_imgBosco Ntaganda at the ICCFormer Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda, nicknamed “The Terminator”, goes on trial before the International Criminal Court Wednesday, accused of war crimes including the rape of child soldiers by his own rebel army.The once-feared rebel commander with a flair for pencil moustaches, cowboy hats and fine dining, faces 13 counts of war crimes and five of crimes against humanity. He has pleaded not guilty.Presiding Judge Robert Fremr will open proceedings against Rwandan-born Ntaganda at 0730 GMT at the court’s Hague-based headquarters.ICC’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda will speak first, followed by Ntaganda’s lawyers and those representing some 2,149 victims in the case.Prosecutors say Ntaganda played a central role in ethnic attacks on civilians in the mineral-rich but restive northeastern Congolese province of Ituri in 2002-3, in a conflict rights groups believe has left some 60,000 dead since 1999.At a hearing a year ago to confirm charges against Ntaganda, chief prosecutor Bensouda accused the former warlord of allowing his fighters to rape child and woman soldiers in his own rebel army, or keep them as sex slaves.One female child soldier received 150 lashes and was raped as punishment, with her wounds taking a month to heal, Bensouda said.“This case is highly significant because for the first time in international criminal law, the ICC has charged a commander with acts of rape and sexual slavery committed against children within his own militia group and under his command,” Brigid Inder of the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice said in a statement.Feared warlord Ntaganda, 41, was once one of the most-wanted fugitives in Africa’s Great Lakes region until he unexpectedly walked into the US embassy in the Rwandan capital Kigali in March 2013 and asked to be sent to The Hague.He was the founder of the M23 rebel group that was defeated by the Congolese government in late 2013 after an 18-month insurgency in the vast Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu region.last_img read more

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Bakeman Wins 400

first_img House fire in Winter Harbor – October 27, 2014 HAMPDEN — At Hampden Academy on Friday, Anthony Cultrera of the Sumner Tigers collected a pair of wins as the Tiger boys finished fourth in an eight-team meet.Trisha Bakeman of the George Stevens Academy Eagles races to victory in the 400-meter run at Hampden.Cultrera won the 100-meter dash in 11.82 seconds and the 200-meter dash in 23.58 seconds.In team scoring, the host Broncos were easy winners with 280 points, followed by Old Town 116, Calais 56, Sumner 43, Penquis 30, George Stevens Academy 20, Piscataquis 16 and Narraguagus 6.In the girls’ meet, Trisha Bakeman of the GSA Eagles was the lone local winner, placing first in the 400-meter dash with a time of 1:09.23.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textIn team scoring, Hampden led the way with 239 points, followed by Old Town 178, Piscataquis 41, GSA 31, Calais 23, Narraguagus 14, Sumner 8 and Penquis 6. For more sports stories, pick up a copy of The Ellsworth American. admin Latest posts by admin (see all) Hancock County Court News Nov. 3 thorugh Dec. 11 – January 22, 2015center_img Bio State budget vs. job creation – January 22, 2015 Latest Postslast_img read more

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West Indies arrive for England tour

first_imgHolder says preparation games cricitical to tour successLONDON, (CMC) – West Indies captain Jason Holder has urged his inexperienced side to make the most of the three tour games in the build-up to the opening Test of the three-match series against England later next month.The tourists face Essex in a three-day contest starting Tuesday and will follow up with matches against Kent from August 6-8 in Canterbury and against Derbyshire from August 11-13.The opening Test will be a day/night affair beginning August 17 at Edgbaston.“I think it is extremely good that we have three games leading into the first Test match, all of them being three-day games and one being a day-nighter, so that’s more than enough preparation time to go into the first Test and into the Test series,” the all-rounder said.“The guys need to use these games importantly and make sure we make use of them to the best of our ability and get what we need out of them. It’s important that batsmen spend some time at the crease, get accustomed to the conditions and the quicker we get acclimatised to the conditions, I think the better off we would be.“We need to get comfortable and make sure that we give ourselves the best chance to perform.”The series is expected to be a difficult one for West Indies, especially with the majority of the squad making their maiden Test tour of England.In fact, of the 15-man squad only opener Kieran Powell and pacers Kemar Roach and Shannon Gabriel have ever played a Test here.Further, two players – Kyle Hope and Raymond Reifer – are uncapped while six others have played less than 15 Tests.Holder, who has led the Windies in 15 of his 23 Tests, said critical to the success of the tour would be the squad’s ability to play as a unit and build on recent encouraging performances against Pakistan.“The biggest thing is for us to gel as a side. We’ve preached family in the dressing room and we have planned a lot of activities to try and bring the group together,” he explained.“I have been seeing some wonderful progress. The last two Test series we played against Pakistan have been a great success for us, although we didn’t get the perfect results in terms of the overall picture.“We saw many of the guys improve – they are a lot more assertive at the crease as batters and the bowlers being a lot more consistent in their lines and lengths.“We can only ask the guys to continue in that vein and once we do the small things well … we will get the end results we’re looking for.”The Windies arrived here Saturday from the Caribbean and had their first training session at Lord’s yesterday.last_img read more