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Posted by: | Posted on: January 1, 2021

New EPA rule on cross-state air pollution should help Vermont

first_imgUS Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) hails a major new rule targeting cross-state air pollution and cleaning Vermont’s air that has been in the works for more than 20 years.  Leahy said the release Thursday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of a final Cross-State Air Pollution Rule ‘goes directly to the distant sources of pollution that have long bedeviled clean air strategies in Vermont, New England and other areas of the country.  This will substantially reduce the wayward drift from dirty old coal-fired power plants that have been one of the thorniest problems in cleaning the air we breathe.’The rule effectively replaces the 2005 Bush Administration Clean Air Interstate Rule, which was struck down by the courts. The new Cross-State Air Pollution Rule will improve air quality by limiting sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, producing as much as $280 billion in health benefits annually. Studies conducted in the course of drafting the final rule suggest that the decreased levels of smog and pollution could prevent up to 34,000 premature deaths each year starting in 2014 and could benefit the economy by ending the need for 1.8 million sick days each year.  The rule requires 27 states to significantly improve air quality by reducing power plant emissions that cross state lines and that contribute to ozone and fine-particle pollution in downwind states like Vermont.Leahy said, ‘Solid results like these are what the Clean Air Act was meant to accomplish.  For downwind states like Vermont that have taken firm steps to responsibly reduce air and water pollution, cross-state pollution has long been a particularly destructive and frustrating obstacle.  These new steps will improve our quality of life and benefit the health of all Vermonters.’Leahy has long championed the Clean Air Act and efforts to reduce the cross-state air pollution that drifts into Vermont. To read Senator Leahy’s full statement on the new rule, please click here. (THURSDAY, July 7, 2011) ‘ US Senator Patrick Leahylast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 31, 2020

Equinor to build world’s largest floating offshore wind project near the Canary Islands

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:Norwegian multinational energy company Equinor has received approval to build a 200 MW floating offshore wind farm off the coast of the Canary Islands which would be the world’s largest planned floating offshore wind farm.Equinor – a company involved in both the renewable market as well as the oil and gas sector, and controversially in proposed oil drilling in the Great Australia Bight – has confirmed to various trade outlets that it has received a necessary permit to move forward with building the 200 MW floating offshore wind farm, which will require investment of around €860 million (AU$1.3 billion).The project, to be built in the Canaries Special Zone, could begin operations as early as 2024 – depending on a smooth bureaucratic and regulatory process. The project is expected to create between 120 and 200 jobs during the 20-year lifespan of the project.Equinor is already responsible for the world’s largest operating floating wind farm, the 30MW Hywind Scotland project, which was first approved by the Scottish Government back in late 2015, and which began generating electricity in October 2017. Hywind Scotland has been a landmark project for Equinor, and for the offshore wind industry as a whole. In early-2018, Hywind Scotland was revealed to be outperforming all expectations, and operating at levels consistently above bottom-fixed offshore wind farms.Floating offshore wind does not need to rely on specific water-depths but can be tethered to most any depth, allowing projects to be built further out from the shore, out of sight, and accessing stronger and more consistent winds. Floating offshore wind also serves a further purpose in regions where there are tectonic, volcanic, or extreme weather conditions, where bottom-fixed turbines would simply be implausible.More: Norway’s Equinor to build world’s biggest floating wind farm near Canary Islands Equinor to build world’s largest floating offshore wind project near the Canary Islandslast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 17, 2020

Attracting and keeping a motivated workforce

first_imgAir Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding is considered one of the heroes of the Battle of Britain, which took place in August/September of 1940. He was known to be stubborn and shy with not much of a sense of humor. However, he and his band of fighter pilots, whom he affectionately referred to as his ”chicks”, because of their young age, were the heroes of this battle, saving Britain from the invading German army. He is widely viewed as having won this battle by thorough preparation and keen strategizing. His preparation included phone lines buried in cement to ensure un-disrupted communication, an underground concrete operations room, and when battle came, disguising his squadron’s smaller size by sending them out in small increments so the enemy would underestimate their forces. His squadron of fighter pilots were loyal, no doubt because of the care he took to see after their welfare and prepared them well prior to battle. Dowding came to be known by his ‘chicks’ pilots as someone who cared for his men and had their best interests at heart. In a way, Dowding laid the groundwork for one aspect of The Credit Union Difference.His example of preparedness is often referenced as an example of how to succeed even when the odds might be against you. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  What should not be overlooked, however, is the care Dowding took when preparing and looking after his men. He inspired their loyalty, motivated them, and in return they did their best and gave him their trust.What led to Dowding’s success with his men and what can we learn from Dowding to help inspire our own employed “chicks”? continue reading » 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 17, 2020

Welcome to the real world

first_imgColleges and universities continually produce a fresh wave of enthusiastic workers. They are the future professionals, leaders and specialists of your credit union. These well-educated graduates are eager to change the world in their chosen careers. Unfortunately, some may soon find out that their exciting new job is not quite as captivating as they had hoped. They were likely pulled in the direction of a particular career because of a dream or at the suggestion of someone they admired, but the reality and day-to-day work rarely lives up to the hype. Welcome to the real world? Much as I’m sure we all did, they probably envisioned ONLY the parts of the job that they saw on T.V. or in the movies. Provided it was interesting enough to even appear on one! In most, dare we say ALL jobs, there are facets that they are not going to like or be exceptionally good at. Doing these functions can be de-motivating, cumbersome, um, pure drudgery. Over time, they can become stressful and result in poor performance. Since it is, in fact, inescapable (my glass may be half empty today), the trick is to be sure that the parts they do like outweigh the ones they don’t. For companies, this can be managed by matching individuals with positions that, for the most part, complement their natural behavioral tendencies. For example, make sure your teller has meticulous attention to detail, an analytical mind and strong task focus; that your product development manager has big-picture vision; and that your sales executive is competitive. By capitalizing on the strengths and preferences of your new recruits, your organization reaps rewards in more ways than one. Your employees are well suited to their work, they enjoy most aspects of the job and can see themselves growing with the organization. Simply put, retention, engagement and motivation are easier to achieve when your team actually likes what they do. Oh, and who they do it with…Employees leave managers, not companies. It’s especially important for leaders to assume the role of mentor and coach to inexperienced workers. Aside from understanding what motivates this younger generation at a macro level, be sure to understand what each individual needs to produce and grow. If your new hire feels embarrassed by group recognition, don’t call him out at meetings. Keep feedback private and personal. Some people are motivated by competition, others are motivated by camaraderie. Treating everyone the same and acting as if they should be thrilled with anything you do to motivate them, doesn’t work. It’s not merely the job demands that can impact job satisfaction and productivity. An equally important and impactful variable is the work environment. A fast paced, relatively disorganized company that is constantly shifting priorities or changing direction might appeal to some but not others. It would likely be a stressful environment for someone who values stability and predictability, but intoxicating to a big-picture visionary. While the job demands are the job demands (there’s no escaping general ledger entries for the bookkeeper, or closing deals for the financial sales rep), the work environment can be shaped to capture your department’s preferences. You can make it what they need it to be and get the most from your team in return. Win-win.  You could design a relatively flat organizational chart or one with numerous lines of authority. You can implement compensation structures that truly incentivize. Salespeople are often motivated by independence and by variable compensation, such as commission. They like knowing they can make their own decisions and earn more based on their individual effort and contribution. And, they have no trouble taking risks for greater rewards. Support personalities, on the other hand, value structure and can be intimidated by variable compensation plans. They are motivated by a stable salary with team-based bonus opportunities. Understanding your people and their behavioral preferences allows you to shape the work environment and manage to their strengths and motivators. Doing so will reduce turnover and save your company time, money and many headaches.Behavioral assessments reveal an employee’s natural tendencies, their motivational hot buttons, and their ideal work environment. Armed with this information, you can structure work duties, create reporting relationships and implement incentives that work. The Omnia Profile (www.omniagroup.com), which takes less than 15 minutes to complete, offers insight into job and environmental compatibility, as well as direct comparisons to peers and supervisors. So, you hire that new graduate, invest in training and see their potential. You know turnover is expensive (and hiring is the part of your job that you hate!), so you definitely want to do all you can to retain them. You had them take a behavioral assessment pre-hire and are aware of the strengths, challenges, likes and dislikes. You now have reliable, concrete information you can act on to make your world easier and their entry into the real world more fun. 11SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Carletta Clyatt Carletta Clyatt, a popular seminar speaker, is the SVP at The Omnia Group.  She offers clients advice on how to manage more effectively and gain insight into employee strengths, weaknesses … Web: www.omniagroup.com Detailslast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 20, 2020

Democrats should just give Trump his border wall

first_imgCategories: Editorial, OpinionSomeone, somewhere, somehow is going to have to give President Donald Trump a piece of wall to stand in front of.It might as well be the Democratic congressional leaders Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The wall is not a good idea; it’s a colossal boondoggle in the making.That’s why many Republicans as well as Democrats oppose the president’s signature initiative.Walls are ill-suited to much of the geography of the U.S.-Mexico border, and much of that geography happens to be owned by private citizens who do not want a 30-foot eyesore destroying their property.Engineering problems will probably prove less daunting than the legal sort.Both pale before another ingenious threat: ladders.Practicalities sometimes get tossed aside in the immigration debate, mostly because immigration policy is forged by joining two irreconcilable ambitions.On one side is the drive for human freedom for people who illegally crossed the border to build better lives and join the fabric of America. Given those facts, a piece of wall is a small concession that Democrats (and border-state Republicans, most of whom also oppose the idea) should make.A wall is a symbol to Trump voters and a promise he desperately wants to fulfill.It’s a symbol Democrats can exploit, as well, reassuring swing voters that they are not the party of “open borders.”Sure, it’s a waste.But a brief, discrete stretch of tremendous, Trumpian edifice may be the incongruous price of human freedom. Francis Wilkinson writes editorials on politics and U.S. domestic policy for Bloomberg View.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census And even if they did, it’s far from fool-proof.Many employers, regardless of industry, cut corners. (Ask Trump.)One way or another, billions of dollars will be spent on security to ransom Dreamers, and eventually others, and much of that spending will be sub-optimal.For example, the doubling of the Border Patrol since 2004, and the deployment of sophisticated surveillance technology, has unquestionably made it harder to cross the border illegally.However, the nature of the crossings has changed as well.Many more immigrants are fleeing violence in Central America and are happy to turn themselves in to U.S. agents once they cross.Drones, surveillance towers and increased personnel merely facilitate the meet and greet.center_img Meanwhile, the militarization of the border has led to the professionalization of sneaking across it.Immigrants now pay increasingly high fees to cartels to secure passage.Enriching those cartels was not exactly the desired outcome.Other expenditures would surely be more cost-effective.The Border Patrol could make good use of paved roads and better technology.But spending money wisely on proven deterrents won’t fulfill the requirements of a political deal: Immigration conservatives must get something expensive and concrete in exchange for freeing Dreamers, even if that something turns out to be wasteful and largely symbolic.Indeed, the Trump administration has already proposed cutting useful programs to fund the symbolically satisfying sort. On the other is a fierce determination to prevent people from crossing the border illegally, period.There is no way to make sense of these contrasting visions except by compromise that fulfills neither.Thus, the price of freedom for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., including Dreamers brought here as children, can only be some form of increased security.Conservatives in Congress cannot face their voters if they agree to legalization, let alone citizenship, for all 11 million immigrants living illegally in the U.S. without being assured that the process will not repeat itself in another few decades.A brief review of American history and a survey of its lengthy borders, staggeringly vast coastline, thousands of airports and magnetic attraction to strivers suggests that this may be an elusive goal.  The only genuine security against illegal immigration is a system, such as E-Verify, to prevent undocumented immigrants from gaining employment.Many industries, including agriculture, construction and food processing, are not eager to adopt E-Verify.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 19, 2020

COVID-19: Jakarta extends PSBB through Ramadan

first_imgAnyone found violating the PSBB measures, such as individuals participating in public gatherings and offices of nonessential companies remaining open, will be punished to educate the public, Anies went on to say.Under the PSBB regulations, all workplaces, except those in essential sectors such as the financial, fuel, food, medicine, retail, water, communications and logistic sectors, must remain closed and implement work-from-home policies.Nonessential workplaces found operating during the PSBB period will be sealed up, while their business licenses will be revoked if they continue to violate the restrictions.“The provincial administration and the Industry Ministry are reviewing the businesses that previously received permits to continue operating during the PSBB period. If we find that they are not in an essential sector, [the administration] will ask the ministry to review their permits,” Anies said.Read also: Indonesia to evaluate partial lockdown as companies, factories continue business as usualThe Jakarta administration will continue to distribute social aid to around eligible 1.2 million families including packages of staple food, cloth masks and soap worth around Rp 150,000 (US$9.63).Anies added that the administration would update its data on the social aid beneficiaries, as many people were continuing to lose their jobs due to the crisis. The updated data and distribution map will be able to the public at corona.jakarta.go.id.Jakarta, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, had recorded 3,383 cases with 301 fatalities and 322 recoveries as of Wednesday. Nationwide, 7,418 cases have been recorded with 635 fatalities.While the number of confirmed cases is continuing to increase, Anies said fewer bodies had been buried according to COVID-19 protocol following the implementation of PSBB measures. The Jakarta administration announced on Wednesday that the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) will be extended until May 22 as the COVID-19 outbreak has yet to subside.Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan made the decision to extend the restrictions – initially slated to end Thursday – for another 28 days after consulting with health experts and the Jakarta Health Agency.“The key to implementing PSBB measures is for all parties to be disciplined,” Anies said during a press briefing at City Hall on Wednesday. Topics :center_img “If we are disciplined, stay at home and reduce our activities outside, Insya Allah [God willing] this outbreak will be overcome soon.”The governor also urged Muslims to conduct religious rituals during Ramadan, such as tarawih (evening prayers), at home with their families rather than in congregations. He also urged Jakartans not not to participate in the Idul Fitri mudik (exodus) in compliance with the government’s recent ban.Read also: Coronavirus outbreak may end in June with ‘mudik’ ban: IDIThis year, Ramadan will last from Friday until May 24.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: September 28, 2020

Ready-built home makes choice easy

first_img MORE: Brisbane suburbs to watch in 2019 The bathroom at one of Plantation Homes’ newest projects.“Undercover alfresco areas have been designed to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining zone, perfect for balmy Queensland evenings,” Mr Van Haren said.He said Westwood’s location made it attractive as an affordable option for buyers.“We are excited to have launched the next platform for the ready-built program by Plantation Homes,” he said. >>FOLLOW THE COURIER-MAIL REAL ESTATE TEAM ON FACEBOOK<< RELATED: While most greenfield developments sell either land or land-and-house packages, Plantation Homes’ Westwood community in Heathwood, near Forest Lake, is simplifying the process by building 26 homes and then selling them ready for their new owners. Plantation Homes has launched its all-new boutique community in Heathwood.The choices when deciding to build are often a headache to navigate, but a development in Brisbane’s southwest offers a solution. Five homes are completed, on offer now and ready to move into, with another 21 homes soon to available.This allows prospective buyers to walk through their future home and make a decision to move in, without the wait.Plantation Homes’ ready-built division general manager Ben Griffiths said it removed the guesswork from buying property.Mr Griffiths said the concept had been rolled out to many Planation Homes sites across the state. “We have our own in-house team of experts, selecting suitable blocks of land for construction in popular land estates across southeast Queensland,” he said. “These homes have been designed specifically to cater to the area, making them ideal for growing families and multi-generational households.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus15 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market15 hours agoThe new masterplanned community was unveiled in August. Each double-storey home has four bedrooms, an airconditioned living area, a double garage and landscaped gardens.Plantation Homes southeast Queensland regional manager Ron Van Haren said the properties were ideal for entertaining guests and for growing families. The kitchen at one of Plantation Homes’ newest projects.“All with the unsurpassed quality and style that Queenslanders have come to expect from a Plantation Home, ready-to-move-in package.” The properties hotter than the heatwave Home builder adds ‘spice’ to new design Plantation Homes was recently named the 2018 HIA Queensland Professional Major Builder, the company’s seventh consecutive win in that category.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: September 28, 2020

Marine-i Backs ARC Marine Artificial Reef Project

first_imgARC Marine, who have invented a pioneering system for building artificial reefs, have received a Rapid Innovation Grant from Marine-i to enable them to progress to the next stage of their project.Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Marine-i is designed to help the marine tech sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly grow through harnessing the full potential of research and innovation.ARC Marine’s system for building artificial reefs is called Reef Cubes. This patented invention is a robust and simple interlocking modular system that is said to be ideal for restoring complex marine environments. It has a wide range of applications, but one of its most important roles is to help protect vulnerable fish stocks and other marine species whose habitats are at risk.Tom Birbeck, director of ARC Marine, explains:“Much of our world’s fisheries are now over exploited. Unless the current situation improves, there is a real danger that stocks of all the species that we rely on for food could collapse within 30 years. Our reefs can protect the aquaculture which many of these precious species rely on. These include scallops, crabs, lobsters and shoal fish – all very important commercial species.”Professor Lars Johanning of the University of Exeter, who leads the Marine-i team, says:“ARC Marine have developed an excellent strategy and business plan for their technology. This is a product that has applications around the world and is rich in opportunity. ARC Marine’s Rapid Innovation Grant of £2,000 will enable them to purchase the diving equipment they need to carry out extended mooring and installation trials in preparation for a full commercial launch.”“With the excellent help and support of the Marine-i team, we have ambitions to become the industry leaders in marine eco-engineering and conservation projects, operating from our base at Penryn in Cornwall. In addition to the grant support, we have received outstanding advice and insights from the Marine-i experts and their associates. For a young company like ours, that is simply invaluable,” Tom Birbeck adds.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: September 27, 2020

Alarm at ADHD drug use

first_imgWaikato Times 21 May 2012Prescriptions for drugs to treat hyperactivity have soared in a decade with more than 100,000 Kiwi kids now on medication. That’s a jump from around 60,000 being prescribed such drugs in 2001….The huge rise in numbers has one expert convinced the drug is being over prescribed and kids misdiagnosed because of it. It’s widely agreed that up to 5 per cent of school children are affected by ADHD, but the number of children prescribed the drug last year puts that number at around 12 per cent. That’s a concern to psychologist and behavioural expert Frances Steinberg, who believes shoddy, lazy diagnostic processes are resulting in children labelled with ADHD when they are suffering other problems such as foetal alcohol syndrome, sleep deprivation or anxiety. Dr Steinberg said diagnosing ADHD was a complex process, that required a lot of time to get right. “But it’s a lot easier to write a script and see what happens.” While the drugs might show some positive effect in the short term on those without ADHD, they wouldn’t long-term, leaving the child misdiagnosed and untreated for their real problems. “In the long run we’ll have an entire generation whose needs are not being met.” But developmental paediatrician Andrew Marshall disagreed, saying the increase was down to a better understanding of the condition and the drugs to treat it. While in an “ideal world” a paediatrician would have 10 hours to diagnose a child, that wasn’t realistic “… but you can get it right – most of the time – very efficiently and being efficient and safe is what doctors are good at”.http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/6955902/Alarm-at-ADHD-drug-uselast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: September 26, 2020

Dismissed Grenada journalist to stage protest

first_img Share Tweet 54 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img LocalNews Dismissed Grenada journalist to stage protest by: – March 31, 2012 Share Rawle TitusST GEORGE’S, Grenada — On Monday, local journalist Rawle Titus will be staging what he describes as “a protest moment” in front of the Grenada prime minister’s office from 9:00 am that morning.“I have no choice but to make this public statement because the prime minister’s office to this day refuses to take responsibility for their role in my dismissal from the Grenada Advocate newspaper,” Titus said.“During my protest moment I will be hand delivering a personal letter to the prime minister’s office which I will be making public. The letter will also contain polite but specific request to the prime minister himself,” he added.Titus said he will also be demonstrating publicly how the prime minister’s office is responsible for the economic homicide which it has inflicted on his family.Titus, who is also president of the Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG), and fellow Grenadian journalists are blaming the government for his dismissal as a senior reporter at an independently weekly, The Grenada Advocate, which is owned and controlled by the proprietors of the Barbados Advocate.MWAG, in a statement issued earlier this week, claimed that the Prime Minister’s Office “pressured” the paper’s owners into firing Titus over a news item that was published on March 9 in the Advocate.“The Media Workers Association of Grenada is calling on the Tillman Thomas administration to match its words with appropriate action in regards to media freedom in the country. We have growing concerns about increasing incidents that will suggest that those guarantees are coming under attack,” MWAG’s statement said.“This latest incident follows a series of other developments we have been monitoring in the past,” said MWAG.“In one instance, an official claiming to call from the Prime Minister’s Office, called a local radio station questioning the reason why one of its announcers were reading on-air, an online blog that was deemed critical of the administration. In another instance, one radio station was also queried about the possibility of dropping a regional radio news service after it aired a series of reports on the Grenada political situation.”The association said its members “take an extremely dim view of any attempt to bring pressure, no matter how subtle, on any media company.”Meanwhile, press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders (RSF) confirmed that there are strong grounds for suspecting that the dismissal of Titus was the result of direct political pressure by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his press secretary. RSF has called on the government of Grenada to provide a frank explanation of a matter liable to endanger media independence.“We understand the alarm expressed by the Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG) ever since the Grenada Advocate told Titus his contract was being terminated,” RSF said. “The evidence brought to our notice is solid enough to substantiate the claim that there was direct political interference in the functioning of a reputable independent newspaper.“We urge Prime Minister Thomas to disown the pressure that his office brought to bear on the Grenada Advocate’s management and to reiterate the commitment to freedom of information that he expressed when he took office in 2008.”RSF said it also hopes that the Grenada Advocate will reverse its decision to fire Titus.In the 9 March article that apparently prompted his dismissal, Titus reported that the prime minister had selected the ruling National Democratic Congress candidates for the next general elections without bothering to consult with the party’s leaders. Other media have since carried reports that tend to support his claim.The prime minister’s press secretary, Richard Simon, wrote twice to the Grenada Advocate requesting a retraction and apology. It was after receipt of the second letter – of which RSF has been sent the text of key passages – that Titus was told that his contract would end on 31 March.“The MWAG has told us that this is not the first case of its kind. Two radio stations also recently received warnings from the prime minister’s office about their political reporting,” RSF said.Although the Organization of East Caribbean States (OECS), to which Grenada belongs, achieved a good ranking (25th) in the latest RSF press freedom index, cases of direct political pressure on journalists or their news media are occasionally reported.There has, however, not been a case of this gravity since the Grenada Today weekly had to be liquidated in 2009 as a result of a libel suit by former prime minister Keith Mitchell.By Caribbean News Now contributorlast_img read more