How to make money with Taobao and advertising

web site for more than a year, before the website, has been sent by the article, the efficiency is very low, and the expenses is larger, personnel training cycle is long, profitability is difficult.

In September,

attended a Harbin local party chief, to see a lot of local expert, summed up their deficiencies, most of them are on SEO and long-term promotion brings huge traffic and good reputation, which also has to do e-commerce, there are a lot of orders every day. And Baidu keyword he also ranked in the first position. read more


Brave innovation farewell Taobao hand independent shop

When the

network is all over the Taobao shop and how good do you shop, Taobao profit, business to Taobao what makes you confused, confused, you have not thought about, one day, you can actually leave Taobao live better.

yes, Taobao are popular shopping territory, there must be more business opportunities, but when you burn money, this loss, eyes red stew, body tired, but you can only see that only a few successful blankly Fasha, why he became, you have to leave? Or even if you become, the shop opened up, your business is gradually deprived of rights. So, you confused, Taobao really so good? read more


Dog search Commission traffic earned

thunder’s search dogs, China as the most powerful entertainment resources search engine, mainly to query the film, songs, games, video, software, content and provides download download search engine, has been occupying a large share of the search and download market, and well received by users.


search business is a product return dog based on search engine, provides various forms of search dogs search entrance product, suitable for various types of website, search products business types include: search box, text, pictures, links, pure charts and text recommended, you can according to their site layout need to select the appropriate specifications. read more


Study on the marketing of pornographic websites

Our website has been a cancer on the internet. Although the state organs have been constantly crack down on pornographic sites, but it is still difficult to fundamentally eliminate pornographic websites. On the one hand is due to the background of the development of the universal web site to the outside world, on the other hand, porn sites to seize the user needs, in the network marketing practice, there are certain routines. We start from the study of network marketing, may wish to extract some of the methods and ideas worthy of reference for legitimate and legitimate projects in the network marketing. read more


WeChat la carte my pioneering Road Continued

August, wrote an article about entrepreneurship articles (the original is "WeChat – WeChat business meal road" my article address is http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20131003/526892.shtml), but also to get some support from friends, WeChat also communicate with them some. We still give me a lot of advice and suggestions. Today, after a lapse of two months, and I do this WeChat order since the project, all the way to harvest a lot of experience and lessons. Here to share with you. read more


Wangzhuan based series three who really make Wangzhuan money

Network Entrepreneurship and money can not be separated, otherwise no one will venture in the network.

on who to make money in the end of this problem, we analyze one by one.

1, domestic and foreign union.

talked about the alliance, involving the three party. Advertisers, alliances, website owners. Between the three parties.

advertisers to provide products to advertising alliance business application promotion — the main site is webmaster alliance platform for advertising code hanging on their own station or blog. Three parties are paid in accordance with the registration, registration or sales. read more


Grassroots Adsense must make money to take the normal way

If you are

, the Internet is a fantasy flourishes, quick money, profiteering money making machines; if you want to through the Internet, sales of some countries explicitly prohibited, gray industry profits products, then, is likely to go on the road of the crime, the police not to sit on. 3.15 approaching, Baidu " " solar storms; act as we sounded the alarm.

has a lot of things, there are a lot of products, can not do, is too risky, not money, is if the idea back, is likely to lose his life The loss outweighs the gain., lost money. Here, I want to give you 5 categories, although many people do, although very big profits, but the risk of Internet project, hope the new do not go astray, ruin the future self. read more


The application of the whole process of Google Adsense striking one snag after another

know that Google Adsense is the matter for a long time, but I put a pot of gold in the network is Ali mother.

I am a student in the first half of 07 years before the real contact network. Their technology is not very good, but can still live together. Because they are crazy on the computer, so their after-school self-study of the Photoshop and Dreamweaver; in September 07 get very "idiotic" personal website, then ran to the students and family members show off. At that time in order to bring traffic, also made a new page; add some news links, then do not bother to update; later, my dad one day I suddenly called to say, my website is not good, how to open ah. I asked him how to "open", he replied that the news can not read…. Khan (until now I despise my laziness) read more


VC Founder easy to fall into the plight of the product CEO

Beijing on August 12th news, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists – Horowitz (Ben Horowitz) published an article that the founder in the management of our company fails, as is usually the case because he did not want to serve as CEO, or in CEO dilemma. To solve this problem, the founder must be clear about the product development process which the key to participate in, which should not be involved, and a moderate grasp of the "participation" and "exit" degree. read more


Giant CEO Liu Wei privatization as an opportunity for the two venture

NetEase Francisco February 10th message, the giant network CEO Liu Wei recently issued an internal e-mail said, privatization will be beginning of the company’s two venture, and in 2014 the company will continue to fine strategy of independent research and development, promote and accelerate the Mobile Games strategy.

giants in 2014 strategic line of business, the business end of the tour to improve R & D capabilities, continue to introduce quality, consolidate the advantages of maintaining growth, Webpage Game business, to strengthen the research in the field of competitiveness, and build Webpage Game operating platform. read more


Essay low threshold high income nternet industry a few people smile

yesterday, private and share how to use the hot news of his promotion website, mentioned in the article how to use hot news promotion; how to design the website promotion soft Wen title, published after the users of this uneven attitude. Oh, I believe that many writers have encountered such a thing, I hope you laugh, but need to pay attention to the users of the message, the experience and lessons to the rapid increase in. There is a call to the 99 Dragon (www.99dragon.com), a friend recommended good, thank you here! read more


Optimization tips and techniques from AdSense optimization team

The following recommendations for Google

AdSense China optimization team, these recommendations are based on the experience of AdSense years and statistical results, specific to a certain article does not necessarily apply to every publisher. You need to continue to test and improve according to their own actual situation, in order to obtain the most effective optimization program.

1. ad format:In

2. ad color

publishers can use any color code from the definition of advertising elements of color scheme, 60 kinds of color is not limited to the system are given; read more


Beauty quit her job to open shop selling cheongsam annual sales of 20 million

beautiful woman quit her job to open shop selling cheongsam annual sales of 20 million

She was born Ma Junyu

tailor of Shanghai family, she is a student of Fudan University Department of finance graduate, she was a senior white-collar of a multi-national company…… Although these aura and identity branded in her body, but now, she is more willing to call themselves "cheongsam chief designer". In just 4 years, the Shanghai girl’s Taobao shop, Shanghai impression of the Chinese wind, has become a well-known Chinese women’s Taobao brand. Cheongsam, which has the characteristics of Chinese classical culture costumes, not only for her to gather a high popularity and up to 130 thousand of praise, but also to her store annual sales reached $20 million. read more


Five development trends of network technology in 2004

Review: Published articles on the website before Newsfactor analysis pointed out that in 2004, the new network technology will be a wider range of applications, more and more enterprise users will use Wi-Fi wireless technology, the new server will also have a good market sales. In short, wireless network technology will become ubiquitous. The following is the industry experts on the 5 major trends in the development of network technology in 2004.

A, Wi-Fi technology will win more business users read more


The best product is not the demand but the demand

Saturday, not going to talk a long and minute statement of needs and requirements, the topic of.

I remember a few years ago had received a quality training, I was impressed. The instructor asked a seemingly simple but not good question: what is quality?

then answered all kinds of people say, "product quality is good and bad for performance," someone said "is the quality of our products Zero Defect", some people say "quality testing is no problem"…… read more


t is not easy to understand the Wangzhuan 6 problems is the key

rapid development of the Internet, which makes the Master Wangzhuan what is beyond count, more, some just in Wangzhuan novice can achieve earn tens of thousands of results, I think everyone will be exciting, but this is an explosive news obviously caught many beginner heart, so a shares of a young people to join Wangzhuan industry began fishing gold, but everyone will get what they want from here? I think it is not necessarily, Wangzhuan more crazy, more novice need to calmly.

good projects can be copied, but to be based on a pragmatic basis for the development of read more


nternet entrepreneurial imitation is the first step to success


advocate in this era of personalized, independent special products can always attract people’s attention, so as to obtain marketing opportunities. Many Internet entrepreneurs have discovered this, tried to design a special independent product, as everyone knows, the perfect business plan because there is such a perfect product to be stranded. The spirit of innovation is excellent, but most of the time, imitation is the first step to success.

China’s social giant Tencent, whether it is business or development, are growing in imitation. From the beginning to imitate OICQ do QQ later in other areas such as games, portals and other platforms to imitate, in imitation of micro innovation, and then beyond. Tencent called Chinese entrepreneur’s nemesis, its success is that weaknesses on the basis of the imitation, and combined with other aspects of their advantage ahead of the competition. read more


Do Wangzhuan novice webmaster should have a positive attitude before

as a beginner, there will be a lot of questions, each Wangzhuan advertising on the site is overwhelming, "what that day to earn 200", "to make money, after collection", "do not make money, do not charge tuition" this slogan has

It is often seen.!

change an angle to think, if there is no technology, no effort, no reasonable planning, what can earn hundreds of? What can do every day to stay at home waiting for the sky fell overnight gold? People have, perhaps tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people can have a, but will never happen to everyone. So here I want to give you a beginner a reasonable advice: much effort, pay, less complaining. read more


Results of the industry’s first e commerce intelligent parity advertising

recently announced the results of CHANet Network Advertising Alliance announced that it will be formally launched in March 10, 2008 e-commerce intelligent parity of new forms of advertising. Allegedly, this is the first Chinese Internet industry to widget as the carrier of Internet advertising form. The webmaster only through free access to the results of network advertising code, and on their own website or blog, it can automatically collect and update user specified commodity prices, compared to help consumers decision-making, promote their purchase behavior. read more


Do not need to promote the promotion of Taobao guest skills

Hello I’m searching, a friend asked me if I do not do Taobao shop in Taobao


here is right, Taobao shop to do this model to do the introduction of Taobao customers.

use Taobao as Taobao custom shop, Taobao is actually using this platform to carry out the sale of products, that is to say, we don’t have to go to the publicity, don’t have to go to the website, do not own to delivery, as long as we can find the product can make money.

it is our own shop to sell those products to promote Taobao customers. read more