nterpretation HUAWE how long words from 21000 yuan to today’s success

1 innovation to promote HUAWEI from a weak, without any background support for private enterprises to grow rapidly, expanding into a global leader in the communications industry.

over the past three years, the global communications industry has shown a shrinking, sluggish state, but in 2015, HUAWEI’s revenue will grow by more than 30% in 2014.

HUAWEI was founded in 1987, in 28 years, showing several stages:

1987 -1992, this stage of HUAWEI is a trading company. HUAWEI’s venture capital is only 21000 yuan, in, from the development of more than 200 employees to more than 3 employees in 1992. At this time is mainly engaged in the exchange of communications products trading agents. 1990 HUAWEI has its own switch products, but the technology and product quality are relatively low-end, when China’s communications market is dominated by Western companies, in an absolute monopoly position. HUAWEI’s products are mainly used for internal communications. read more


Crazy man the QQ to use the ultimate network promotion methods QQ software promotion

whether you are a network promotion master also network promotion is a rookie, I believe that QQ promotion is not unfamiliar to you. Whether you are engaged in the promotion of the network, you have to engage in the promotion of QQ experience. Once upon a time, you put a very fun video address with QQ to friends, invited him to enjoy, this is a simple QQ promotion. Although we have had to engage in QQ network promotion experience, but it may not be good to promote the effect of today’s crazy man on the system to introduce QQ promotion methods, share the crazy man QQ promotion experience. read more


2015 WeChat marketing will enter the winter how do we continue

review: "WeChat threshold now increasingly high cost, fans are rising, many small businesses and individuals could not afford such costs a few cents a year from 12 to 3 fans, now a people are not willing to do, a lot of people are too expensive, but the future will be more expensive, from 12 years now, the cost has risen by more than 10 times, but also some team to powder, now you give money to let them do they do not want to do, why not earn money, but also hand resources are limited, as do their own." read more


Analysis of website promotion methods and know how

has its own web site, which has its own home. How can we improve the "home" of the popularity of this need to rely on our promotion, rely on our propaganda, the only way to increase the reputation of their homes. Beijing Huamei color as a well-known Beijing website promotion company, will provide you with the relevant skills and methods of website promotion.

1, and related sites do link

currently many websites have the positive publicity, so most sites are willing to connect with others home do friendship on their home page has a special offer Links place, as long as you take the initiative in their own home page to their website to do a Links, then send an email give them the site administrator, the request will be related links your website will be added to their site, this way of mutual benefit cooperation can achieve the purpose of publicity website. But here’s one thing to note is that when you choose to link to the site, to consider the site’s visibility and the nature of the site and the theme is consistent with your own site. read more


Take the secret order website

wanted to use the website user behavior analysis as the title, but feel a little professional. This is not what profound content, but it is worth it to you and try to figure out the application. If your business is to rely on the web site to get orders, then I suggest you read this article, savor! Before writing a "how to site analysis," the article, a good response. If you agree with this point of view, can still be applied to your site, I believe there will be good results!

if your website through Baidu ranking or optimization, get good rankings and have considerable traffic, how will the flow of users into user transaction? The following is the analysis of the user order. read more


The cross border electricity providers meet inflection point tariff pull sea Amoy consumption price

import tax policy adjustments so that the already popular cross-border electricity supplier to usher in the policy dividend. However, it seems in the industry, the future of cross-border electricity supplier in the category of goods, trade mode, although there will be more room for development, but also faces the transformation, the previous reliance on post tax and trade tariff tax arbitrage will end the era of.

tax favorable cross-border market

cross-border electricity supplier to meet policy Dongfeng, beneficiary". Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, the deployment of perfect consumer goods import and export policy. read more


Suning and Wuliangye strategic cooperation to sell 10 billion yuan of liquor in the past three years

this may be held in late March 2016 Chengdu spring rum most surprising news: Yibin Wuliangye Limited by Share Ltd (000858.SZ, hereinafter referred to as "Wuliangye") Limited by Share Ltd and Su ningyun (002024.SZ, hereinafter referred to as "Su Ning") reached a strategic cooperation.

Wuliangye vice chairman Zhu Zhongyu for economic observer said that Wuliangye is ready to help Suning online retail platform for sales; Suning is to the Economic Observer reported that the liquor is Suning new category, the company plans to cooperate with Wuliangye as the starting point, three year sales target is 10 billion yuan. read more


Taobao double 12 derailed part of the supermarket Alipay paralysis

[Reuters] December 12th noon news billion state power, billion state power network to understand the latest Alipay system, Wumart access failure, payment code payment once interrupted use.

this morning, the state power grid noticed in some parts of Beijing Wumart, originally started business Wumart supermarket 8:30 half an hour ahead of the official business. The clerk said, mainly because today to meet the double 12, Alipay wallet payment can enjoy 50 percent off.

however, at noon, the state power grid again Wumart, but found that the use of Alipay payment has been suspended. read more


Wangzhuan tutorial do simple CPS sales project

own cps> sales site time is a little bit busy recently, I do not know what to write good! They make me a few CPS sales project to introduce! Now in the initial stage, there are many things that all know, but also like me, until finally, if you see this article, you have to make a try


first to register several large advertising, such as fruits, Linkete, shore, only what, go look at these alliances CPS ads are probably familiar with


1: project selection: my own experience, must have the good reputation of the project, in the market have a certain share of the online shopping, people love CPS! Key: allows SEO and optimization! "Why choose such conditions: This is the best to do, you do not need to pay more money and energy" for example: strawberry, Hongkong Sasa, DHC, VANCL what! Of course in the competition now is very large, if the SEO is good enough! Go to do, perhaps you would have a good harvest! read more


Under the tide of mobile providers usher in the development of a gold mine for you

from the latest market survey shows that China’s mobile Internet business from sales exceeded 96 billion 500 million in 2012, and by 2013, this data will be more than 130 billion yuan, this number is not able to rank the sales figures and traditional Internet business compared to that in 2012, only singles day a, Taobao created 19 billion sales, but if from the perspective of development, mobile providers this number has been very impressive, to know the mobile Internet business concept has just begun. read more


Test the rise of the cross border electricity supplier logistics and supply chain two hurdle

Following the

(fresh), preferably SF Hey (community O2O), SF recently launched a cross-border electricity supplier platform SF sea amoy. This also means that last year’s outbreak of cross-border electricity supplier boom and then one more player.

Before and after the

Ali listed, has made clear the cross-border electricity supplier as one of the strategic focus of the next stage; the transformation of jumei.com, also began to get involved in cross-border electricity supplier, and announced to spend 1 billion yuan of subsidies of the business; the international giant Amazon China new head in place, also frequently expedite the release of signals to promote cross-border electricity. At the same time, some entrepreneurial cross-border electricity supplier companies also favored by the capital, at the end of January, Ocean Terminal won $100 million B round of financing. read more


Another myth of the rich myth 6 million Taobao shop only 5% money

[Abstract] Tmall mall store, more than 60 thousand sellers, not losing money, less than 10%.

Wang in Taobao opened the shop had two years without operation, she said his shop declare in no uncertain terms is the zombie shop. All aspects of the cost is too high, the loss is too strong, can not stand up, I have a few friends shop also suspended operations." Ms. Wang to the economic information daily reporters.

reporter in Alibaba recently organized the training course was informed that the current Taobao bazaar shop has about 6000000 sellers, 300 thousand real money shortage, accounted for only 5%; Tmall mall stores, more than 60 thousand sellers, do not lose money, less than 10%. The training course on the promotional material frankly: you may hear too much about Taobao and Tmall myth, tell you how to do Taobao and Tmall have many opportunities and wealth. However, they did not tell you, there are a lot of people died on the road to do Taobao and Tmall. read more


Mogujie com return on the way no micro chamber becomes mediocre

micro business set off a heat wave, drum up some people’s wallets, but also a group of people’s eyes. But there are also people who will always remain calm, started from the consumer community mogujie.com is one of the best chance to make the game player micro business platform, but in the pocket shopping and praise platform wantonly eating market tuyere tip, mogujie.com has always been focusing on its business transformation — from the shopping guide platform to the electricity supplier open platform. read more


How small and medium sized enterprises occupy a certain market in the next three years

Business strategy consultancy

the world’s leading consulting firm in Boston in November of last year publicly stated: the scale of e-commerce Chinese has explosive growth rate, this rate is currently ranked second worldwide in 2015 will be the first in the world. By 2015, the number of Internet users in China will surge to 329 million people, accounting for about 44% of the population of the city, becoming the world’s largest e-commerce market. In the context of this huge development prospects, we are also looking forward to our small and medium enterprises will also have a certain market. Although less than Taobao, Jingdong, Tencent such as strong, but the electricity supplier who can Fengeng treasure, today, three of the world? So, you need to have the military and political leaders Ning will domineering and ambition. read more


CNNC said 07 years CN will oppose the domain name transactions

March 7th afternoon, CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) Mao Wei, director of the Sohu to IT in Beijing revealed that in 2007 the goal is to exceed the number of.COM.CN domain name. CNNIC spokesman spokesman Qi Lin said that according to the current growth rate of.CN domain name, this year can achieve this goal.

According to the

analysts in domain name investors said, 1 yuan registration may lead to a large number of.CN domain name firmly in the hands of some people. "After all, a registered only 1 yuan, registered 100, only 100 yuan of money, for investors, is a good opportunity to register".

however, because the domain name investors have tasted the sweetness of a lot, in the.COM era, therefore, many investors have also turned to the.CN domain name investment. 2006, the South domain name investors have organized a large-scale.CN domain name auction, the domain name transaction has become a public topic.


read more


Jingdong to London Fashion Week show Customized brand steps to big

September 19th news, this week is the 2017 spring and Summer Fashion Week held in London, a group of international clothing brands will be released in the spring and summer series in 2017. It is worth noting that the big London Fashion Week appeared in the 3C started Jingdong.

The latest

news billion state power network from the London mission editor, Beijing time on September 19th, the Jingdong will join EVE De, CINA NETIGER, Kevin Kelly (the first three for ASAT group’s brand), By Creations, XLando, Bai HMR six brand jewelry show at London Fashion week. read more


Ali led the establishment of the logistics company rookie network competition electricity supplier

led by Alibaba Group logistics project, China intelligent backbone network (referred to as CSN) today officially launched in Shenzhen

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

in the construction of logistics system, the electricity supplier of different genes chose a different path: platform gene Alibaba choice set of existing logistics resources for their own use, asset light model; Jingdong is willing to self started throwing 35 billion to build Asia one logistics engineering, is a heavy asset mode. Regardless of the severity of the two models, from last year’s fermentation of electricity supplier logistics competition has entered the white hot stage. read more


Novice open shop promotion to find sources to read the article

novice open shop in addition to find a good supply of goods as the premise, the novice start is doing a lot of dealers, as part of a future shop promotion is indispensable, supply shop (preferably a good supply, stable supply) this is like building a house when the foundation, the materials used, after the upper cover the house was built after the shop is high, the development will have future, lay the foundation, can talk about building a house in, that is to sell things.

then have something to sell, the following should be how to do? The monk said to buy things such as buyers; selling pork said brush drill (shop started low credit), high credibility, naturally to buyers poured into the shop steward; comparison of resuscitation, do the train ah, let Taobao help you to promote it is said that the effect is good. 3 people in the township in this practice is relatively desirable, why is preferable to read more


The price difference to conceal the e book market dilemma application platform is the key

              recently, Amazon launched a new Kindle e-books, greatly enhance the hardware performance and price remains $139, equivalent to only about a thousand yuan, the equivalent price; as the domestic network literature market leader Shanda literature on ChinaJoy official released its e-book reader Bambook products, and in the subsequent beta set 998 yuan low price promotion. The decline in the price of major brands e-book means that the era of electronic books rely on hardware profits will soon be in the past, to explore new ways of becoming profitable. read more