Shaping entrepreneurial planning what is your interest

if you present immoderation, unwilling to own life, if you want to do something when the old memories in their own business — the rest of life. So, a good business plan is essential, only in a good planning guidance, you will not lose himself in the vast sea; only in a good business planning, you can walk every step with confidence, does not produce panic illusion, lose yourself the original dream.

well, first of all in the face of entrepreneurs is the primary problem: how to build a good business plan for yourself? In view of this, in order to make every entrepreneur can get out of their own value in the business on the road. I have decided to make a series of brief analysis, research and Discussion on the issue of how to build a reasonable business plan for myself. Hope that you are going to start a business to get some inspiration, and then according to their own actual situation to develop their own strategic plan for their own business. read more


College students entrepreneurship policy search

college students to start their own business with the arrival of the expansion, becoming more and more popular topic, you are suitable for their own business? Want to do poineering work how should do? What procedures need to apply? Are you going to start a business? Have you ever thought of entrepreneurship but miss the point? Do you want to know about entrepreneurship?


Ali mother came to the advertising alliance how to walk the road

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

      Ali mother, come with vigour and vitality, rash and too much in haste. She comes to a part of webmaster hunger at the opportunity; her arrival, solved the problems of Google Baidu alliance; her arrival, challenge and crisis to the other more than and 500 large and small advertising alliance.

      next, those who started in the little league do, live, or be suffocated? I also have friends in the advertising alliance, I want to just say a few words to say, that is not good, is a personal opinion, but we also hope mercy. read more


Google plans to add YouTube video to Adsense

      Beijing on October 9th news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported that Google will begin this Tuesday to join the YouTube video advertising program Adsense.

Adsense "video unit" will display two types of advertising, namely, the site context advertising and video playback context advertising. Adsense users can choose any YouTube video to advertise, if the video comes from the content provider has signed an agreement with YouTube. Video generated advertising revenue will be shared by the site owners, content producers and Google three. read more


Learn five strokes so that the site for you to make money

Do not stand no flow, there is no flow of money can not do, combined with my own experience to do stand, do a few of their own experience of selfless dedication to the site like friends.     

    1: stand to collect information to be different. Do not always go to some famous station station to collect information, information that others have seen, no new ideas, many do stand webmaster, some special love to stand to collect information, there is no need to use a little bit, you can, or even completely like him, he’s got what you do what is certain, the development is not up, I do not go there. "The general data collection, I go to the forum, to some other people do not know the station acquisition, the effect will let you stand people think you and others do not the same station. Only in this way can you stand up. read more


A liar trick too arrogant SMS trap case exposure


has suggested that all mobile phone, or to buy a mobile phone, for their own interests, Yiziyizi read the following……


data: 2004 total revenue of China’s Internet, 74% sources of grafted SMS on the website. Mobile phone SMS to make these businesses so crazy money? Not some text messages on the phone well, why is actually the first source of income in the IT sector?

you began to wonder: mobile phone in my hand, every month bill I submit to the Mobile Corporation, a third party company how to grab my money? Don’t worry. Listen to me carefully!

The first stage:

The early stage of


read more


How do earn 100 knives a day to talk about my website

station is 5 years, from the beginning of 2003, I made a small station, do the education resources of things, every day is hard to add something, some original, some are reproduced, carefully edit their own, then released in the website initially, the flow is very small, do not know what time the acquisition, it is a plus, with the increase of resource, traffic is slowly increased, up to more than 5 thousand IP per day, and later because of various reasons, the station to stop, but the domain name is kept. This station made a total of a few hundred dollars, when I spent 500 yuan on the light space. So there’s no money. In 2004, I used the original domain name, and a type of article site, due to maintenance of their own, on time every day to add new content, so after 2 months, I had IP to 8000, because at that time I was 200M virtual host, website is dynamic so, to the virtual host provider’s server, causing great pressure load, they found me to buy more space, when I was taking a day, decided to change the space is replaced by Edong Network Star host, 100 month at the time, it seems that prices. And all of the site generated a static page, IP traffic is crazy up, when Baidu every day included. I remember most of the time more than ip8, Alex ranking to less than 30 thousand. This time, my income is Google helicopter, from 10 to 100 knife knife did start every day. read more


By the age of 30 young entrepreneurs how is power

Reporter Yuan Yuan

before the age of 30 how to succeed in business, young people how to go the road of entrepreneurship, which I am afraid that every young people are extremely concerned about the topic. To this end, in December 2nd the business annual meeting, founder and CEO Chen ou, cool disk CEO Gu Zhicheng, force the United States interactive advertising CEO Shu meaning, Meitu Xiu Xiu CEO Wu Xinhong, CEO Xu Le, in a matrix game chat network co-founder Xu Dechen limited CEO Zheng Yaqi in Beijing Pipilu story culture under the auspices of, attend and participate in the "under the age of 30 young entrepreneurial upstart, special discussion is power.". These are in the age of young people 30 years of age, to gather their companies and products to many users, but also has a large number of young people and investors admiring eyes. read more


Et the meteor network television advertising click pause display window on the line

network TV meteor click advertising pause, on-line display popups!

everybody stationmaster:  
    everybody is good! The meteor, network television advertising click pause, display window on the line! Please note that if you have any questions please contact customer service: QQ:183288818 319035197

Union address:

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more


Regulate the network trading market beware of network fraud

fraud, is a make all consumers and legitimate businesses are very hate nouns. This will not only harm the interests of consumers, for legitimate businesses, they will also assume the loss of customer trust this very serious consequences.

in order to prevent the occurrence of such a situation, in the conventional large shopping malls, shopping malls will generally come forward to ensure the quality of goods and business integrity. But on the network?
2005, China’s Internet users cheated amount of nearly 100 million yuan; from 2004 onwards, Internet fraud report has been increasing at a rate of 26% a month; due to the lack of credit system, according to the analysis of the people’s Bank of China Chinese analysts, the invalid cost to account for 10%~20% of GDP! Not only in China, but also in the United States, PayPal and eBay even organized a team of more than 1 thousand people to deal with online fraud. read more


Yang Wenjian Hunan satellite TV host Wang Han teach you how to do Taobao

this evening, watching TV while eating, found that Hunan TV opened a new program called the more Amoy more happy, give me the first impression is not to cooperate with Taobao Hunan. Feeling quite meaningful on the look, the original is ma let Wang Han to Taobao do Taobao guest to. As a network of people’s intuition, I think this should have a lot of business opportunities.

business opportunities: SEO do Taobao guest

hey Amoy, Amoy more fun (, which is Hunan satellite TV cooperation with Taobao website. Because he used to do SEO, the first directly in the Taobao search a hi Amoy, found no one to do this station, SEO competitiveness is weak. Take a look at the Baidu index Amoy Amoy index up to 6416, the index of hitao was more than the more fun, the index is more than happy, Taobao’s index of’s happiness of 115540. And these words of competitive strength is weak, optimize these words do Taobao guest is a very good choice. SEOer, are you ready? First impressions are strongest first month before the water tower, oh. read more


Enhance the emotional quotient of CEO is the secret of enterprise

in a big company, mood or attitude to CEO infection and will affect the company’s emotional atmosphere, only the leader’s emotional intelligence capabilities continue to improve, enterprises can better

EQ refers to the effective management of the ability of self and interpersonal relationship. It consists of 4 basic qualities: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Each quality is composed of a series of specific skills. With the management of the increasing degree of attention to emotional intelligence, how to cultivate and improve the EQ and other issues continue to emerge, authority on Daniel · Goleman (Daniel Goleman) this will benefit you. read more


Poison combat soft report earn ten thousand yuan is not a dream

write something real today. The following text and data are poison Pro test. Any similarity that is plagiarism

analysis alliance today: soft news network which software alliance, because they do not have pro site alliance test, not much evaluation.

simple words to introduce the union

software alliance is the Alliance (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.’s professional software promotion media, is the most professional software author service platform. Since its establishment, relying on the technical strength to the soft net Tang Meng strong, author of more than 400 articles Chinese software were more than 5000 different software industry, has become a leader in the field of software fully deserve China, welcome you to become a member of our alliance. read more


College students successful Top10

whether it is "students mentor Li Kaifu", or "business leader" Zhou Hongyi, they are advised not stop: "students do not have to enter the social entrepreneurship, accumulate some experience…" It seems that college students to start a business or college graduates on the venture, has become another argument for entrepreneurial failure. But is this really the case?

after investigation, found that there are many successful entrepreneurs, is a typical "entrepreneurship", they use their own examples, China student entrepreneurs can also like Silicon Valley’s Zach Burke, like Bill Gates, be a successful student entrepreneurs. read more


Case analysis of e commerce

1 whirlpool Corporation is the world’s second largest home appliance enterprise, its products have refrigerators, air conditioning, freezer, washing machine, microwave oven, dishwasher etc.. Whirlpool’s pricing business process is very complex, without using a computer system, usually several times each year to appraise, and each of the 180 thousand cells at Excel spreadsheet calculation, time-consuming 110 days. This not only affects his profit margins, but also make the customer very much puzzled. In order to reduce operating costs, the company decided to improve the whirlpool sales chain business process.

now the company also faces the pressure from mass customization, which means that the customer requirements are more complex, the sales staff must configure customer requirements of the program from the huge product line, while the right pricing. Traditional sales and pricing business processes cannot cope with this requirement.

read more


Shop policy Taobao passenger Commission facing down

believe that many webmaster see the news of the latest policy issued by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Tencent is in the news section of interpretation: "this means that whether the shop license to do business will be treated differently, some trading volume is not high for individual sellers, such as temporary or second-hand goods transactions idle. Can consider to trading platform for enterprises to manage, but must check the true identity information. And some other big sellers, the licence to do and taxes, according to China’s existing tax law, enterprises should pay 17% of the value-added tax in online transactions; just as the buying and selling of the store, pay 4% of the value-added tax." read more


Do not teach you to earn 102 yuan Taobao customers

see the title is estimated to be scolded, the title of the party and see the title of the party. But, after all, it came in. Ha ha, began to talk about the following.

instead of saying that this is a day to earn 100 of the idea, it is better to say that this is a test of your marketing thinking of the actual sales. The first state, and not you see this method can guarantee you 100% day to earn 100, no matter what the results will determine whether you are successful or not It differs from man to man.! There are many factors: observation, thinking, decision-making power, executive power! Was perhaps the best method is the most simple, just don’t tell you never know. read more


Venture capital industry status too much money entrepreneurs too little VC industry is about to resh

Abstract: along with the new round of the birth of the new tide of VC investment institutions, they are becoming the VC industry change power. Since 2013 three years, many new VC investment institutions has become the new benchmark for the industry, a great catch up from behind the momentum. Perhaps the industry is about to change.

in the world economic empire, Chinese economy is good, but the long-term growth of the past, suddenly slow down, whether in power or ordinary people, are not all of a sudden to come. Like a person, has been very moist, let him suddenly cut, the heart is still quite large gap. read more


Suning 4 billion 250 million day after the acquisition of Alibaba express laugh

Abstract: Alibaba will continue to penetrate the courier company, which is also called Ma new retail a better supplement.

[titanium media] after being Suning 4 billion 250 million wholly-owned acquisitions, express every day will also be included rookie logistics system.

day before the Su Ningyun subsidiary of Jiangsu Suning Logistics Limited company announced the acquisition of 4 billion 250 million of the daily express all the shares valuation. Announcement: the acquisition completed in two, December 30, 2016, Suning to cash invested 2 billion 975 million yuan acquisition of the daily express 70% shares; the remaining 30% shares at a price of 1 billion 275 million yuan, after the completion of the delivery will be completed within 12 months. read more