Some practical experience in promoting local information network


site opened for a period of time, from the station, a push also learn some experience, then he contacted several local friends, he began to promote, following some experience and the cost of their promotion in general, and the new owners of all, learn a.

1 because I have a small company, the staff, mainly to work every day, is the replacement of a local newspaper, in the city of 100 district so that each employee the back of the bike, hang a sign above the site, the site name, URL, Guan Jian word ah, so, I guess every day, the audience is not a small number, of course, there is no free lunch, each employee, 15 yuan a month, the money spent, the value of read more


Discussion on WAP station promotion tactics

1, like other webmaster said method, in the famous BBS and blog message, so as to seduce spiders. Remember to sign to have their own web site, replies to often sit second floor or on the eighth floor, because most of the forum second floor easily let people see, the floor is at the bottom, people can see the reply.

2, Baidu registered Hi, then add friends, then published articles contain their own web site, this is why? Because you will find a lot of people on the page have a column "friends update", is your article will be indexed on his page, if you have 1000000 friends. Your article is displayed in the 1000000 friends page, that is not afraid of spiders, is not afraid of read more


There are also high prices abroad Uber and other start up companies are fleeing San Francisco


Uber is currently discussing the purchase of a property located in downtown Oakland Sears Building, while Lyft is also planning to flee San Francisco.

Why also faced with the plight of high housing prices, many of the rapid development of the start-up companies in San Francisco, the real estate prices and rising labor costs and fled.

according to foreign media reports, Product Hunt and Meerka and other smaller start-up companies are recruiting overseas engineering team, similar to Uber and Pandora companies came to Oakland. Lyft also believes that the best way is to move part of the expansion plan to the outside of San Francisco. However, the company will continue to recruit in San Francisco. read more


Zhong Zhixin nternet marketing user needs survey

we all know that the battle is very important to prepare, although the network business than the line to do business starting point is low, low cost, but still need to invest a lot of time, energy and manpower, etc.. If you enter the wrong market, for many companies and individuals will be a heavy burden on the webmaster. For new Adsense or just transferred to the network marketing companies, more likely to be confidence in the combat, and even think network marketing are the clouds, so as to give up. read more


How to start a student

in fact, the students are happy, because you do not have a strong economic pressure.

in fact, the future is bright students, because you have a lot of youth.

in fact, the students are full of vitality, because new ideas, new ideas will continue to emerge in your mind.


students have so many advantages, but a large number of students, almost 7~80% webmaster and not the first pot of gold earned their life on the road through the Internet, things are two sides, if the above three is an advantage, it also has its limitations. read more


Baidu fast hundred percent of the new station

recently published a few days old to see people not included new sites, don’t want to say what, I just think that you’re not

below I teach you a quick way to let Baidu included new sites

has tested hundreds of stations, failed.

conditions: 1 new domain name COM and CN, I was very love CN, because of the poor the benefits (since we talked about this, just say one more thing, when buying 1 yuan of corn to select the COM.CN, I tested a few stations, COM.CN is more than CN by


2 need to pay attention to the point, do not go to Baidu, such as the initiative to submit the search, or very likely today included, every day disappeared read more


To meet the novelty of the product need to pay attention to what the 6 key word of mouth marketing

was already in the word-of-mouth marketing spread for a long time, "word of mouth" at first it is a passive we wait for consumers to do propaganda for us, but with the marketing of the two words, manufacturers have had to do some preparations for the "word of mouth". This article from the digital marketing".

word of mouth marketing key

word-of-mouth marketing guru Mark Hughes (Mark Hughes) was put forward in "three mouth spread all over the world – word of mouth marketing power in the book", the most powerful marketing practices, is "the public and the media together down; by word of mouth, a pass ten, ten pass 100, can make your brand and product information throughout the world." But word of mouth marketing how to do? We have to sum up a problem, with the consumer’s favorite and friends to talk about what to share? read more


Grassroots wonderful information review 12 11 12 20 recommended

·: Ding Lei: Youdao three years into China’s first search engine

Ding Lei elaborated NetEase into the Chinese search market considerations. According to him, began to consider doing China Internet search engine when two and a half years ago, found that the product technology platform must be higher than the imagination, in fact at that time there have been many international companies and domestic companies ahead in the search field.

· Google Adsense

advertising style flip with button in the Google test read more


How to promote the novice Adsense advertising post skills

      everybody is good, I am a webmaster exchange webmaster Super, in this article I would like to introduce you to the new station on the promotion of advertising post skills.
      new station start, in order to expand the impact of appropriate publicity is inevitable, one of the important means of advertising!

      there are many webmaster means of advertising, the money can buy advertising, to each big search engine RMB do promotion, but as a new station, in the webmaster without any benefits, spend money to do some promotion is not very realistic, then we’ll talk do not spend money on advertising the means. read more


The company has been rejected more than and 20 venture capital is now hot

[Abstract] after 15 months of operation, Thrive Market revenue reached $100 million, a total of $58 million financing.

BI Chinese station on February 26th reported

startup Thrive Market co-founder Gunnar Ralph Les (Gunnar Lovelace) and Nick Green (Nick Green) at the first time, financing rejected more than and 20 venture capital company.

their point is: they are ready to launch an online organic food and natural food market, and then use the registered user to pay $60 a year membership fee to implement 25-50% price promotions. read more


Twenty first Century network president Liu Dong and other 25 people were arrested in accordance with

NetEase Francisco October 10th message, Shanghai Procuratorate issued micro-blog said, Shanghai people’s Procuratorate, on suspicion of blackmail and impose exactions on forced transactions, non national staff of bribery and bribery of non national staff, in accordance with the law of "twenty-first Century" President Liu Dong, Zhou Bin, deputy editor of the "financial weekly" agency issuer summer, Luo Guanghui, editor of the "twenty-first Century economic report" Hunan agency responsible person Xia Xiaobai 25 people arrested. read more


Why is it so hot webmaster network

webmaster network is a very common website, why he will be popular? Not because the site is successful, the king is the success of the people.

a low profile

figure Wang never put on airs, although he is very busy, but my information he will return, in my heart, he is an ordinary grassroots webmaster. This is no contradiction with the hype, hype is for the cause, to be calm, low-key.

we are ordinary grassroots why are pretentious


two. Draw the hearts of

in my first article, I thought it would be deleted or not through the examination, did not think second days to see his article published, and not just that, in the home, including the free agent hundred dollars less I also enjoyed, my one thousand and five hundred is the chain from the text Admin5 come on, just imagine who will take their daily traffic over a million industry stand for the net friend to the text? read more


Lose face do good website

      for a long time, we all have a face care plus, this is also reflected in our site planning and design and operation.

      I often see a personal site not only has a long home, gorgeous design, some also come up with multi language version, but in many cases, in addition to simplified Chinese, the remaining 10 languages are empty chain. Many sites in the traffic situation is very little initiative to add a large number of commercial advertising (of course, businesses will not pay), to prop up the face, let oneself more like a commercial station. read more


After 9 years Airbnb finally made a profit

Airbnb recently made money.

, according to Bloomberg quoted Airbnb insiders, the housing sharing company in the second half of 2016 to complete the goal of profitability, while the annual revenue growth of more than 80%. Airbnb is also optimistic about the future expectations, they expect the end of 2017 taxes, interest and other expenses, the company is still able to maintain profitability.

this is a positive sign. In contrast, another shared economy on behalf of the company Uber is still facing the harsh competitive environment, last year the loss is expected to have 3 billion dollars, and still including Lyft competitors rely on subsidies to maintain the attractiveness of drivers and users. read more


The man rented US server operating pornographic websites for children with plate

two defendants tried in court. JINGWAH Times reporter Pei Xiaolan photo

opened the company’s man Liu Jingjing from the hands of the United States to hire American servers, operating pornographic websites containing minor pornographic information, through the VIP membership fee for profit. The United States will provide clues to the Ministry of public security, the Beijing police cracked. Daxing court of First Instance sentenced Liu Jingjing and Yang 10 years imprisonment for 8 months and 10 years, Yang appeal. Yesterday, the case in the second trial court. read more


Beauty single fight domain name mei cn nearly 1 million 100 thousand yuan knot shoot

renamed Chinese December 30th hearing, the love of beauty, in the name China luxury domain name auction across the years, a "beauty" spell domain name has also attracted the attention of many investors, after 393 times of intense outcry, the domain name near the end of the high price of 1 million 100 thousand yuan. Pat.

figure: domain name

informationAccording to the "

Chinese whois information query, domain name registration in 2013, the" beauty "," Mei "and" Mei "and many other meanings, suitable to build delicacy and beauty, dating and other types of sites, product phase is quite good. Its related domain name was set up for the online shopping community charm of the official website. read more


Black radio behind the interests of the chain online purchase of the transmitter to be replaced at a

"black radio", is not approved by the radio regulatory authorities and radio and television administrative departments, the acquisition of private radio transmitter and broadcast behavior. For black radio illegal and criminal activities, the relevant departments of the State Council from the beginning of February 15th this year, the first half of a special campaign to focus on combating governance. According to the reporter, this multi sectoral joint action, the law enforcement agencies to increase the crackdown, many hidden in the black radio behind the organizers were arrested, and the "black radio" behind the interests of the chain have been exposed. read more


Winter every house leakage Secret O2O brush single black hole brush off a week to earn seventy thou

Abstract: Zhang was in Beijing near China World Trade Center, organized a "brush squad", using the brush single software, with the China World Trade Center area restaurants cooperation, brush a variety of corporate subsidies. Team 5 people, a maximum gross income of up to about $200 thousand a month, each person can earn $40 thousand.

recently popular argument is that investment in winter is approaching, those who burn subsidies will be very sad model. A series of changes in the development of O2O industry to 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi also lamented, had to do free antivirus software feel very "revolution", now the Internet business has become a play, are not free, but lose. read more


Comments webmasters have to have a sense of responsibility look at the Xiamen site was closed

A: today Xiamen typhoon caused 69 people missing sites spread rumors checked August 21 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Li Huiying) 21, the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau announced that the malicious manufacture and distribute on Xiamen because of the typhoon "Sepat" caused by the relevant personnel network staff collective disappearance rumors on the Internet, has voluntarily surrendered to the public security organ, the public security organs to relevant personnel and sites were severely punished. read more


How could China is a superpower on the nternet a baodatianxia

In the tide of the Internet

many traditional industries into the strategy of anxiety, regardless of their own sick, disease serious illness, the doctor wants desperately to seize the Internet, as if it is not only a doctor, but is God, can cure. Unfortunately, the Internet is just a tool.

Zhong Shanshan, a China commercial genius, enjoy the "lone wolf" title in the industry, the character of special cherish the unruly ego; defying in the business hard, brave alone.

you may be unfamiliar with the name, not even how to read it. That said the farmer spring should be known to every family nobody do not know it, he is the founder of. Zhong Shanshan, male, Zhejiang Zhuji people, university degree, honyaradoh Limited was founded in 1993, started the honyaradoh guibie pills, capsules and other brands of flowers. Nongfushangquan 1996 founded Limited by Share Ltd in Hangzhou, to create a farmer spring, the farmer orchard, screaming and other well-known beverage brands. Nongfushangquan is currently chairman of the board chairman and general manager of Limited by Share Ltd, honyaradoh limited. read more