China entrepreneurial boom lead the world the birth of 4000 companies a day

since 2010 to 2014, the number of Chinese venture capital companies has doubled to 1609700, far more than the top ranked in the United Kingdom in the second.

since 2010, the number of startups

sina science and technology news Beijing time on November 25th afternoon news, according to Bloomberg, when the global economic slowdown, China is transforming itself into the next innovation country.

A new report from

UK accounting and consulting firm UHY International shows that Chinese become an innovation in the upsurge of "pole", there are 4000 companies born every day. read more


Zhu Xiaohu said only vote for young people such as 3 years ago Cheng Wei 4 years ago the preside

Li Min: "so how did Zhu always choose the older Wu Bo in the United States and in the hands of the younger rather than the younger Mr Wang Xingna?"

Zhu Xiaohu recently in the dark horse learn to share the investment experience, the following is his oral selection.

has an aggressive, understand the market most entrepreneurs to attract investors

I of the entrepreneur’s personality standard is simple – aggressive. The best found 3 years ago, Cheng Wei Zhang Xuhao 4 years ago, 9 years ago, Zhuang Chenchao, who is very young but very aggressive, determined to do a big platform. Only young people, do not consider after 70. read more


Everyone is talking about the nternet ecology but few people understand the logic behind it

Abstract: 2015 is the acquisition of new year’s day, the total size of the acquisition involving up to 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan. Surge high and sweep forward wave of mergers and acquisitions gleam a path from the evolution of industry mergers and acquisitions to expand the industrial chain for the evolution of ecosystem structure. More and more listed companies to mention the ecosystem, the word from the field of mergers and acquisitions in the Internet, the invention of vocabulary, grafting to the concept of industrial capital mergers and acquisitions. read more


Pan bottom ah a few ideas on the electricity supplier business

[ordinary entrepreneurs must hold the company] specific things entrepreneurs must hold the company, the proportion of equity allocation is not the average, the basic rules and experience of the equity arrangement. In addition, do not learn Ma Yun, such as a very small stake in the success of the enterprise and the example of chicken soup, which is a special case, the reference value of 0 entrepreneurs. We ordinary entrepreneurs must be in the law to protect their own interests under the premise of hard work. read more


Product let BAT tell you where the next business outlet

has long been the wind direction of the three big BAT, has begun to scramble to raise the layout of the public market. Jingdong congregation raised, Taobao congregation raised, as well as the recent quietly on the line Baidu hundred people, the public to raise the business of hot air vents can be seen.

all the chips, that is, the masses of public funds or fund-raising, by the promoters, investors and the platform constitutes a very low threshold fund-raising. Benefit from the Internet financial innovation of the East, and the low threshold of investment, advertised everyone contribution, everyone involved in the creation of everyone to raise the Internet is becoming another red sea area. read more


Online travel is the root cause of life and death for financing and financing

Abstract: however, whether it is big or small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, commercial issues and problems of online travel website profit platform has been stuck in my throat, continued subsidies not only to the platform of the capital chain tight, but also let the small platform has slightly carelessly face bankruptcy.

Author: Yan Zeru



looks bright, but the online travel business days are not easy, basically in the brink of death in 2016 June, the Amoy road declared bankruptcy liquidation, at the same time, to house net, foot travel network, travel network Friday dozens of online travel business companies have also announced insolvency or bankruptcy, if the number of IPO and three new board listed companies to calculate the success rate of online travel industry success rate of less than 2%. read more


How do tell tears from a total to business failure liabilities 600 thousand

Abstract: no matter how much you trust the employees and the backbone, or elite, the last ship to sink down, when more than 95% will mercilessly leave. We have more than 3 companies in the city have the same business, are the company’s most trusted backbone.

the weather is very good today, did not see the sun for a long time, I still have a nap A fighting spirit soars aloft. office, on returning to the school, the people here seem to always infinite passion, full of go, a variety of Taobao research ideas, technology and so on in time, recently there was no entrepreneurial failure of post. I began to code the. read more


Zhongguancun Unicorn more than 40 companies into a real opponent of Silicon Valley

in the more than and 100 high-tech zones in Zhongguancun, the most in line with the imagination of science and technology park.

as the country’s first high-tech zones, more than 20 years, leading the wave of entrepreneurship in china. Double era, Zhongguancun entrepreneurship phenomenon, a national benchmark.

industry leading enterprises, colleges, high-end talent, angel investment and entrepreneurship, financial innovation incubator, creating an entrepreneurial culture organization, six core elements, as well as the market, the rule of law and policy three environment, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial ecology. read more


Sources said Lin Chufang vice president of today’s headlines will participate in the resignation of

[TechWeb] reported on July 11th, according to media reports, Lin Chufang, vice president of today’s headlines responsible for public relations business has left its future may join the content of entrepreneurship. TechWeb today’s headlines to verify, yet to get a reply.

data show that the forest side in February 2015 joined the today’s headlines. Prior to this, Lin has served as "see the world" magazine executive editor, "Southern Weekend" senior editor. 2011, began to participate in the preparation of the first reading iRead magazine, in 2012 to participate in the formation of the first reading media, and served as president of the media reading, producer, and editor in chief. read more


Cai Wensheng the two generation of the capital market is rich in the strength of the nternet with t

Abstract: China has the highest level of capital strength, especially in the capital market, the third forces – China’s rich two generations, they have Internet thinking, but also with his father’s money.

Cai Wensheng was the famous angel investment, although his identity is now chairman of Meitu Xiu Xiu, but for the investment and the Internet, is still a lot of entrepreneurs sought. Yesterday, held at the Tsinghua University and Wudaokou Institute of finance’s "global entrepreneurial leaders project", Cai Wensheng published a 5 minute speech, to share their China now Internet investment analysis financial situation, and Sino US Internet market is different. read more


Valuation of 3 billion 200 million yuan of New Oriental online to three new board behind the secret

2015 revenues of 300 million yuan, net profit of over 15 million, gross profit of $3 billion 173 million, valued at $70%;

New Oriental Holdings of 68%, the New Oriental Department of the company’s employee stock ownership of Tencent holdings of 12%; (


4 New Oriental Network ESOP platform, the holding of the staff of 101, each holding more than $3 million 500 thousand equity value;

taped live the healthy development of business, the rapid development of business;

more than 1100 teachers are part-time; read more


Nutshell founder Ji thirteen the most important thing is how to answer after the fire remain stable

Abstract: "it is not easy to answer, first of all, it is a phenomenal product, so far it should not die. As a phenomenal product, there is no possibility that death is the greatest blessing. I have always said checking inside, should not a month ago so fire, such a product earlier Quhuo, is not a particularly good thing."

titanium media note: sub answer this fast based on WeChat platform popular products, so that the realization of knowledge has become a hot topic. The "answer" up quickly, make the shell network founder, CEO Ji thirteen also surprised. There was a time to occupy the top four or five science and technology media, of course, titanium media also made a report, put the past to see only a huge company has such a glory, it is rare." read more


Cai Wensheng entrepreneurship is not only to do the industry first and exit is successful

Abstract: long collar investment Cai Wensheng said about entrepreneurship when you say: you have to find an industry or vertical subdivision of the field, and do the first. In the future of entrepreneurship, not just the Internet, including in traditional industries, the value of the first will be far more than the industry’s second, three.

must be the industry’s first

I remember, when Robin Li back to China to do Baidu, in fact, is to do a search engine provider. When he took the second round of financing from the hands of VC VC, is to let him do is IDC (IDC is based on INTERNET network for centralized collection, storage, processing and transmission equipment to provide data base of operation and maintenance of facilities and provide related services). At that time, Baidu is the strongest IDC business, but Robin Li insisted on their own point of view, that there is no way out of IDC, we must do search engines. read more


Please start the protection of intellectual property rights don’t lose again too late for regrets

do not know whether to walk on the road of small partners have had such an idea:

– registered? Is not important, I give the products made out to say it

• layout of intellectual property, do not worry, and so my products have a certain degree of visibility and then proceed to

– infringement risk? No mistake, the world is so big, I am using the trademark (or brand) how could have been registered by others?

I do not know the idea of a small partner, and later encountered such a problem: read more


Han Kun and his second shot small coffee show a 1 billion gamble

Abstract: from PC to mobile Internet, the video has been viewed as the best outlet: potatoes, Youku, music television, Iqiyi, cool 6, Sohu…… Near the top of a group of entrepreneurs gathered in the video arena, but after death ten years of love, the game does not appear the real winner.

start, all startups like crazy in a gamble: it is like a femme fatale, so you can not see the truth, but it is difficult to resist the temptation. Perhaps in the 1000 entrepreneurial gambler, can taste a fragrant beauty, but still attracted more people. read more


90 female students find micro business selling honey thousand create miracle

said derivative products, everyone is nothing but God, for having heard it many times mask soap and a variety of skin care products. However, these are a whoop and a holler amazing products, how many agents really dare to act as being from the heart test in mice. Especially when the micro business skin care product safety problems emerge in endlessly, how many agents dare to promote the use of dare. Of course, do not rule out really have to sell the mask will be micro business market bigger and stronger people, but these accounts for only a very small part. read more


Financing 3 billion Exposing those who fall in the capital of the winter down entrepreneurs

since the second half of 2015 so far, the venture capital market began cooling, Internet plus medical winter capital and O2O capital, APP capital of winter winter sports…….

for the winter capital for a variety of reasons, the project is less and less, so the investment of natural capital is reduced; the first half in order to grab no technical content of Internet plus, and the second is the main technological innovation, industrial manufacturing Internet plus, which is good at to engage in short-term investment in venture capital is not their home court. read more


Community O2O solutions for the entire industry district with new achievements property

with the rapid development of the Internet, the business model updated market competition in all walks of life, the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing and how to realize the input and output of the breakthrough innovation, how to use a good platform to create business continuity of the blue ocean market is particularly important.

Let the

District O2O will undoubtedly become the object of capital market and pursued, and looks in the residential district is also the exclusive function; particularity, functional areas to focus more on community wide coverage, the goal is clear, precise marketing. Pay more attention to the overall platform planning, community function is to assist the entire business platform to enhance the effectiveness of marketing functions. read more


Hard pioneering Road how to avoid the failure of entrepreneurship

now people have a desire for success out of the ordinary, they are eager to realize their dreams, eager to achieve success and win recognition desire behind, is the fear of failure, a lot of starting a business venture, always love to ask me: "teacher, there is no secret of success is to ensure that the


founded a career, who do not want to be successful, if there is a business secret to an invincible position, who will be hard to pursue? Can be realized but not absolute, behind the success is always facing the failure situation. read more


How to sell Taobao free fish products monthly income of million

has been looking for all kinds of dry cargo in the diving loose blog, always think of the good method in accordance with the God of the brightest to promote drainage, so that I can become a high income groups.

see a lot of dry cargo, no one out, always feel too much trouble, I am doing in traditional industries, but not too familiar with the Internet, has been looking for a variety of effective promotion methods, today I will share my own use of it, is not very tall, but very indeed, the headline monthly income of over 10000 have exaggerated ingredients, but one month I did this make $ten thousand, net profit of read more