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Posted by: | Posted on: January 17, 2021

11 Honeybee respect

first_imgBy Amanda M. EllisUniversity of GeorgiaWhen a honeybee buzzes the blooms in your garden, give it somerespect. The pollination it and other honeybees are providing issupplying an estimated one-third of the world’s food. In the United States alone, honeybee pollination provides a$20-billion boost to agriculture. And we may be in danger oflosing these vital pollinators.Over the past 20 years, some exotic honeybee pests have beenintroduced into the U.S.The most devastating of these is the varroa mite. To a bee, thismite is like having a basketball-sized tick attached to yourside. You can imagine the damage it causes as it sucks thehoneybee’s blood.Varroa mites transmit viruses to the bee, too, causing evengreater sickness. These mites have all but wiped out wild U.S.colonies of honeybees. As a result, the honeybees in NorthAmerica are virtually all domesticated, relying on beekeepers tomanage the devastating mites.Garden pollinatorsAnd just when overall bee health is at its lowest, we needhoneybees more than ever. Honeybees are important pollinators forgardeners at all levels.Pollination is the movement of pollen from the male part of aflower to the female part. It’s vital to plant reproduction. Mostplants need pollination to produce fruit. Some even requirecross-pollination to set more and larger fruit.Other types of native bee pollinators are out there. But habitatdestruction and urban development have reduced their populations,too, in many areas.Honeybees fill the pollination void left by native species.They’re excellent pollinators because of their generalistforaging habits and large colony sizes, with 30,000 to 60,000bees per hive.Honeybees visit plants to collect both pollen and nectar to useas food. They use pollen as a protein source for rearing babybees. And nectar, which they process and store in the hive ashoney, is their primary energy source.Bee dancingTo “tell” one another where pollen and nectar-rich plants are,honeybees use a special dance language known as the waggle dance.During spring and summer, forager bees work from sunup tosundown, working themselves to death in only six weeks.Pests such as varroa mites bring bees’ death even faster, makingthis valuable pollinator scarce in many areas. The honeybee laboratory at the University of Georgia is at theforefront of honeybee research. The lab’s primary researchemphases focus on controlling bee pests and studying pollinationecology.Scientists are making strides in both areas. And just in time.Honeybee health is at an all-time low.Honeybees are a vital component not just of a successful gardenbut of agriculture, too. So, support and promote honeybees andbeekeeping in your area. After all, honeybees give you one-thirdof all the food you eat.(Amanda Ellis is a graduate student in entomology with theUniversity of Georgia College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences.) Volume XXXINumber 1Page 11last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 20, 2020

Argentine Air Force Trains Dogs for Security and Defense Tasks

first_imgBy Eduardo Szklarz/Diálogo February 09, 2018 The canines serve as an early warning system and are ready to engage in combat.last_img

Posted by: | Posted on: December 20, 2020

US, Colombian Service Members Lead Potable Water Project

first_imgBy Myriam Ortega/Diálogo November 14, 2018 Muy buenas una consulta donde se puede conseguir información sobre el pozo donde estaría diseño y columna litologica le agrazdeco su información ya para motivos investigativos In early October, units of the U.S. Navy and the Colombian Army completed a combined water well project in the outskirts of Riohacha, La Guajira department, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The Rumonero project, named after the village where the water exploration work took place, sought to increase the community’s water supply. The project lasted more than a month and consisted of ground exploration, planning, and drilling of a well about 250 meters deep. The activities, under U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM)-sponsored humanitarian mission Southern Partnership Station (SPS) took place, August 28th–October 3rd. U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. 4th Fleet carried out SPS 18, engaging in knowledge exchange and strengthening the capabilities of Latin American countries between July and October. “We choose these kinds of projects based on local needs,” U.S. Navy Captain Brian J. Diebold, commodore of Destroyer Squadron 40, which led SPS 18, told Diálogo. “They align with SOUTHCOM’s principles of promoting regional stability while advancing shared interests in the region.” Fresh water Military personnel unloaded tons of construction material and special equipment for well drilling from the U.S. Navy’s USS Gunston Hall in the port city of Santa Marta, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, to transport it to Riohacha. About 40 service members assigned to U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 (NMCB-133) focused their efforts on executing the project. The Colombian Army managed onsite security, providing 100 troops under the government’s unified action concept of the Victoria Plus Plan, the strategic planning umbrella of the Colombian Military Forces. “Once NMCB-133 was onsite, its members started drilling to find fresh water,” said Capt. Diebold. “This shows the commitment [of the United States] to the security and stability of the region.” In Colombia, the Military Forces General Command, the ministries of the Interior and Urban Planning and Territory, as well as La Guajira’s local government, coordinated the project. “[These] institutions identified the critical situation due to the lack of potable water in La Guajira department,” Brigadier General Hugo Alejandro López Barreto, commander of the Colombian Army’s Comprehensive Action and Development Support Command, told Diálogo. Thousands of inhabitants in the region characterized by deserts and sand dunes, hamlets, and fishing villages of the indigenous Wayuu community, benefited from the project. The region has been through a period of drought for nearly a decade, which worsened in the last three years. “The population is scattered, with more than 5,000 settlements spread over 1,090,000 hectares, creating a set of challenges for the government and the country,” said Brig. Gen. López. “Travel time for a family to access potable water in some communities is two to six hours, and the supply is minimal; we’re talking about 3 liters of water per person, which isn’t enough.” A successful project In addition to leading humanitarian projects in the region, SPS 18 conducted subject matter expert exchanges in different specialties, such as exchanging knowledge about preventive medicine during the deployment in Riohacha. The exchange among health units of the U.S. Navy and traditional doctors of the Cucurumana, El Paraíso, and Tocoramana communities in La Guajira enabled information exchanges with indigenous leaders for 17 days. “There was an exchange of knowledge from both sides,” Brig. Gen. López said. “In this whole exercise, we were able to alleviate health conditions of many children and communities during this month and a half.” The Rumonero project was a success at the local level, covering a basic need in the region and favoring socioeconomic development in the area. The combined operation between U.S. and Colombian service members also strengthened bonds of friendship and interoperability. “The Colombian Army provided security and was essential to the success of this project,” Capt. Diebold said. “The collaboration between the U.S. Navy and the Colombian Armed Forces is based on mutual respect, and we work together with our [Colombian] friends to promote security and regional stability.”last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: December 19, 2020

Court interpreter program recognized

first_imgCourt interpreter program recognized April 1, 2003 Regular News Court interpreter program recognizedcenter_img the thousands they come into Florida’s state courts seeking justice only to find the biggest barrier of all — they cannot understand what is happening and they cannot be understood because they do not speak English.To bring down this barrier, Florida’s state courts joined a 29-state consortium that pools resources nationwide to help establish certification programs for court interpreters that assist immigrant residents, something too complex and costly for any one state to tackle alone.The Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government recently announced that the consortium is one of only 15 finalists out of more than 1,000 nominations for an annual honor considered to be the “Oscars” for government programs — the Innovations in American Government Award.“Our state courts are committed to two fundamental principles in using the resources given to us by the taxpayers,” Chief Justice Harry Lee Anstead said. “First, we are going to save money wherever we can through innovation and, second, we are going to do our very best to make sure that all our state residents have the same quality of justice. The consortium is one of many ways we are fulfilling both of these goals.”Florida’s court interpreter program is actively recruiting trainees who speak one or more of the following eight languages: Spanish, Creole, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Polish, Arabic, and Cantonese. The next training session will be held in Ft. Myers April 9-11. Other programs will be held throughout the state in the future. Consortium members also will develop more tests in the future to address Florida’s special need for Portuguese, French, and Bosnian interpreters.Those who successfully complete the program earn the distinction of being listed on the state court’s Registry of Tested Interpreters. To qualify, trainees are first tested in English proficiency and trained about how interpreters must work in the courtroom. Later they are tested for proficiency in the foreign language they speak.The national consortium, founded in 1995, helps its members in several ways. It provides testing materials and educational program for interpreters; sets standards for test development, administration and education; and serves as a forum for information sharing among members.The overall goal is to increase the number of qualified court interpreters in the member states, strengthen interpreter professionalism, improve management of interpreter services, and reduce the case time in interpreted court proceedings.Finalists for the Innovations in Government Award each receive a $10,000 grant and go on to compete for the top award, which carries a $100,000 purse and international recognition. Harvard officials cited the consortium for its emphasis on sharing among states to solve a problem none could do alone.“Complex problems like court interpretation can often seem overwhelming and unsolvable,” said Gail Christopher, executive director of the Institute for Government Innovation at the Kennedy School. “The consortium’s emphasis on resource and information sharing was the key to overcoming this problem. This effort provides a sensible, innovative model for cooperation and cost-effectiveness among states that can easily be adopted to address other problems in the justice system.”This is the second time the Florida state courts have received a nod from the Kennedy School for innovative programs. In 1998, then-Chief Justice Gerald Kogan’s “Access Initiative” placed as one of 100 semifinalists for its then-novel two-year effort to make more court information available to the public via the Internet and other technology.The centerpiece of the Kogan initiative was broadcasting all state Supreme Court arguments via the Web and by satellite. This was a project that would prove its value only two years later when a worldwide audience watched arguments live and unedited in Florida’s disputed 2000 presidential election lawsuits known to history as Bush v. Gore.last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: November 18, 2020

Ivan Mrvoš, after smart benches, presented smart stations for cycling – Monna

first_imgAfter smart Stereo benches, a young innovator, Ivan Mrvoš who started from Solin literally from the garage, a few days ago at the largest Smart City fair in Barcelona presented a new innovative product Monna – the first electric smart bike station in response to cycling.Monna is the most advanced multifunctional bench ever designed – for both urban and rural areas. There are two versions of the system. The first is Monna City for city locations such as town squares, marinas or parks. and Monna Country designed for outdoor locations, such as country bike trails, hills, etc.Using the best of our best-selling Steora smartphones – charging smart devices, Wi-Fi, street lights, digital advertising, sensors, data collection, we have created a bike station that comes with a solarium that comes with a bike stand, repair tools and electric charging sockets electric bicycles and other devices – it is written in Monna’s description for the Include website.Two smart 7-screen electrical outlets provide up to 250 watts of power to charge electric bikes, laptops and other electronic devices.There is also a compressor that fills the tires with air in a simple way and with a few clicks via a digital display. The required amount of air pressure is set on the display, connect the air hose to the valve in the tires and press start on the display. When the proper air pressure is reached, charging stops. There are also mandatory stainless steel tools, which are fitted with standard screwdrivers, 6 regular wrenches and 8 wrenches of different sizes, making it easy to repair all types of bikes.Photo: MonnaAll in all, a rounded story, from free electricity and internet access, to bicycle repair tools as well as a tire inflator. See more about the entire Monna product at official websiteslast_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: October 16, 2020

Governor Wolf Recorded Remarks on Extending School Closure for Remainder of Academic Year

first_img Education,  Press Release,  Public Health Remarks from Governor Tom Wolf are available for download regarding his announcement today that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year. The governor was scheduled to deliver the remarks during today’s briefing with Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine, but high winds disrupted the satellite feed.Resources for media:Press releaseGovernor Wolf’s recorded remarksGovernor Wolf’s message to students and parentsEducation Secretary Pedro Rivera teleconferenceView this information in Spanish here. Governor Wolf Recorded Remarks on Extending School Closure for Remainder of Academic Year SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img April 09, 2020last_img read more

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Santander pension fund closes in on £10bn after 18% return

first_imgThe £9.5bn (€13.2bn) Santander UK Group Pension Scheme saw an investment return of 17.7% over 2014 as its commitment to real assets proved successful and the scheme lowered risk.The pension fund, which provides retirement benefits to more than 60,000 former and current bank employees, saw its investment return outstrip the 13.3% seen in 2013.It said investment performance was ahead of its benchmark and came as the fund increased hedging levels to nearly 60%, and decreased costs through simplifying administration.Director of pensions at Santander UK, Antony Barker, said there was still a funding deficit in the scheme, which was not helped by falling interest rates – something the fund did not expect to change any time soon. The scheme’s discount rate dropped 90 basis points to 3.6% over the year.“Our fund is close to £10bn now, and we agreed to reduce our quoted equity exposure by a further 5% in favour of real assets, which we have been securing around the globe,” Barker said.Its property fund increased by £296m and now stands at £1.1bn, including a range of properties across the UK and eight new commercial, housing and industrial properties.Barker said the fund continued its approach to find the value in “hairy deals”, which require additional active management.But he added that each new deal had a clear and detailed business plan and exit strategy.The fund owns a concert venue in Manchester, which added a 24.6% return after the Santander scheme launched a raft of changes to the arena and helped increased revenue via advertising.It also implemented a new approach to investing in hedge funds, shifting its entire allocation to hedge fund strategies into the equity of hedge fund managers.“As pension funds worldwide questioned the value in the fees paid to hedge fund managers,” Barker said, “Santander has sought to benefit by reinvesting the proceeds from its own hedge fund exposure into the equity of hedge fund managers themselves – one of the first European pension funds to do so.”Alongside the fund’s plan to shift equity exposure to real assets, it also boosted exposure to government index-linked debt, with total exposure now at £2.5bn from £2bn in 2013.Last week, it acquired a 4% stake in Eurostar, the London to Paris and Brussels train operation, after the UK government sold its stake as part of its privatisation plan.The stake was purchased by Hermes Infrastructure as the asset manager secured a 10% stake on behalf of Santander scheme and other UK pension funds.The common investment fund, the amalgamation of six pension schemes brought together by Santander’s banking acquisitions, said last year it would reduce investment risk as the funding level improved.On an accounting basis, the pension fund is now showing a £116m surplus at the end of 2014, a shift from the £554m deficit seen a year earlier.Read IPE’s interview with Anthony Barker on the scheme’s investment strategy implementationlast_img read more

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Sweet Manufacturing new to national IMCA Modified decal program

first_imgKALAMAZOO, Mich. – The manufacturer of the “Official steering box of IMCA” is new this season to the national decal program for IMCA Modifieds.Sweet Manufacturing of Kalamazoo, Mich., will award steering boxes to champions in each of the five regions for IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds. Second through fifth place finishers in each region receive $50 gift certificates. Both the national Late Model champion and IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s Late Model champions receive a Sweet-made steering rack.Drivers in both the Modified and Late Model divisions must display two Sweet Manufacturing decals on their race car to be eligible for those awards, which will be presented at the national banquet or mailed beginning the following week from the IMCA home office. Another 10 steering boxes will be given to Modified competitors at Super Nationals and at the Duel In The Desert.Super Nationals recipients include the main event winner and front row starters, a longest tow qualifier, Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational and Harris Auto Racing Race of Champions winners, best appearing car winner and the top non-qualifier in points. The winner of the Duel In the Desert main event also leaves Las Vegas with a steering box. Sweet Manufacturing is in its sixth season as an IMCA marketing partner. Information about steering boxes and other Sweet products is available by calling 800 441-8619 and at the www.sweetmfg.biz website. “The Sweet program has grown each of the past few seasons and we’re excited to have our brands linked in another very visible way this season,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder said. “They give away thousands of dollars in product and I am grateful for their generosity.”last_img read more

Posted by: | Posted on: September 21, 2020

Saints win changed Ferguson plans

first_img Press Association Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed Manchester City’s shock defeat at Southampton on Saturday night prompted him to scrap his selection plans and go full tilt for the Premier League title. He went on: “I was going to make about seven changes but it was about being realistic. We knew if we could get a result then it put us in a fantastic position and we can make changes later on in the season.” That pre-supposes United do make it past Real, whose manager Jose Mourinho met Ferguson ahead of Sunday’s game and watched on from the directors’ box. However, after losing the title to City last term, there has been a keen desire for the Red Devils to regain their superiority. And Everton boss David Moyes said: “I think 12 points against a club like Manchester United is a big gap to make up. Football doesn’t always go the way it is meant to be but it looks a lot. To be that amount of points ahead is a big thing at this time of the season.” Giggs’ 13th-minute effort, which rolled in off a post after Van Persie had created the opportunity, extended the veteran Welshman’s run of scoring in every Premier League campaign. Indeed, he has now scored in 23 seasons, which Ferguson admitted was a remarkable record. “I think the superlatives have all been used up,” said the United boss. “His legacy lives on he is just a fantastic human being. Again at 38, or is he 39, maybe even 40 he is up and down that pitch all day. He has fantastic energy for the game.” The one downside for United was the loss of Phil Jones, who did a diligent man-marking job on Marouane Fellaini but was forced off 10 minutes into the second half with a calf strain. Jonny Evans also complained of cramp before he was replaced, although Rio Ferdinand was set to come into the United line-up anyway for the Madrid clash. “I had a chat with Jose before the game,” said Ferguson. “He was in good form and we are both looking forward to the game. It will be terrific.” center_img The move paid dividends as first-half goals from Ryan Giggs and Robin van Persie proved enough to see off a dogged Everton outfit at Old Trafford. United are now 12 points clear at the top of the Premier League. Even though it may have an impact on Wednesday’s Champions League duel with Real Madrid, Ferguson believes the changes were worth the U-turn. “As soon as I saw the result at Southampton I thought this was an opportunity for us to get a real comfortable lead,” said Ferguson. “I scrapped the changes I originally planned to make.” last_img read more

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Cabaye double downs Hammers

first_img Strikes from Yohan Cabaye and Loic Remy put impressive Newcastle in a commanding position, but Mike Williamson’s own goal in first-half injury time set up a more competitive second half. West Ham, buoyed by the arrival of Ravel Morrison, displayed greater fight and Carlton Cole should have scored the equaliser but also butchered the simplest of chances. Newcastle added their third four minutes into injury time when Cabaye curled a free-kick around the wall, off the left post and into the net. The result means West Ham slip back into the relegation zone while Newcastle have concluded their four-match losing run in all competitions. The Magpies in full flow were great to watch but they will face few more accommodating back fours than Razvan Rat, James Collins, Roger Johnson and Matt Taylor. Cabaye and Remy benefited from some woeful defending and had the Magpies been just a little more clinical, the contest would have been over by half-time. Injury-hit West Ham’s shortcomings in defence were exposed in the opening minutes when Cabaye threaded a terrific pass to Remy. The Frenchman outfoxed Johnson and Collins and having created enough room to take a shot, sent the ball narrowly wide of the left post. Andy Carroll squandered a glorious chance to decorate his Upton Park return with a crucial goal as Newcastle ended their three-match losing run in the Barclays Premier League with a 3-1 win. Carroll, back from a long-term foot injury, made his second appearance of the season as a 62nd-minute substitute and was guilty of an awful miss against his former side. With West Ham trailing 2-1 and the match finely poised, the England striker had the goal at his mercy after being teed up by Stewart Downing only to loft his attempt high over the crossbar. When Cabaye was given the opportunity to put Newcastle ahead in the 16th minute, he seized his chance. Yoan Gouffran darted infield and found Cabaye, who took two touches and passed the ball into the net with West Ham’s passive defence all but waving him through. It was turning into the Cabaye show as the French midfielder set up Moussa Sissoko with a long pass, which should have been buried, before shooting just wide himself. The half-hour mark saw West Ham’s first chance, but Downing stabbed the ball straight into the arms of Tim Krul. Any hope that Downing’s attempt might inspire the Hammers faded almost immediately as Newcastle capitalised on more shambolic defending to surge 2-0 ahead. Sissoko floated in a cross that should have been cleared with ease, but instead Remy was able to glide unmarked into the six-yard box and stab home. Remarkably given the run of play, West Ham pulled one back deep into first-half injury time and this time Newcastle’s defence was at fault. Rat provided the cross to Cole, who chested the ball down and muscled his way through two defenders, Williamson adjudged to have got the final touch as the ball found its way past Krul. The goal seemed only to be a momentary lapse in concentration as Cabaye tested Adrian early in the second half, but slowly West Ham began to display some stomach for the fight. A hint of complacency had crept into Newcastle’s play and it was now the Hammers who were driving forward. Cole should have rounded off Matt Taylor’s hard work by dispatching the equaliser but instead he blundered over a simple chance, steering the ball wide with the target at his mercy. Carroll’s first appearance of the season at Upton Park was greeted by a loud cheer, but when the stage beckoned for the England forward to deliver he skied the ball into the stands. Fittingly, it was the brilliant Cabaye who supplied Newcastle’s third goal in the 95th minute. Press Associationlast_img read more