Month: September 2017


New ideas for the optimization of the traditional optimization method is eliminating the potential e

now no matter what the industry website have emphasized a requirement: user experience, user experience is reflected in many aspects such as website, website structure, website content, website function, website interaction, these made the content in the traditional chain era was not taken seriously and these are precisely the enterprise needed to focus on understanding the station optimization and adjustment, to make products (real or virtual service) website, in order to ensure the stability of the site optimization audience and more accurate rankings on a point. read more


New Shanghai dragon station at the beginning of how to choose the host

at this point, the proposed new Shanghai dragon bought before and host communication, some a little bit of professional problems to let others help answer, so it is very easy to know the service quality of the host.

host Technology > program

now hosts according to support program is divided into: ASP type PHP type asp+php host host and versatile host. So in the choice of the host also have to pay attention to their own website program which, before buying consulting host customer service to confirm the host database if there are procedures and requirements. According to it, don’t wait for the program to the space after the discovery of the host is not supported by this program, then is time-consuming and laborious, lose the wife of another soldier. read more


How to optimize the site keywords layout ingenious interpretation of enterprises

: first website title and description layout. For the enterprise marketing site, the choice of keywords with regional, so the key optimization difficulty is not high, if the webmaster can layout the title and description of good, fast rise to love Shanghai home is very likely. The wording of the original title: the main keywords + keywords + the name of the enterprise, the main keywords for relatively high degree of difficulty, can appear in the title 2 times, or the use of segmentation techniques, let the main keywords appear 2 times, it is best to write the name of the enterprise the enterprise name, to customers, to modify the name affect keyword ranking the. Describe the way the original description is generally not more than 80 characters, the exceeding part is not in love Shanghai home show; in the description of the main keywords appear 2 times; if the description of a complete sentence, do not appear keywords accumulation phenomenon. After the title and description of the layout, the main keywords appear generally 3-4 times, so the density is enough for the optimization of enterprises. read more


We want to see what the decline in ranking problem

two, Links

website, 404 page links become > submitted /

some websites eager to on-line, may ignore the 301 redirect problem caused by web page, repeat included website weight dispersion, keywords ranking is not good, if you have eliminated a lot of problems, but there has been no improvement in ranking, can be in love Shanghai site without the WWW domain name, see is not the existence of web page included two cases.


enterprise station optimization, website ranking will have experienced fluctuations, especially for the new station, a behavior you are not careful, you will lead to the optimization of the site has no ranking. If you listen to the ZAC training course, then you will station optimization on ZAC ", don’t do with this sentence impressed, so why even Daniel people will issue such a sigh? The reason is that, as the search engine algorithm outsider, we have no way of knowing the so-called" over optimization of this degree should be how to determine. read more


Longfeng Shanghai website long tail keywords optimization method

?The basic

can be found there is a regular, long tail keywords contained in the target keywords. This is the first level, understanding of the long tail keywords: long tail keywords related keywords to target keywords is the website. This understanding is not wrong, but not deep into the essence of long tail keywords. The core concept is the long tail keywords: Keywords bring target users through the website content page called long tail keywords. This concept, including two points:

long tail keywords often competition is not strong, the current situation, most of the long tail keywords ranking depends on the weight of the main station, there’s the keywords and content on the page title. A few long tail keywords ranking, is to rely on "tag". So, to do long tail keywords ranking, as long as a few popular tags, you can achieve. This is. read more


Novice how to learn the actual operation scheme of Shanghai Longfeng simple guide

Jian Shanghai Longfeng study and practical summary into 7 steps as follows:

in the process of learning and practice of Shanghai dragon, to avoid the above two cases, it is necessary to understand what’s included Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon understand what needs to be done? A lot of friends in the study and practice after a period of time, is relatively smooth out of his understanding of Shanghai Dragon and the conclusion is that Shanghai dragon station updated articles and release the chain outside the station. We first present the search conditions regardless of user experience optimization, even if the content is king in the chain for the emperor era which is on the Shanghai dragon misunderstanding. The hair of the chain is really only a small part of the Shanghai dragon. read more


Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon again prompted the search

love Shanghai’s good intentions, but the estimated effect is not necessarily good, as long as there is a rapid increase rankings, they will have, I think love is Shanghai should establish more scientific grasp and ranking rules, the specific can clearly inform the user, this is the best policy.

in the middle of last month, Shanghai Shanghai dragon in love search and the promotion of Related words, many places have emerged in Shanghai love tips, because stationmaster overreact, love Shanghai cancel those that did not think of half a month to love Shanghai and the emergence of related tips: "love Shanghai reminder: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the recommendations about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon". Not alone to love Shanghai search engine optimization guide, but made a separate page: read more


Papi sauce ten million financing behind content venture investment tuyere265 Union November cheat ac


Jun Lian capital executive director Shao Zhenxing on twenty-first Century Business Herald reporter, said that with the improvement of people’s living standards, commodity consumption in disposable income share is declining. In the process of upgrading consumption, the user needs upgrade from the product itself, evolving to the upgrading of consumer services. Entertainment is an important part of the upgrading of services, and as a source of entertainment, content investment is therefore of great value." He said. read more


The announcement on the 5A pulse advertising alliance network advertising money matchGG ads appear a

pulse advertising alliance in July 21st with another alliance released "on the 5A match network advertising alliance promotion fee in arrears more than the joint announcement", after the announcement, 5A attaches great importance to its top speed dating network, quickly to what the details of the understanding of member data and provide network of check pulse. Now find out the reasons for 5A dating network director of alliance advertising staff due to personal accident caused by temporary leave, transfer of personnel can not be real-time verification of all data, delay aging, resulting in the brief misunderstanding. The company executives reported level, 5A dating network chairman Chen immediately made contact with the general manager Mei ripple alliance, in addition to the "honest and law-abiding have repeatedly stated honesty and reasonable enterprise cultural services", and instructed relevant personnel will take over three hours in June the League money fluctuation and kernel payment is completed, also ripple in the next payment, will be issued to each member of the Commission of qualified materials. read more


How to get into the hair of the chain weight

associated theme ?

first you send the chain, must ensure that the chain of the popularity of the platform is good, or you did not send up basically is not what role to browse. Your article is popular browsing times will be greatly enhanced, the more the better browsing content, then be reproduced or recommended will greatly enhance the probability. There must be made up will be included in Shanghai love. Not included on the site how useful

first, how do the chain can click on the user’s desire read more


See Six Meridian Swords how to save the K website

three: pay attention to the contents of the original

five sword: no difference, as long as you work hard

network is always implement any industry base. A teacher at the Zhu Weikun forum is k a week after yesterday to return to normal, this is a concrete manifestation of the team. See them forum who know for sure, here is the original article. Team what is a concept, is a group with common goals, ideals, beliefs, honest, loyal people combination. Others said, two people of husband and wife, will see their shadows from each other, is a subtle change. The team, like husband and wife, every day with the exchange, communication, whether it is work, and the spirit are condensed into a very strong force. read more


Shanghai dragon should be how to improve the site conversion rate

1, the content is not good, the bounce rate will be very high, online customer service will not have the chance to guide the guests, so that web content regardless of copy or original content, then it must be around the user needs to build content, what is the user needs of the content? If you don’t understand what the user needs, then another position to consider, if you are a user, what do you go to a website, what is the purpose of looking for what kind of content. Yourself to think in the location of the user, the content in the construction of read more


The 7 Shanghai dragon website content to help you optimize the operation process of 28 heavenly home

In fact,

analysis of website structure and layout is very complex and deep lesson, should have been separately, now give buddies roughly about it. Excellent website structure is very conducive to love Shanghai spider crawling search engine spiders, crawling in your website is not hard, but also do not want to go, this is our legendary "spider", will be alone to explain the structure of the website, don’t worry!

2, website structure and layout analysis

if the site structure is for the spider do Shanghai dragon web content optimization, then the web page layout analysis is Shanghai dragon website content optimization for the user experience and do. Excellent web page layout can be the first time to show the user want the page to the user, the user can reduce the search time, save the search time cost of users to the site, reduce the bounce rate, increase user stickiness on the website. read more


B2B site information page Shanghai Longfeng optimization details

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

4, unrelated websiteThe overall optimization and


user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

most users because of the sake of convenience, most of them are in their original corporate website will be the product of the pictures, description, parameters all copied, or some important parameters not filled, as shown in figure 1

2, detailed information with other sites of CSS and read more


Site website home page is analyzed in the first reason

website was hacked, is most likely to lead to our web page is not the first, drop right, included one of the reasons for the decline, is usually black after the site will appear on the website snapshot is not normal, or website released a flood of bad information, included a substantial reduction in the surge included, there is a hanging black chain several cases. So I open these sites to analyze their code, but also with the spider biomimetic robot is simulated in the form of capture, but after trying several websites, has not found any situation is black, so this can be ruled out. read more


Simple talk about the personal experience and feelings of Shanghai Dragon

4, how to control the speed of the chain, the chain how to maintain a speed.


we should have a first hand chain resource list

before the Shanghai dragon promotion, it is best not to blindly touch a website to send links, there is no such plans and rules. We should be ready for an EXCEL table is used to record these chain resources. At the beginning we can through the search engine or the webmaster forum to Amoy to the chain of resources on the Internet, there have been many webmaster summed up a copy of the chain site list, the list of most of the sites are available, and the weights are good, we have to do is go to the list a web site registered account, keep account. Then it is often post. Is so simple, in the execution. At the same time, their development of new chain resources. These resources will be added to the excel table, the table should be able to put these resources outside the chain of finishing clear, for example, sorted by weight height, which can take the anchor text, which is what is the forum, blog, which is Q, which is the soft platform and etc.. read more


Talk about foreign chain resources quality judgment

the weight of the connection and second almost, just the URL of the link, but there is no text to explain


jump type link does not have the weight transfer, love Shanghai Post Bar is jump type links (upekkha)

index assumes

for the future resources outside of the chain saw some of the above we should understand.

: * * * * recommended index

Recommended: Recommended:

outside the chain of high quality miles away, but in order to accumulate more well outside the chain of resources we have to put some "chain no" to give up, this is a chain of resource problems for my job second days and in the work (because it is just a new industry). Today for you to explain what the chain resources should leave what kind of resources outside the chain of the house. read more


The chain of resources will affect the spread of the weight and trust website


, a web site requires frequent maintenance and management of

will be eliminated!

from the DoNews case can learn something:

said here maybe a lot of friends will ask, if your web site is banned from the hair of the chain, then the Shanghai dragon Er website is also a kind of decide on what path to follow? In fact, mutually beneficial transactions, you provide good content, I brought you a link is feasible, as per article at the end of the A5 station network can take a a link, but the article must be of high quality original articles, it is beneficial for both sites, achieve a win-win outcome in the Internet or whatever in life are everywhere can see the egoistic read more


The chaos of Shanghai Dragon ndustry

since the last time I love Shanghai to Shanghai dragon industry conducted a friendly reminder, I believe that many owners are more or less feel love Shanghai algorithm adjustment. Love Shanghai that is a reason, situation is observed, search engine optimization is indeed the adjustment, otherwise it may be like many webmaster said, into the crookedness of the interface. Why do you say that, first look at the chaos of Shanghai dragon industry.

1. waste: many people think Shanghai dragon is to put the link in a post, then make out waiting to be included in the search engine, the website can get ranked. So many Shanghai Longfeng chain members tried to do not know where to post to all kinds of website. If the post is readable is that, the most helpless is we all know that search engines love the original article, but I was too lazy to think to write, so they use false original tools to generate. But this kind of tool to generate the article does not have the readability, this article published is rubbish, lazier even the layout of all the provinces, too, was not for people to see. read more


The downhill strategy of coping website

first analysis of the total number included and included the relationship between the amount, in general, the number of total included an offer is equal to the number of included yesterday and today by the number and, if the total collection is far less than the sum of both, and your article is still updated every day, so that your site is there the problem. First, the essay is the quality of your network is too low, then love Shanghai included or not has found repeated high degree of readability, has led to the collection of content is blocked. Second, the chain quality is not high, the search engines rarely visit your website, even if there are updates, also have to wait a long time to be included. In view of these situations, we must update some high quality articles, but also to intensify the construction of the external links. read more