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What taboo Shanghai dragon shall not touch

After a period of time do you usually

seems to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar for newcomers, hoping to play a role in the detours, the China Luhang gasbag professional information platform (www.chinaluhang贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep the link, thank you.

you will see about the chain how to send the share every day, as the Shanghai dragon beginners, easily confused and disoriented, this time must not their own disarray, you know, do Shanghai dragon is taboo without planning, think of a is a must have planning, not only the hair of the chain, update the site the content is the same, is a very important law, love Shanghai love regular fresh things, although their love of love in Shanghai. read more


The new station to do website promotion work

: the first choice of space station. To start thinking about the website needs what kind of space is not on the line before the test site, site access speed on the server, the stability of the space, whether on the same server site is not stable, independent of the IP host to view the same IP site has no cheating, have been search engine K station records, these are is the webmaster in website need to be considered before. According to the appropriate host selection of types of sites, the site of the station group selected independent IP ixwebhosting host, foreign trade station can be selected quickly access the HostEase host, not to say that the most expensive thing is the best, the suitable site in nature of the host is the best. read more


Analysis of vertical electricity supplier websites can do Shanghai dragon optimization

vertical electricity supplier websites that is still a minority, most of the vertical electricity supplier will show the unknown to the public state, even occasionally by the user clicks on the go, also because the user is not high degree of trust, and can not produce the corresponding consumption. Of course here are those who are ready to continue to operate business website, and those so-called profiteering type electricity supplier website still has a significant difference for profiteering electricity supplier website, that there is no doubt that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very necessary, because so long as an order, you can make like a jewelry store. Three years is not open, open to eat for three years, will attract millions of people of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. read more


10 problems about Shanghai Longfeng enterprise website

five. The home page is animation or different national language versions of the button (common rate%15). The enterprise has to do foreign trade website particularly common, generally do foreign trade enterprise website at least 2 versions in English

four home page. No news module (common%60). About 2/3 of the enterprise home page is no news module, the general introduction of the home page is probably a company, then a good product navigation, there is a little module a latest products products show. This led directly to your love Shanghai snapshot not update, and let the user feel that you like a big company. read more


How to look at a grade two level domain name domain name and chain exchange

two, the website itself. We can consider the website from three aspects, the chain website design, website content and website.

Why The correlation between

two level domain name weight as a domain name? How should we understand


a lot of people do not understand what is a domain name and domain name two. In fact, a domain name that is the top-level domain name at the beginning of a point, such as.XXX. "A name" is in the "com net org" before a class, such as XXX.XXX. " domain " two; is in a domain name before a class, such as XXX.XXX.XXX. The two level domain is sent to the main domain under the domain name, the domain name weight below the two level domain name, belongs to an independent branch, he has his own included, snapshots, PR value, anti chain, of course, when the main domain name to be punished, the two level domain will be jointly and severally punished. One disadvantage of this is the two level domain name. A domain name with two level domain name Links exchange station when we should pay attention to what read more


Love Shanghai News News Website News advertising rejected sword

and love Shanghai so news campaigns, and began to love Shanghai in mid June for low quality site measures "almost at the same time, not only can effectively alleviate the" comfort, love Shanghai earthquake "by K, was down the right small webmaster, Shanghai dragon.

at present, from mid June to start a "love Shanghai earthquake" is still the focus of most of the owners and the vast Shanghai dragon of the ER. In fact, love the Shanghai news has also begun to low quality "advertising news" jolt. read more


Fast ranking love Shanghai first impression operation optimization

first impression story

do not know if you have not found some hot competition in the industry, row in the front page of the website are click seconds on, rarely appear stuck or not open, now, Shanghai has put love as a stable server > keyword ranking

love Shanghai’s main line with some just on the line of the new sites, for these new sites, when love Shanghai spider crawls, will treat each page carefully, and calculate the score for the new station, as long as the binding domain, the spider grab, the two is the first date, this date may affect the day after your rankings are closely related; read more


Do the ten principles of the user experience

In fact,

Jakob Dr. Nielsen – a usability research pioneer who has organized more than 230 participants, were studied on "visual track reading habits. The results of this study showed that participants in the fast web browsing, visual track shows F shape model. (Note: the so-called F model, namely from "the left look, read the first few lines most of the content, more looked down the shorter form F shape track browsing)

see from the above chart, if >

the user experience of the website is a website for the survival of all. A website is not a good user experience is to keep the user, but also not to please search engine. So you want the website to become a tool of network marketing, so the user experience of the website cannot be ignored, and stronger to do. In order to make the user experience of the website should from which aspects to consider, to follow the principle of what? The next best Shanghai dragon will simply talk about some of his own opinions and Views: read more


Correlation analysis of Taobao search

)In this paper,

belongs to Taobao research room Hui book all, welcome to reprint, please indicate the author and source.

attributes are important factors which influence the degree of correlation, especially in obtaining the foreground category of traffic. The category setting and background category is not completely corresponding, but has some properties of selected baby the background category, sort. If you attribute incomplete or fill in error, will be in the foreground category called baby, miss you baby, it will lose the chance to browse categories. read more


A knife 8 on the phenomenon of love included in the new Shanghai

6. in the first three months, generally occur many problems, new mentality must be steady, like you in the normal optimization situation, ranking fluctuations, included quantity changes, love Shanghai snapshot problems appear even by K. As long as you continue to do what we should do it, the new station directly by K is relatively small, I have encountered before, others have encountered a week later and back.

3. now want to achieve new and new snapshot included has been very easy, included the home page, as long as adhere to the update a month can be reached, the chain can also be appropriate to send, the premise is to stabilize your space, sometimes the snapshot will stop for one or two days, this also need not worry, in a few days well, I have several new sites to verify the. read more


Detailed 123 125 71 love spiders in Shanghai P

if you are standing, it is too dangerous for

if you are new, very normal

any new access to the Shanghai spiders love war is the beginning of 123, so you don’t have to worry about, as long as you check your original content, and don’t change the structure of the web site, will soon be out of love in Shanghai period, we usually say that the love of sand box. If you just changed the structure of the web site, you may prolong the period of study for a long time, because of the love of spiders in Shanghai also don’t know what time you can determine the structure, the main is to determine what you want to give the user a what kind of experience. The user experience is very important. read more


Hot search donkey nets caused to our Shanghai dragon inspired

second: a keen sense of smell and strong execution is the key of Shanghai dragon

three is more than my own for a little understanding of the event, I will try to write it out, in fact, writing is such a lot of time, write his own thoughts and experiences, is the summary of their views, but also a very good opportunity to own Lianbi, wrote here, original this paper consists of acne products 贵族宝贝fjzx.5d6d贵族宝贝, please indicate.

third: the use of

A5 is a very good article on the Internet it publishing platform, and every day can have some relatively popular Internet events, so we can write articles around these topics to write, if well written articles even if we did not like the Wang Tong teacher’s article that spread widely, but at least can also get a lot of reprint, sometimes get website’s favor, the Internet popular events is an important channel for our article sources. read more


360 and Sogou joint it is necessary to do the webmaster

we know that 360 search is largely because it is the cause of the browser to occupy a certain share, but also basically use Sogou input method and browser occupy the market. The two companies have the intersection, but because of various reasons such as corporate culture, really get together and there is a long way to go. But in July 12th Sogou is online encyclopedia, if you really want to be acquired, this move will go without much meaning.

search was born, we found love Shanghai more and more focus on user experience, an algorithm adjustment to allow more high-quality content presented to the user (don’t tell me to fall in love with the sea also search spam, spam is 1, you pass; 2, a change had a period of time?) more and more owners and friends in Shanghai called love, but you have not thought about: we have what qualifications to scold? Really to do station? I really go for the users show worth? We only use the fast ranking love Shanghai search engine algorithm vulnerabilities, get traffic to earn fast money. Has not considered the user experience. Many of our webmaster is from a new industry to master this line, we will be how to do? I believe that most owners are crazy early acquisition, to the Internet Create garbage. read more


Google ranking factors analysis 1 domain name factors

second, the words in the factors of the top-level domain name, when English Shanghai dragon is very important.

Google ranking factors influencing factors of

domain name

we do foreign trade of Shanghai dragon for a long time all know, Google ranking factors influence very much, every detail can lead to great website ranking floating, so in order to maintain or enhance the site’s ranking, we must understand and grasp each factor, starting from today, I will introduce the effect be arranged 200 factors of Google ranking, today we start talking about domain name. read more


Analysis of cluster structure in the website ranking cause of weakness

2, for the website of this special structure (domain name and its corresponding two domain names), there is great correlation between the domain name itself, if the page content appears again most of the same words, the relatively disadvantaged two grade domain name ranking is not good, also can understand.

2, with the main domain to optimize the two stations, the capital city of the two station for example, reflect the keywords in the title master station, the anchor text chain released by some two stations (two basic keywords; the same site in the search engine keywords, domain name trust and give a good the ranking of the case, the other two stations similar words in a rather awkward position) read more


Analysis of the value of the experience of Shanghai love

two, we can love the experience of Shanghai to do long term, to improve our web site keywords ranking, is very effective through the love of Shanghai experience to do keywords ranking, interested can look at, especially the title of the writing (see below, this experience has been ranked in the home second). Shanghai love experience now the weight has become increasingly high, I believe the future will be more and more attention to love Shanghai.

but I want to say is not my writing skills and methods of love experience in Shanghai, but I want to talk about the love experience of Shanghai in the end there is no use. I saw an article about love Shanghai experience on A5 recently, Shanghai is about love experience weight transfer problems. read more


Novice to learn Shanghai dragon must be based on the code knowledge and basic idea of Shanghai drago

first, a positive attitude to set a goal for your study. I think we learn any knowledge, goals are our first concern, for example, I intend to use a long time to learn code knowledge? How long does it take to learn the basic station of Shanghai Longfeng layout optimization, and so on to a psychology to set their own, without a head, purposeless we learn any knowledge taboo. We must set up the correct target, adjust our attitude, we can inspire our strong learning motivation, the author thought that when I learn anything, not with others such as colleagues or classmates to do comparison, I will follow a truth, beat yourself, let tomorrow than today, every day is a new starting point, constantly self transcendence of self handicapping, I think this is a very important part of journey. He is their biggest rival, I found a lot of people, a lot of goals and plans, but at the end of the year that implement the things that people are scanty, mournful, I will sometimes exist these disadvantages, but even a moment of carelessness we cannot forget our goals and we do things to have to be vigilant, always remind yourself this is the key. read more


E commerce website structure optimization techniques share Shanghai Dragon

3, this article page insert commodity link, insert the product page link technique, very accord with the principles of website structure optimization network, mutual links between pages, users of the products not only can learn more knowledge, more to improve the search engine on the other page crawl speed and give weight.

site structure optimization is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng work. The structure of the station layout is good, not only conducive to users to find related pages and products, provide more convenient search engine on the web crawler to crawl and index. For e-commerce sites, because the natural product data, a large number of pages and directory classification, hierarchy and so can effectively position arrangement of each page and links, not only related to the user experience, but also related to the search engines on the site and included. The dynamic network techniques continue to lion beauty Lele in the station structure optimization on Home Furnishing network to share with you, provide some help to the development of Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon industry and electronic commerce industry. read more


Note on website optimization

The density of

3. to forget words

Optimization promotion of

if the early in the site, we will collect a lot of information, to fill the pages of the site, first to search for some outstanding articles and users concerned about the relatively high degree of information, do remember not to use paste and copy software directly to be modified on the basis of fine article, add some of your thoughts so, every time the spider crawled in, you can taste the sweetness. I pay more attention to the good wine. Today to wine as an example. The summer Beer Festival is fond memories of the topic, good wine will seize the opportunity to do a special. read more


Pay attention to the details and methods of Web site chain optimization

three, the content of the page


in the previous article, I discussed the influence of some of the main reasons the website snapshot, so in the site of the chain to we have to pay attention to what the. The following several personal views from a bit of a cold site experience, I hope to help you.

two, the list page link optimization

tells the story of the last navigation link has two main purposes: one is to let customers have a good experience, improve the site’s conversion rate; second is to guide the spider climb up. So from the 2 perspective I summarize the optimization of the navigation bar should pay attention to the following points: 1, the navigation bar, try not to use pictures and flash, if it is to describe the pictures, please add. Because the spider simply cannot read the description of pictures, impossible to identify some of the links above. 2, navigation link writing should pay special attention to home connections do not xxx/index.php, direct xxx贵族宝贝. (in the choice of domain we generally recommend using贵族宝贝, a weight is about net than the CN, the two is high, the user in mind. 3), the best of each page has a navigation bar, it will be convenient for this from the spider into the home page will climb to each page of a navigation and then climb out. read more