Month: July 2017


SEO keywords ranking several settings method

keyword settings, we may all know in the TITLE page to add keywords, but also know in what way to add. However, you may only know this keyword setting method, at most know a key word in the chain settings. In fact, otherwise, keywords can be set up in many places. For example, links, people will be in the name of the web site with other people change links, so that change to ignore the keywords ranking this piece. For example, when you publish a post, you should use keywords as the title, and then, for example, the blog may use keywords to make a friendship link and so on. All of these are helpful to keywords ranking. read more


The hottest place in the nternet vertical web E commerce

Economic Observer newspaper: China’s vertical web site development,


Zhang Tongming: most of the vertical website revenue model is relatively single, mainly rely on membership fees, advertising, offline show. However, there are outstanding, such as mechanical and electrical business network, a member of the revenue and advertising revenue of about 50 million; and the China chemical network has been listed, this time for the vertical sites, is like a stimulant.

China’s vertical web site experienced rapid development in 2006 and 2007, first of all, thanks to traditional industries. Some entrepreneurs in traditional industries are not willing to show themselves on the Internet, but also want to integrate the upstream and downstream resources. For example, I contacted a coal cleaning equipment business, it has the core technology and products, coal can be burned two times. It is felt that if the light do a website to tell you I have the product is not enough, must be combined with the coal industry association and the upstream and downstream relationships into a vertical sites, to drive up the development of the whole industry, so as to reflect the value of. read more


Soft Wen kingly way with imitation write alternative pseudo original

              use the soft in SEO have no further instructions related to soft not only can be released on their website, used to update the website, you can also publish on other sites, bring certain chain for your website, so as to improve the ranking the effect of.

              in the soft text creation method, many friends take the pseudo original, that is, already exists, the article on the network for some operations, such as adjusting paragraph, replace synonyms, change the sentence, change the title etc.. This pseudo original method has the advantage of being quick and saving time for the operator. However, the effect of pseudo originality is limited, and its shortcomings are as follows: first, the readability of the article is relatively poor. Some people replace the synonyms or antonyms of the article, and the result is that the article is difficult to read, resulting in a decline in user experience. The mechanical adjustment of the passage of the article will also make it difficult to read the shortcomings; second, pseudo original SEO effect is limited. Pseudo original, after all, is not original, and its effect is quite limited; third, bringing copyright disputes. False originality actually undermines the integrity of others’ works and may infringe upon the copyright of others and cause unnecessary disputes. read more


What kind of innovation does the website need in 2009

Internet era, especially when the Internet into 2, innovation has become the only proper course to take successful Internet entrepreneurs in the Internet, there is a saying: you have not had time to think when it has been realized to others, you have not had time to participate, do not have income. Visible, Internet product replacement faster than human imagination,


some people are in independent innovation, thinking of new products and models, some people in the integration of innovation, focusing on the integration of some scattered innovation, that has been used. read more


The contest between local group buying and big group buying

group buying as an emerging industry. From the beginning, with thousands of pet in a gesture, greet people’s eyes. More than a year, the fire throughout the land of China, the e-commerce boss Taobao to top market share continued to decline. Television, newspapers, and so on. Let China’s group buying market continues to heat up. All kinds of capital in the achievements of a super large group, their pockets. Driven by them, numerous small and medium group buying has sprung up like mushrooms. Many small or medium-sized groups are dying out under the pressure of the market and competition. How can you do small group buying big development?. read more


What is the correct posture of KOL operation in community operation

KOL is the concept of marketing, that is, the key opinion leaders mean. In operation, we usually call those well-known, powerful and highly active users as KOL. In most products, KOL groups account for a small proportion, but their influence and contribution to the product are enormous. So it’s important for KOL’s operation to talk about the correct posture for KOL contact today.

What is the value of


simply said that the value of KOL is to improve the efficiency of operations, in different types of products will have different manifestations. The purpose of operation is nothing more than to pull new, promote and transform. We explain how KOL reflects its value in several links. read more


A brief analysis of mogujie com’s website operation on women’s shopping websites

mentions the domestic female shopping community, and it’s easy to think of and the popularity of beauty. Some people say that micro-blog is the achievements of the two sites, also some people said is the innovative marketing mode to open the market, especially the beautiful and micro-blog marketing, has been a lot of people to follow, and many analysts used as a case study. Analysis on the two micro-blog marketing, Internet has too many people studied, not in this niche you, just to say the website operation strategies and ideas. read more


An adult supplies APP annual revenue breaking billion cost effective how to overtake the traditiona


mobile Internet brings all aspects, only more than a year on the line of the "price" of APP, through the mobile opportunity, cut a big cake with the field of sex toys — their revenues even more than eleven years old has been in business for fun supplies brand chunshuitang. (I horse note: according to statistics, this year’s spring house sales should be more than 120 million


following I horse exclusive dialogue price founder Huang Cai content arrangement, he described how to use the mobile Internet for traditional enterprises Overtaking: read more


A college student’s entrepreneurial experience and experience

saw many college students have the idea of starting a business, as one of them, today I also share with you my entrepreneurial experience and experience.

I started at University, but at the beginning I did not own, but choose to join a friend of the entrepreneurial team, when the team is doing for Beijing tourism network of the project, sales of Beijing’s main tourist attractions tickets and line. Later, the site was acquired by Beijing Mid Tang International Travel service. After the acquisition, the team also disbanded, and then I rejected the international job opportunities given by the Mid Tang dynasty. read more


update 5 articles a day but don’t have any eggs

most people should love analysis of successful cases, unfortunately, I am not many success stories, but more failures, today share a case of failure, buddies for reference, so as not to make the same mistake like me. The title has been said, one day I update 5 articles, but not what egg, yes, in the past 2 months, my website update an article from the original one day into a day update at least 5 articles, however, because of various reasons, and not what effect. But less flow.

traffic decline performance read more


Do stand as if to do business also need planning

site, in addition to a small number of webmaster, because purely personal interests, most of them in order to return something.

of course, I belong to the latter.

when we worked hard to build a website, and found that it has been occupied too much time, and even feel wasted youth, but found every

days of income, not even junk, earn more money, and we tend to give up.

I think, mainly because we lack of planning, this website do not have direction, every day is thinking about practicing "internal strength", the site itself is doing fine, but busy "outreach", everything to make the site get better flow. Know you can not have both fish and bear’s paw, in between, we gradually lose myself. read more


How to improve the quality of website publicity


article is mainly about how to enhance the quality of Web site for its content, this article is mainly about the external factors to enhance the quality of the site, as we all know, website promotion can be divided into two parts, one is the real life, the two is the Internet popularization and promotion. Real life extension is generally linked with local websites or shopping websites can be used on the promotion, promotion and popularization of Internet website is any method must be applied, so this paper focuses on how to do Internet website promotion. read more


A twin sister summer job feeling

university life is both happy and painful. Happiness, because where we can learn like hunger and thirst to our knowledge, we can make good friends. Pain, because we now have to face the pressure of employment in the future. Our families are working hard for us. Maybe they don’t want us to achieve much, but they hope that we can be happy in the future.

look, which is sister and which is sister


because of fate, we came together.

May 15, 2008, a lecture in the school I met a net webmaster and Duanfei manager Xu lina. I was deeply moved by their speech and later I got in touch with them. In June 14th, Duan Fei trained in their company and told us about the website he wanted to build, because he wanted to help college students to start their business, and hoped that we would join the team. read more


Batch freeze commission ndividual Taobao guest already dead end

eleven has just passed, many Taobao friend may have earned a pours, but then it is full of tears!

why? Because the bulk of the Taobao customer commission is frozen, at least hundreds of thousands, more than Jiwanshushiwan.

specific can see the post of the end of the world:

veteran should know, double eleven day, the conversion rate is high, each click is money, so double eleven hits, all as much as possible to get the user, it is Gexianshentong read more


Channel six sharing of video and food sharing websites

editor’s note: with the existing domestic life information sharing platform, channel six, Sixchannel is a video sharing website showing all the delicacy, business information with video. Why is the video model? What are the main challenges? TechWeb interviewed channel six CEO Li Kuankuan, and asked him to talk about the development of video sharing websites.

is the six channel CEO Li Kuankuan

(TechWeb pictures)

Sixchannel six channel is a video class catering consumption sharing site. With the existing domestic information sharing platform is different, the food here, travel, nightclubs and other information are presented in an exclusive video form. The site currently has more than 1000 businesses and has taken nearly 700 videos, often more than 60 hours. read more


How to make a sustainable boutique website

before I begin to introduce my experience, let me briefly explain my personal webmaster process. Like most personal webmaster, I often do is give up halfway! From 2008 to now off to do a N website, it is website, rather than manufacturing Internet garbage! Until last year I was in earnest to do a forum! The present member more than 10000, the average monthly income is about 8000! A niche industry website, currently the industry has done the first

course of this station is also worried, once the time and almost gave up, then continues to grow up, looking back, just know that the website is king walking a fine line! My personal experience is limited, the website development is also stumbled forward, I will do this year, to share to share my read more


2009 looking forward to the future of China’s nternet DJ station

, 2008 is over again! I’m a music lover. I’ve been involved in the Internet for 8.9 years. I remember when I heard the DJ dance music or the foul language on the street, I thought it was called

DJ dance? 3 years later I was in high school! Go to DJ music heard on the street! This time I heard the language is not that Chinese (dance is simply the original popular songs Chinese added some strong drums. For example: dongdongdong… Those who play the drum sound Yi)! Very interesting! I love the DJ read more


A bachelor a master a station an experience

it’s a pleasure to meet you again. Unfortunately, you’ve met me again.

"when Dangdang…… the clock struck twelve, has reached twelve midnight, most people have been asleep, but I still continue to work, people are sleeping and I wake up alone, I play an extraordinary role in the society, plays a role in the webmaster forum yes, I am a webmaster.

"Oh… Ah…" well, Huang, the familiar voice, don’t misunderstand, it’s coming from the next door. I was a single day, no water, no electricity at night, salary is only enough to buy noodles, open the selected works of Deng, find the answer to the original or the primary stage of socialism, and then turn back, I rely on! Has remained unchanged for 100 years. The day after tomorrow is my holiday, day is coming, is single I will hold on, I will never go to marry a monkey or evil female animal, or single can add QQ:498041407, we talk about the future. Hard to find, ends at the foot of the road, suddenly looked fine, aunt aunt countless. I have bachelor or beauty to a married woman, the most basic, is a self proclaimed not fit to be seen! I not handsome, I wish a happy holiday read more


nstant noodles Chinese style fall Founder infighting end

that night, it was raining hard in Beijing. Yan Ji Yue driving through the rain, from the north to the China World Trade Center huanchi, Wang Chong sitting in the seat. Instead of being as happy as they used to be, they comforted each other, for overnight success was out of reach.

their frustration was caused by the same man, their friend of many years, Yu Haoran.

three of them are fun programming education websites, instant noodles, venture partners. The day before, they received a A round of venture capital investment agreement, investors to the site valued at nearly one hundred million yuan, willing to invest $2 million. read more