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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 25th news, Alibaba group announced the acquisition of domestic cloud storage software cool disk, into the personal wireless cloud storage area. Cool disk CEO, storm Gu Zhicheng, founder and team will join Alibaba group, I will still be responsible for the cool disk business in. But Ali did not disclose the specific amount of the acquisition, as well as the relevant details.


cool disk was founded in 2011, co founded by angel investors Xue Manzi and Internet Express CEO Huang Mingming. October 2011, access to DCM lead investment B round of investment totaling $20 million. It is understood that the cool disk as a cross platform personal cloud storage service provider, on 2010 on-line, has 15 million users, of which more than 3 million of mobile end users. 2012, with the rise of the mobile Internet, cool disk strategy focused on mobile devices.

is currently doing cloud storage Internet companies are not uncommon, many SkyDrive products, such as 115, cool disk, Kingsoft, HUAWEI, 360, Tencent, Baidu, thunder and so on, but the SkyDrive competition or the company’s resources, only the strength to win. The acquisition may mean to cool as the representative of the disk storage company in a number of Xiaoyun road has come to an end, and its huge user groups will become the only lure giants.

Ali said that the future of personal cloud storage will be connected to the most basic wireless end users of the service, an important platform for application of the wireless market is decentralized, horizontal joint contact users. To provide users with personal cloud service is an important direction for the future development of wireless internet. The personal cloud storage services and Ali’s original ecosystem has a natural integration, complementarity, the future will become one of the important components of Alibaba wireless ecosystem. Ali also said that after the acquisition will complete the cool disk, and cloud storage into the field. The future of the system will be cool disk account system and Alibaba group to get through, Alibaba users can more easily and quickly use cloud storage services. Cool disk permanent free unlimited storage photos of the characteristics, not only for individual users to provide a safe and easy to use cloud storage, but also to provide a safe and convenient Taobao store image storage space.


cloud also announced the day before the total number of users exceeded 100 million, as the Baidu mobile search, mobile phone Baidu, Baidu map, Baidu magic map, Baidu mobile phone browser after a Baidu mobile product matrix "killer" products. Baidu cloud this year Baidu world conference announced during the personal cloud storage into the T era, Baidu personal cloud, SkyDrive mail list, photo albums, articles, Notepad, SMS, mobile phone back, games, health and other services.

cloud storage market in an unprecedented fierce competition, as a burn business, startups are likely to be eliminated, which is constantly seeking cool disk since this year an important reason of financing. However, cool disk and Alibaba did not disclose too much >

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