Ali mother came to the advertising alliance how to walk the road

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      Ali mother, come with vigour and vitality, rash and too much in haste. She comes to a part of webmaster hunger at the opportunity; her arrival, solved the problems of Google Baidu alliance; her arrival, challenge and crisis to the other more than and 500 large and small advertising alliance.

      next, those who started in the little league do, live, or be suffocated? I also have friends in the advertising alliance, I want to just say a few words to say, that is not good, is a personal opinion, but we also hope mercy.

      in fact, in essence, Ali’s mother model is not the same as other advertising alliance, she may be more like a C2C platform, users are advertising resources and the need for advertising. But advertising is more like a selling advertising, her role is to advertisers and advertising for website owners, and show to expect advertisers advertising benefit group. Both to advertisers and web site owners of different degrees of freedom, the work done is different, while the profit model is not the same. I admire his countryman Mr. Ma, his eyes, his people.

      back to the theme, most of the current advertising alliance model are the same, advertisers, website owners, advertising, code, put………… And hundreds of advertising, we want to blaze from kissing, I want to do is not a lot of effort, the following suggestions:

contingency table

      1 develop new technology, new function. The current advertising alliance, nothing more than some of the CPLCPS type of advertising, the type of advertising stereotyped. If you want to have a future, it is necessary to develop their own advertising model, such as the eye.

      2 or that sentence, market segmentation. Now we are doing for all types of sites. There are times when there is a software advertising advertisers on an agricultural website, I think the effect of advertising is greatly reduced. As we specialize in a part of the type of site, advertisers are targeted is the same type. In this case, the advertising effect will go up, so we can also improve the unit price of advertising, so that the site owners are good, I think this is a good way to increase customers, expand the market. ^_^ my friend is a financial advertising alliance, the current development status of the alliance.

      3 do not do service point. The webmaster do not easy, especially to make a stand. Payment in time, >

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