Regulate the network trading market beware of network fraud

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fraud, is a make all consumers and legitimate businesses are very hate nouns. This will not only harm the interests of consumers, for legitimate businesses, they will also assume the loss of customer trust this very serious consequences.

in order to prevent the occurrence of such a situation, in the conventional large shopping malls, shopping malls will generally come forward to ensure the quality of goods and business integrity. But on the network?
2005, China’s Internet users cheated amount of nearly 100 million yuan; from 2004 onwards, Internet fraud report has been increasing at a rate of 26% a month; due to the lack of credit system, according to the analysis of the people’s Bank of China Chinese analysts, the invalid cost to account for 10%~20% of GDP! Not only in China, but also in the United States, PayPal and eBay even organized a team of more than 1 thousand people to deal with online fraud.

Taobao Alipay

at present, the "credit" mechanism can well prevent money delivery or to defective and other fraud, but this is the real deal, if it is a virtual props? In today’s legislation is not perfect, in case of trade problems, it can not be resolved through legal means.

game player in emergency and a good, easy to find under the ruins of the G group, but found that cash strapped, only a small studio in toil to earn money; hurry, no money to advertise, others do not believe ah, let’s not in the interest of silver. People who do not dare to buy, sell people anxious to write on the face full of I say integrity, they need to be able to trust a platform.

from the beginning, the two sides will find a more well-known role in the server as an intermediary, with its reputation for trading guarantees. But the middle man is man, once he thinks that when the value of the goods trade is much higher than their fame, will inevitably have pocketed things.

after a period of time, some of the economic strength of the entity has begun to focus on this market, they set up a company to the company’s reputation as a guarantee, the initiative to serve as intermediaries. Among them, some of the growth and development, such as the establishment of the in 2002 (Shanghai Bao cool Network Technology Co., Ltd.); some have become history.

Many reasons for

failure, but the winners have similar characteristics: they attach great importance to the protection of customer privacy, use and implementation of the measures for the administration of online privacy, they will be posted in the online services, and strictly carry out; key transactions and account information has been effectively password encryption and other security measures; individual consumers to collect information with clear preservation and use of norms and mechanisms conducive to consumer information security, to prevent abuse and unauthorized use. Of course, the integrity of transactions, items can not be deducted, not speculation, do not eat the difference is the most basic part.

in order to regulate the network market, "Chinese Electronic Commerce Association Credit Evaluation Center" to the selection of the first batch of "Chinese e-commerce integrity unit" in October 2006.

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