Do not teach you to earn 102 yuan Taobao customers

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see the title is estimated to be scolded, the title of the party and see the title of the party. But, after all, it came in. Ha ha, began to talk about the following.

instead of saying that this is a day to earn 100 of the idea, it is better to say that this is a test of your marketing thinking of the actual sales. The first state, and not you see this method can guarantee you 100% day to earn 100, no matter what the results will determine whether you are successful or not It differs from man to man.! There are many factors: observation, thinking, decision-making power, executive power! Was perhaps the best method is the most simple, just don’t tell you never know.


method, you do not need to have a good network foundation, from senior webmaster to Wangzhuan small shrimp, anyone can do. Just need your execution! You may use this method can do a monthly income of 1000 but absolutely anyone can earn 100, or even 300500 is not impossible! But it is not difficult to


is well known, the site to develop, content is king; site to profit, traffic is king. IP million, the flow of 3-5 million sites are Bibi. We do not need to have a huge flow of the site, you don’t even need to have a website, of course, have a website better! As long as you can do 500IP every day, almost can 100-200 a day. The following is our text version of the tutorial, detailed video tutorial we will provide free download.

I come to talk about the method, this is a teach you how to do Taobao guest method. Note: is a method, not a train of thought. The idea is the theory, and the method is practice, let us look at the first look at the Taobao customer, Taobao customer micro definition: to help Taobao sellers to promote products to earn commissions. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, no cost, no need to take the risk, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%.

but in fact you can be defined as a Taobao CPS alliance, and is the best CPS alliance.

we look at three counts of domestic advertising alliance:

its a serious amount. (CPA button half, CPS also want to deduct the amount of 30%)

second. (settlement cycle, 1 weeks, even if the 1 months, really to the settlement, but also default)

3. Dynamic K number. May let you have a busy few days! But not a penny, I encountered such a thing more than once. (this is the most hateful, they find a lot of reasons to K you, and you never cheat!)

compared to the advantages of Taobao gradually reflected. Talk about commission ratio, the General Alliance CPS commission than in 30%-40%, the highest is 40%. And Taobao’s knowledge of information products, because of its

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