Abandoned medicine from Hefei 95 after the entrepreneurial cow

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college students has been the concern of the community, there are a few men of the year, this year is no exception, Hefei has a 95 after college students in the past 15 days to generate income by relying on the photography venture. Now, let’s take a look at his cow.

summer season, the college students is coming out of the campus, to the society the graduation season. Anhui University of traditional Chinese medicine Junior photography by Li Mengke, independent entrepreneurs, in 2015 graduate graduation photo shoot peak, 15 days income more than 3 yuan, a campus legend, but also earned gold for their own life.

2015 graduation season, Li Mengke photographed graduation photo

5 is the graduation photo shoot months late, most of the time, successive generations of students leave the campus, to commemorate the friendship and time of university graduates will organize the class photo, many students will capture all kinds of graduation photo.

2012 years, Li Mengke was admitted to the Anhui University of traditional Chinese medicine, school soon joined the college student press group. This is the first stop of his career in photography. Reporters often interview campus news, photo shoot. In the photographic work of the press group, Li Mengke has a great interest in photography, but also shows his talent in photography.

"bar in the camera is no salary, but I love this work without pay." The job, he says, gives him a lot more value than money. "I’ve met a lot of great photographers, and I’ve got some exercise. What’s more, the promotion of the bar makes me a little bit of a celebrity."

"taken from medicine", school counselors strongly support

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